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der in vorliegendem Buche hauptsächlich benutzten Hülfsmittel.

Audelay, Poems of John, ed. Halliwell. Lond. 1844. kl. 8. (Percy

soc.) Bosworth dictionary of the Anglosaxon language. Lond. 1838. Chambers cyclopedia of English literature. Edinb. 1844. 2 vols. 4.

popular rhymes, fireside stories and amusements of Scotland. Edinb. 1842. 4. Chaucer poetical works. Bells edition. Edinb. 1782. 14 vols. 16. Craik, Geo. L., sketches of the history of literatúre and learning

in England, from the Norman conquest to the present time.

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Leo Rectitudines singularum personarum nebst einer einleitenden

Abhandlung über Landansiedlung , Landbau, gutsherrliche und
bäuerliche Verhältnisse der Angelsachsen. Halle 1842. 8.

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menclature. 2 ed. Lond. 1844. 8. Marriott, W., collection of English miracle-plays or mysteries.

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from the edition of 1725, with introduction and glossary by J. 0. Halliwell. Lond. 1839. gr. 8.

Mundarten, englische')

1) Werke über alle oder mehrere Mundarten. Głose provincial glossary. Lond. 1811. Holloway general dictionnary of Provincialisins Sussex 1839. gr. 8. Halliwell, 1.0., dictionnary of archaisms and provincialisms. Lond. 1846. II.


8. Brockett Glossary of North-Country words 2 ed. Newcastle 1829.

2) Werke iiber einzelne Mundarten. Ueber die Mundart von Bedfordshire: Batchelor orthoepieal ana

lysis of the English language; to which is added a minute

und copious analysis of the dialect of Bedfordshire. Cheshire. Glossary of some words used in Cheshire by Roger Wil

braham. 2 ed. L. 1826, Cornwallis. Specimens of Cornish provincial dialect collected and

arranged by Uncle Jan Trenoodle. Lond. 1846. Cumberlanıt. Dialogues poems songs and ballads by various writers

in the Westmoreland and Cumberland dialects now first col.

lected with a copicus glossury. Lond. 1839. Devonshire: A. Devonshire Dialogue in four parts: to which is

added a glossary for the most part by the late Roy. John Philipps. Lond. 1839.

An Exmoor scolding, Lond. 1839. Dorset shire. W. Barnes, poems on rural life. With glossary. L.

1844. Essex. Charles Clark, Jolin Noakes and Mary Styles, a poem,

with a glossary. Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. Glossary of provincial words

used in Herefordshire and d some of the adjoining counties, Lancashire. A. View of the Lancashire dialect. By Tim Bobbin

With glossary 6 ed. Manch. 1757.

* oy ich nenne 1
nenne hier, wie natürlich nicht jede Kleine

in irgend einer Mundpart geschriebene Flugschrift, sondern nur die wichtigern Werke zur Er

forschung der Mandarten.tidigt 13h spitft

Middlesex. Pegge anecdotes of the English language. L. 1803. 8. Norfolk. Galfridi promptorium parvulorum. (The oldest English Latin dictionnary Lond. 1843. 4. 1r B. (Camden Society).

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being a colluction of comic and satirical sougs etc. chiefly in

the Newcastle dialect. Lond. 1842. Shropshire. C. H. Hartshorne, Salopia antiqua. With a glossary

of words used in the county of Salop. Lond. 1841. gr. 8. Somersel. Jennings, Observations on some of the dialects in the

West of England particularly Somersetshire ; with a glossary of words now in use there and poems and other pieces exemplifying the dialect. Lond. 1825.

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of Sussex. Brighton 1836. Westmoreland s, Cumberland. Wiltshire, J. Y. Akerman, a glossary of provincial words and

phrases in use in Wiltshire. L. 1842. Yorkshire. The dialect of Craven in the Westriding of the County

of York with a copious glossary. By a native of Craven (Rev. W.. Carr.). 1. L. 1828.

J. Hunter. The Hallamshire Glossary. L. 1829.

The Yorkshire dialect, exemplified in various dialogues tales and songs; to which is added a Glossary. L. 1829.

Ausserdem Proben in den Mundarten von Barnsley, Sheffield, Bilsdale u. s. w.

Mundarten, schottische.

Jamieson, Etymological dictionary of the Scottish language. 2 vols. 4. Edinb. 1808.

Supplement to the etymological dictionary of the Sc. language. Edinb. 1825. 2 vols. 4. Rask. Grammar of the Anglosaxon tongue translated by Thorpe

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Brux. 1841. 3 vols.
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Saxon. Paris 1841.
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gr. 8.


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(ture popular superstitions and history of England in the middle 08 ages. Lond. 1842. 2 vols. 8. Bozorboy 1991 Biographia Britannica literaria or biography of literary

characters of Great Britain and Ireland arranged in chronolo

gical order. Vol. 1. (Anglo-Saxon Period). Lond. 1845. war Vol. 2. (Anglo-Norman Period) 1846. gr. 8. septe

Political songs of England from the reign of John to that 9d) of Edward II. edited and translated. 4. Lond. 1835. Camden

society. liwt gay - Specimens of lyric poetry composed in England in the

reign of Edward the first. L. 1842. 8. Percy soc. 2. Anecdota literaria. L. 1844. 8.

and Halliwell. Reliquiae antiquae. Scraps from ancient manuscripts illustrating chiefly early English literature and the English language. L. 1845. gr. 8. 2 Bde. 791109

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