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133 HA

ARK! the song of Jubilee,

Loud as mighty thunders roar, Or the fullness of the sea

When it breaks upon the shore. Alleluia ! for the Lord

God Omnipotent shall reign ; Alleluia ! let the word

Echo round the earth and main.

Alleluia ! hark! the sound

From the centre to the skies Wakes above, beneath, around,

All Creation's harmonies. See Jehovah's banners furled,

Sheathed His sword ; He speaks, 'tis done ; And the kingdoms of this world

Are the Kingdom of His Son.
He shall reign from pole to pole,

With illimitable sway ;
He shall reign, when like a scroll

Yonder heavens have passed away.
Then the end-beneath His rod

Man's last enemy shall fall : Alleluia! Christ in God,

God in Christ, is all in all.


EAD us, heavenly Father, lead us


Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us,
For we have no help but Thee ;

Yet possessing

Every blessing,
If our God our Father be.
Saviour, breathe forgiveness o'er us;

All our weakness Thou dost know :
Thou didst tread this earth before us,
Thou didst feel its keenest woe;

Lone and dreary,

Faint and weary,
Through the desert Thou didst go.
Spirit of our God, descending,

Fill our hearts with heavenly joy,
Love with every passion blending,
Pleasure that can never cloy :

Thus provided,

Pardoned, guided,
Nothing can our peace destroy.



ESUS calls us ; o'er the tumult

Of our life's tempestuous sea,
Day by day His sweet voice soundeth,

Saying, ' Christian, follow Me!'
As of old Saint Andrew heard it

By the Galilean lake,
Turned from home, and toil, and kindred,

Leaving all for His dear sake.
Jesus calls us, from the worship

Of the vain world's golden store,
From each idol that would keep us,

Saying, Christian, love Me more !'
In our joys and in our sorrows,

Days of toil and hours of ease,
Still He calls, ʼmidst cares and pleasures,

Christian, love Me more than these!'
Jesus calls us ; by Thy mercies,

Saviour, may we hear Thy call,
Give our hearts to Thine obedience,

Serve and love Thee best of all.

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OTHOU, Who didst with love untold

Thy doubting servant chide,
Bidding the eye of sense behold

Thy wounded hands and side ;

Grant us, like him, with heartfelt awe

To own Thee God and Lord,
And from his hour of darkness draw

Faith in the Incarnate Word.

And while that wondrous record now

Of unbelief we hear,
Teach us the lowlier, Lord, to bow

In self-distrusting fear :


we may never dare
Thy loving heart to grieve;
But, at the last, their blessing share,

Who see not, yet believe.


137 W 7 HERE shall we find our mightiest saint,

The chosen vessel of the Lord ? The soul to dare and never faint,

The arm to wield the conqueror's sword? Where shall we find the shepherd meek,

With heart aflame at tyrant wrong, Ever the weakest with the weak,

And still the strongest with the strong? We find him where we sought him not,

Chief in the front of Jesus' foes ; There, where the battle rages hot,

Loudest of all his trumpet blows. Love-vanquished prisoner of the Cross !

The love of Christ doth now constrain : For Christ he counts his glories loss,

To live is Christ, to die is gain. O'er land and sea to all mankind

He bears the flag his Master bore, Forgetting still the things behind,

And reaching forth to things before ; No foe to fear, no toil to grudge,

Self-pledged, till death shall strike him down, And He, the Lord, the righteous Judge,

Grant to His saint the martyr crown.

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