Popularity; and The destinies of woman, tales

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Стр. 49 - Believe me, no : I thank my fortune for it, My ventures are not in one bottom trusted, Nor to one place; nor is my whole estate Upon the fortune of this present year : Therefore my merchandise makes me not sad.
Стр. 231 - Faults in the life breed errors in the brain, And these, reciprocally, those again. The mind and conduct mutually imprint And stamp their image in each other's mint.
Стр. 132 - tis her privilege, Through all the years of this our life, to lead From joy to joy; for she can so inform The mind that is within us, so impress With quietness and beauty, and so feed With lofty thoughts, that neither evil tongues. Rash judgments, nor the sneers of selfish men, Nor greetings where no kindness is, nor all The dreary intercourse of daily life, Shall e'er prevail against us, or disturb Our cheerful faith, that all which we behold Is full of blessings.
Стр. 89 - Oh ! tell him, from thy thought The light of joy hath fled; That...
Стр. 168 - Good my lord, You have begot me, bred me, loved me: I Return those duties back as are right fit, Obey you, love you, and most honour you. Why have my sisters husbands, if they say They love you all? Haply...
Стр. 208 - To pine on the stem ; Since the lovely are sleeping, Go sleep thou with them. Thus kindly I scatter Thy leaves o'er the bed, Where thy mates of the garden Lie scentless and dead. So soon may I follow, When friendships decay. And from Love's shining circle The gems drop away ! When true hearts lie withered And fond ones are flown, Oh ! who would inhabit This bleak world alone ? THE YOUNG MAY MOON.
Стр. 76 - Still panting o'er a crowd to reign, More joy it gives to woman's breast, To make ten frigid coxcombs vain, Than one true, manly lover blest...
Стр. 112 - Gave the gilt Coach, and dappled Flanders Mares, The shining robes, rich jewels, beds of state, And, to complete her bliss, a Fool for Mate. She glares in Balls, front Boxes, and the Ring, A vain, unquiet, glitt'ring, wretched thing ! Pride, Pomp, and State but reach her outward part; She sighs, and is no Duchess at her heart.
Стр. 22 - MODERN. Pooh, you will have enough to gild it; never fear your reputation while you are rich — for gold in this world covers as many sins as charity in the next. So that get a great deal, and give away a little, and you secure your happiness in both.
Стр. 66 - tis certain, very sure, very sure. Death, as the Psalmist says, is certain to all; all shall die. How a good yoke of bullocks at Stamford fair?

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