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Page 213-line 14 " There's Richard Bateman," &c. The story alluded to here is well known in the country. The chapel is called Ings Chapel; and is on the right hand side of the road leading from Kendal to Ambleside.


Page 217—line 4 “ had design’d to build a sheepfold.” &c. It may be proper to inform some readers, that a sheep-fold in these mountains is an unroofed building of stone walls, with different divisions. It is generally placed by the side of a brook, for the convenience of washing the sheep; but it is also useful as a shelter for them, and as a place to drive them into, to enable the shepherds conveniently to single out one or more for any particular purpose.



Preface, p. xi. line 11, for Lucretia-read Lucretius.

Page 145, line 1, vol. ii. place a comma after the words

“ disconsolate creature," and omit the comma

after “ perhaps" Page 147, line 5, vol. ii. for “ both grey red and green,"

substitute grey, scarlet, and green.

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