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HE hearts whose love abounded,

The hands that grudged not gold,
Fair wisdom's halls who founded

And faith's abiding hold,
Who wrought for time's far wages,

Who sowed that heirs may reap-
Remember, Lord of ages,

And holy be their sleep.
This home of their uprearing,

High Builder, stablish Thou,

truths of their revering
She teach their children now.
In hours of storm that shake her,

In treasons of the fold,
Remember, God our Maker,

Remember and uphold.
The vineyard Thou hast planted,

The tillers of Thy plot,
The harvest that we scanted,

The fruits we render not,
The faith that sleeps in ember

Till scarce the fire may live,
Lord, these if Thou remember,

Remember and forgive.




ORD, behold us with Thy blessing,
-Once again assembled here;
Onward be our footsteps pressing,
In Thy love and faith and fear :

Still protect us
By Thy presence ever near.
For Thy mercy we adore Thee,

For this rest upon our way:
Lord, again we bow before Thee;
Speed our labours day by day,

Mind and spirit
With Thy choicest gifts array.
Keep the spell of home affection

Still alive in every heart ;
May its power, with mild direction,
Draw our love from self apart,

Till Thy children
Feel that Thou their Father art.
Break temptation's fatal power,

Shielding all with guardian care,
Safe in every careless hour,
Safe from sloth and sensual snare :

Thou, our Saviour,
Still our failing strength repair.


LORD, dismiss us with Thy blessing,

Thanks for mercies past receive ;
Pardon all, their faults confessing ;
Time that 's lost may all retrieve;

May Thy children
Ne'er again Thy Spirit grieve.
Bless Thou all our days of leisure ;

Help us selfish lures to flee ;
Sanctify our every pleasure,
Pure and blameless may it be ;

May our gladness
Draw us evermore to Thee.
May Thy kindly influence cherish

All the good we here have gained ;
May all taint of evil perish,
By Thy mightier power restrained ;

Seek we ever
Knowledge pure and love unfeigned.
Let Thy Father-hand be shielding

All who here shall meet no more ;
May their seed-time past be yielding
Year by year a richer store ;

Those returning
Make more faithful than before.

HPLY sounds are floating o'er us,

Praise and reverence in their tone ;
Brothers, let us join in chorus,

Heart and voice in unison.
Glory be to Him Who laves us,

Places us His Church within ;
Glory be to Him Who saves us,

In the deadly fight with sin.
In that battle He is calling

Each to bear a warrior's part,
Brother, let no fear of falling

Blanch thy cheek, or daunt thy heart.
Though the unceasing conflict grieve thee,

With its agony of strife,
Be but faithful, He will give thee,

E’en through death, a crown of life.
Heavenly food for our refection,

Jesus from His store will send ;
Heavenly armour for protection,

Sword to strike and shield to fend ; Every piece His Name is wearing,

With His sacred emblem crossed ; Each the golden legend bearing,

Life is found, when life is lost.


OW thank we all our God,

With heart and hands and voices,
Who wondrous things hath done,

In whom His world rejoices ;
Who from our mother's arms

Hath blessed us on our way
With countless gifts of love,

And still is ours to-day !
Oh! may this bounteous God

Through all our life be near us,
With ever joyful hearts
And blessed


to cheer us;
And keep us in His grace,

And guide us when perplext,
And free us from all ills

In this world and the next!

All praise and thanks to God,

The Father, now be given,
The Son, and Him Who reigns

With them in highest heaven,
The One Eternal God,

Whom earth and heaven adore ;
For thus it was, is now,

And shall be evermore !

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