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And, undisturbed by conscientious qualms,

Perverts the Prophets, and purloins the Psalms*. 320

Hail Sympathy! thy soft idea brings

A thousand visions of a thousand things,

And shows, dissolved in thine own melting tears,
The maudlin Prince of mournful sonneteers.

And art thou not their Prince, harmonious BowLES!

Thou first, great oracle of tender souls ?

Whether in sighing winds tlou seek'st relief,

Or consolation in a yellow leaf; .
Whether thy muse most lamentably tells
What merry sounds proceed from Oxford bellst, 330

Or, still in bells delighting, finds a friend,
In every chime that jingled from Ostend ?

* Mr. Grahame has poured forth two volumes of Cant, under the pame of “ Sabbath Walks,” and “ Biblical Pictures."

+ See Bowles's Sonnets, &c.-" Sonnet to Oxford,” and “ Stanzas on hearing the Bells of Ostend.”

Ah! how much juster were thy Muse's hap,
If to thy bells thou would't but add a cap!

Delightful Bowles! still blessing, and still blest,

All love thy strain, but children like it best.

'Tis thine with gentle Little's moral song, To soothe the mania of the amorous throng!

With thee our nursery damsels shed their tears,

Ere Miss, as yet, completes her infant years :


But in her teens thy whining powers are vain ;
She quits poor Bowles, for LITTLE's purer strain.
Now to soft themes thou scornest to confine

The lofty numbers of a harp like thine : 66 Awake a louder and a loftier strain*,”

Such as none heard before, or will again;

* “ Awake a louder, &c. &c. is the first line in Bowles's Spirit of Discovery ;” a very spirited and pretty dwarf Epic. Among other exquisite lines we have the following:

“ A kiss
“Stole on the list'ning silence, never yet
" Here heard; they trembled even as if the power,” &c. &c.

Where all discoveries jumbled from the flood, -
Since first the leaky ark repos'd in mud,


By more or less, are sung in every book,
From Captain Noah down to Captain Cook.
Nor this alone, but pausing on the road,
The Bard sighs forth a gentle episode* ;
And gravely tells--attend each beauteous Miss !
When first Madeira trembled to a kiss.

Bowles! in thy memory, let this precept dwell,
Stick to thy Sonnets, man! at least they sell.

But if some new-born whim, or larger bribe

Prompt thy crude brain, and claim thee for a scribe,

That is, the woods of Madeira trembled to a kiss, very much astonished, as well they might be, at such a phenomenon.

* The Episode above alluded to, is the story of “ Robert a Machin,” and “Anna d'Arfet,” a pair of constant lovers, who performed the kiss above-mentioned, that startled the woods of Madeira.

If 'chance some bard, though once by dunces fear'd,
Now, prone in dust, can only be rever'd; 360
If Pope, whose fame and genius from the first
Have foild the best of critics, needs the worst,
Do thou essay; each fault, each failing scan;
The first of poets was, alas! but man !
Rake from each ancient dunghill ev'ry pearl,
Consult Lord Fanny, and confide in CURLL* ;
Let all the scandals of a former age,
Perch on thy pen and Autter o'er thy page;
Affect a candour which thou can'st not feel,


Clothe envy in the garb of honest zeal;
Write, as if St. John's soul could still inspire,

And do from hate what +MALLET did for bire.

* CURLL is one of the Heroes of the Dunciad, and was a bookseller. Lord Fanny is the poetical name of Lord HERVEY, author of “ Lines to the Imitator of Horace.”

+ Lord BOLINGBROKE hired Mallet to traduce Pope after his decease, because the Poet bad retained some copies of a work by Lord

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Oh! had'st thou liy'd in that congenial time,

To rave with Dennis, and with Ralph to rhyme *,

Thronged with the rest around his living bead,

Not rais'd thy hoof against the lion dead,

A meet reward had crown'd thy glorious gains,

And linked thee to the Dunciad for thy painst.

Another Epic! who inflicts again
More books of blank upon the sons of men ?


BOLINGBROKE, (the Patriot King) which that splendid, but malignant
genius, had ordered to be destroyed.
* Dennis, the critic, and Ralph, the rhymester.

“Silence, ye wolves! while Ralph to Cynthia howls,
“Making night hideous, answer him ye owls !

Dunciad. + See Bowles's late edition of Pope's works, for which he received 300 pounds: thus Mr. B. has experienced, how much easier it is to profit by the reputation of another, than to elevate his own.

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