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WHAT thanks and praise to Thee we owe, For Thy dear saint through whom we know

So many a gracious word of Thine ! Whom Thou didst choose to tell the tale

Of all Thy manhood's toils and tears, And for a moment lift the veil

That hides Thy boyhood's spotless years. How many a soul with guilt oppressed

Has learned to hear the joyful sound In that sweet tale of sin confessed,

The father's love, the lost and found ! How many a child of sin and shame

Has refuge found from guilty fears Through her, who to the Saviour came

With costly ointment and with tears ! The witness of the Saviour's life,

The great Apostle's chosen friend Through weary years of toil and strife,

And still found faithful to the end !


'HE Church's one Foundation

Tiesus Christ her Lord;

She is His new creation

By water and the word :
From heaven He came and sought her

To be His holy bride ;
With His own blood He bought her,
And for her life He died.

Elect from every nation,

Yet one o'er all the earth, Her charter of salvation

One Lord, one faith, one birth, One holy Name she blesses,

Partakes one holy Food, And to one hope she presses

With every grace endued. 'Mid toil, and tribulation,

And tumult of her war, She waits the consummation

for evermore ; Till with the vision glorious

Her longing eyes are blest,
And the great Church victorious

Shall be the Church at rest.

Of peace

Yet she on earth hath union

With God the Three in One, And mystic sweet communion

With those whose rest is won : O happy ones and holy !

Lord, give us grace that we Like them, the meek and lowly,

On high may dwell with Thee.



ET saints on earth in concert sing
With those to glory gone,
For all the servants of our King,

In earth and heaven are one.

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One family, we dwell in Him,

One Church, above, beneath ;
Though now divided by the stream,

The narrow stream of death.

One army of the living God,

To His command we bow;
Part of His host have crossed the flood,

And part are crossing now.

Lord Jesus, be our constant Guide,

Then when the word is given,
Bid death's cold flood its waves divide,

And land us safe in heaven.

W HO are these, like stars appearing,

These, before God's throne who stand:
Each a golden crown is wearing ;
Who are all this glorious band ?

Alleluia ! hark, they sing,

Praising loud their Heavenly King ! Who are these in dazzling brightness,

Clothed in God's own righteousness ; These, whose robes of


whiteness Shall their lustre still

possess, Still untouched by time's rude hand?

Whence come all this glorious band? These are they who have contended

For their Saviour's honour long, Wrestling on till life was ended, Following not the sinful throng :

These, who well the fight sustained,

Triumph by the Lamb have gained. These are they whose hearts were riven,

Oft with woe and anguish tried,
Who in prayer full oft have striven
With the God they glorified :

Now, their painful conflict o'er,
God has bid them weep no more.


FOR all Thy saints, O Lord,

Who strove in Thee to live,
Who followed Thee, obeyed, adored,

Our grateful hymn receive.
For all Thy saints, O Lord,

Accept our thankful cry,
Who counted Thee their great reward,

And strove in Thee to die.

They all, in life and death,

With Thee, their Lord, in view, Learned by Thy Holy Spirit's breath

To suffer and to do.

For this Thy Name we bless,

And humbly pray that we
May follow them in holiness,

And live and die in Thee.

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