Cache ObjectScript and MUMPS: Technical Learning Manual

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 10 мая 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 516
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This book serves as an explanation of Caché ObjectScript and the MUMPS programming language. It is designed as both a comprehensive learning guide and a technical reference manual. This is useful to programmers of any level, whether you are new to the language or an experienced developer looking for more information on Caché Objects.The book starts with Basic Concepts whilst introducing simple MUMPS commands. It then progresses on to System-Supplied Functions. Two full chapters are devoted to the discussion of the MUMPS Global Structure, the heart of Caché/MUMPS. Pattern Matching, Comparison Operators, File Processing as well as Testing and Debugging with Error Processing come next. More advanced subjects are introduced with Procedures, Structured, and Robust Code. Before moving on to Objects, Date Processing is thoroughly discussed. Starting with Chapter 21 Object Technology is introduced; Object subjects such as Classes, Properties, (Instance and Class) Methods, Data types, (List and Array) Collections and Relationships are incorporated. In addition, Embedded and Dynamic SQL is included for every Object Data Structure. The discussion of Object Technology is concluded with a table of Object Calls and finally the last chapter ends Good Programming Concepts.”Taking over 12 years to write, over 500 pages and over 700 code examples make it the perfect desk-top reference, the last Caché ObjectScript and MUMPS book you will ever need. Paul Bradney (Futurecode Ltd.) writes:“I've been a programmer for almost 30 years now and I'm finding your book very intuitive in learning about Caché, in both the new stuff which I'm a bumbling amateur at and even learning features about stuff I thought I already knew. “Ed de Moel (Author 'M[UMPS] by Example'):“In short, with the little I have read so far, I would recommend this book for both new students of the language, and for people who are moving from a non-Caché implementation to Caché, as well as for people who are starting to use the object extensions in Caché.”From "Richard F. Walters (Author 'M Programming, A comprehensive Guide'):“This book is aimed at users of InterSystems Caché, with many useful tips as to its effective use. I highly recommend it for Caché users." Rob Tweed of (M/Gateway Developments Ltd.) writes:”This book is most timely. MUMPS, for many years the ugly-duckling of the database world, is having something of a renaissance, driven by several factors . . .There are a lot of MUMPS applications in the commercial world, quietly performing their day-to-day responsibilities in a reliable and scalable way, and the above factors mean they aren't going away soon. On the contrary, enlightened developers are realising that there are new and exciting ways now available for extending the capabilities and reach of these "legacy" applications. Modern, web-based MUMPS applications are capable of being at the very leading edge in terms of their functionality, UI design, performance, and scalability: it is a very exciting time to be a MUMPS developer.All of this means two things:(1) we urgently need a new generation of MUMPS developers to take over the support, maintenance and extension of those applications;(2) there's a lot of work available for young developers who are willing to learn about MUMPS.Mike's book is a new and modern guide for anyone wanting to find out about this fascinating language and database to which I've been hopelessly addicted to since the early 1980s and for which I've been an unrelenting advocate. It gently guides the student through the basics and provides a comprehensive coverage of the advanced aspects of the language. Importantly, it also covers the extensions of the technology that is specific to Caché.I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn MUMPS, or anyone wishing to provide guidance to new staff that needs to get up to speed with MUMPS.Soli Deo Gloria

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