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The Reign of Frederick the Great makes an Epoch in the History of the World. His military talents were unrivalled, and he became the acknowledged Master in the Art of War to every Nation in Europe.

The most glorious period of his reign, the Seven years' War, must be peculiarly interesting to Britons. He was then the ally of England, and we were the partners of his Triumphs. The names of Granby and Wolfe were not more familiar to our ears than those of the Prussian Generals,



and every street in the metropolis and every village in the country, displayed the Testimonies of our Admiration of their heroic Monarch.

The increasing importance of our army in the present circumstances of Europe, makes every lesson in the military science peculiarly valuable; but in presenting to the public the life of one of the greatest Generals, whose reflected lustre augmented the glory of Frederick the Great, we not only a

exhibit a Picture most interesting to professional men, but an Example of the brightest Virtues which can adorn humanity.

The life of this hero is remarkable for the vicissitudes of his fortune. He was involved in early youth in a variety of difficulties, without protection, and without advice. Zieten was indebted to himself alone, for the distinction which his eminent virtues and manly conduct deserved, and obtained. Envy and calumny repeated


ly plunged him into disgrace, and drove him from the service of his country. Many years did the displeasure of Frederick the Great continue, but the truth could not always be concealed from his penetrating mind.

At the time of the most imminent public danger, Zieten was reconciled to his sovereign, and to the end of his iHustrious life, enjoyed in the highest degree, his confidence and friendship.


To do justice to the great actions of Zieten, it was necessary to take a view of the

This part of the work contains many important particulars and interesting anecdotes, never before published, and also his private correspondence with Frederick the Great.

To delineate the private and domestic life of Zieten was by far the most agreeable part of the Author's work. She deemed it necessary to represent him in his Childhood, Youth, Manhood, and Age, as a subject, a husband, and a father; and thus to demonstrate by facts the moral and religious principles of this excellent man.


It is superfluous to say that no biography can possess a higher degree of authenticity than that now offered to the public; the author, a person of the first distinction, not only possessing herself means of information much more extensive than usually falls to the lot of those who undertake to write the actions of illustrious persons, but many officers of high rank in the Prussian army being still living, who were witnesses of the principal facts.

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