An Etymological Dictionary of the French Language

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Clarendon Press, 1878 - Всего страниц: 407

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Стр. 342 - Corbie, pour sa connaissance du roman, du latin et de l'allemand: >Qui si vulgari, id est, romana lingua loqueretur, omnium aliarum putaretur inscius .... Si vero teutonica, enitebat perfectius; si latina, in nulla omnino absolutius».
Стр. 36 - From Arab, hashishin, drinkers of hashish, the name of a Sect in the I3th century; the 'Old Man of the Mountain' roused his followers' spirits by help of this drink, and sent them to stab his enemies, esp. the leading crusaders.
Стр. l - ... and when this common Latin passed into French, the words thus contracted became in turn oracle, table, poste, meuble, vaincre, suspendre, &c. Indeed, by the law which forbids the French language to throw the accent farther back than the penultimate syllable, it was compelled, if it would retain the Latin 1 We are not speaking here of words of learned origin; these rules refer only to words of popular origin. accent in its proper place in words formed from oraculum, tabula, &c., to suppress the...
Стр. xii - ... psychology : etymology draws largely on this comparison of metaphors, as it often accounts for and confirms the derivations suggested for certain words, even when we cannot give a full explanation of them. Thus, it seems curious that popular language should have called a certain bird (the wren) roitelet ( = petit roi, kinglet) ; the etymology, however, becomes absolutely certain if we compare the Latin, Greek, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, and Portuguese, and find the same metaphor in all1....
Стр. 6 - Li empereres se fait e balz e liez : Cordres ad prise e les murs peceiez, Od ses cadables les turs en abatied; Mult grant eschech en unt si chevaler j ioo D'or e d'argent e de guarnemenz chers. En la citet nen ad remés paien Ne seit ocis u devient chrestien. Li empereres est en un grant verger, Ensembl...
Стр. 106 - Et on 1'appelle de la sorte k cause que nous avions emprunt^ cette sorte d'ornement des Croates, qu'on appelle ordinairement Cravates. Et ce fut en 1636 que nous prismes cette sorte de collet des Cravates par le commerce que nous eusmes en ce tans-Ik en Allemagne an sujet de la guerre que nous avions avec 1'Empereur.
Стр. 355 - Et mandat vobis noster senior quia si aliquis de vobis talis est cui suus senioratus non placet, et illi simulât ut ad alium seniorem melius...
Стр. ciii - Whence has the genius of the French language learnt so fruitful and ingenious a process, enabling it to create so large a number of substantives which have no Latin parent ? The answer is at hand — The French and the Latin are simply successive conditions of the same language ; and there is no grammatical process employed in the French which is not to be found, in germ at least, in the Latin ; thus the Romans in their day created (especially in their time of decadence) verbal substantives out of...
Стр. 367 - Ab iis columbarum maxime spectantur simili ratione mores, inest 1 pudicitia illis plurima,2 et neutri nota adulteria : coniugii fidem non violant, communemque servant domum : nisi caelebs aut vidua nidum non relinquit. et imperiosos mares, subinde etiam iniquos ferunt...
Стр. 177 - Vidimus frequenter in Anglia per lunationes homines in lupos mutari; quod hominum genus Gerulphos Galli nominant, Angli vero were-vulf dicunt.

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