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No record whatever having been given of the progress of Havelock's little band, from its original .formation as the “ Allahabad Moveable Column," in June, 1857, till its subsequent arrival at Lucknow although the interval is fraught with the liveliest interest, embracing as it does the successful advance of the force on Cawn

pore, its passage of the Ganges into Oude, and its subsequent operations there — the writer has ventured to supply the defi-
ciency by offering the following Narrative.
He has been actuated chiefly by a desire
to testify his admiration of the hardy en-
durance and indomitable courage of that
band, especially the 78th Highlanders, or
Ross-shire Buffs, with whom he served as
à volunteer, from the commencement of
Havelock's campaign till its termination.

The Narrative was not intended originally
to be published, but to serve only as a
memorial of some of those stirring events
and scenes which passed before the Author's
eye. As it was written in the field during
the hot and rainy seasons, between June
and November, and at a time when the
force was exposed to many hardships, and
latterly to the want of tents, the Author
ventures to claim the indulgence of the reader, more especially as his own constant occupation and broken health allowed him little opportunity for bestowing care upon the composition.





first Chapter .

CALCUTTA, May 14th, 1857.

COMING events cast their shadows be

fore. Just forty-one days since I bade adieu to the shores of merry England, and, though but a few hours have passed since I landed in the City of Palaces, it is, nevertheless, apparent to me that the native portion of the community is in an unwholesome state of ferment. Without


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