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care, with which you had endeavoured to inspire an interest for the principalities and powers that perish? Would not one breath of humble hope, one glance of the eye to heaven, one faint whisper of trust in God, and resignation to his decrees, take away even the bitterness of death? It is possible, indeed, to follow to the grave, under such circumstances, the child of our affections, almost without sorrow; and to “commit his body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, in sure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection."

But when the early reason is suffered to grow wanton, for want of proper culture ; when no pains are taken to nurture religious graces, at the same time with intellectual acquirements; we may naturally expect that the latter will run riot in their luxuriance, and overstep the limits, within which they ought to be confined. And this is actually the case. There is a flippancy and a levity about men in the present day, and especially, I fear, about the young, which proclaim but too clearly the defective nature of their early education. It is a melancholy reflection too, though it may be productive of much benefit to ourselves, that the brightest talents are often the most degraded by these unseemly accompaniments. We may learn indeed from all we hear and see, that neither the endowments of body nor of mind,

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will form a blessing to their possessor, if God does not breathe a blessing upon them; and we may rest assured, that he will not bless, except we implore him to do so.

In providing then for the future welfare of your children, strive to lead them to the search after

treasures, in heaven," rather than “treasures upon earth ;" propose as their model, not the rich and luxurious, not the learned and the mighty, in the world, but the humble child of piety and devotion, the Christian Timothy. But, my brethren, before you can so train up your offspring, you must become instructed in the truth yourselves. You cannot open the fountains of sacred knowledge, until you have also drunk their pure waters. The bible is to too many amongst us a sealed book; we neither peruse it with an unfeigned belief in its truth, nor a sincere desire to obey its precepts. We forget that it is only by the aid of the Holy Spirit, that we can understand the Spirit's revelations: and that when his gracious assistance is withbeld, the Holy Scriptures will be made, as by many they actually are made, to countenance doctrines foreign to the spirit and intention of Christianity. They are able indeed to make us wise unto salvation, not by our own feeble attempts to obey their moral injunctions, but through the faith which is in Christ Jesus. This sacred principle pervades them in all their parts. When our blessed Redeemer went about doing good, faith was commonly required from those, on whom the benefit was to be conferred. In like manner we are justified by faith, we are saved by faith: and by faith the merits of Christ will be imputed to us. Let us then seek diligently by prayer for this saving faith; and let us teach our sons and daughters to seek it too. Let the cares which were shed upon the head of Timothy, by the affection of his parents, be diligently bestowed by us upon our children. In these times of doubt and difficulty, when we are beset on all sides by dangers which we know not how to shun, let us impart to them a portion of that wisdom, which the chances and changes of the world can never impair. Let the bible be the first book they are taught to read, God the first Being they are taught to adore, and Jesus the first name in which they are instructed to hope. By these means, indeed, you may not ward off the stroke of death ; you may not perhaps promote their worldly advancement; but you will do far better; you will snatch the victory from the grave, and the crown which earth denies them, will, through God's mercy, encircle their brows in heaven.


MARK X, 50.

And he, casting away his garment, rose and came to


To every one whose mind is religiously disposed, the perusal of the actions and conduct of our blessed Redeemer, during his abode upon earth, is a continual source of comfort and delight. His miracles of mercy and compassion, are especially calculated to fill our souls with wonder, and our hearts with gratitude. But there is something more in the records of many of these instances of heavenly love, than will strike a hasty reader. Other lessons may be deduced, other consolations derived, upon a careful and devout consideration, than appear at first sight to flow from the subject. When we read of sight restored to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the dumb, and life to the dead, we acknowledge immediately the greatness of the miracle, and the bounty wbich caused it to be performed; and so far our devotion is beightened, and our religious confidence increased. But our hearts might be often solaced by a far stronger motive to our faith ; might be often warmed by a far deeper glow of piety; if we did but compare the bodily infirmities of the afflicted objects of our Redeemer's charity, with our own spiritual necessities; and from the relief afforded to the former, draw the consoling conclusion, that if, in our wants and weakness, we ask for aid as earnestly and as sincerely as they did, like them we shall not sue in vain. In both cases we find the same implicit confidence insisted upon.

“ Be of good cheer, thy faith hath made thee whole,” were the ordinary terms, in which our Saviour restored the cripple to his strength and the sick to health. In like manner, we are said to be “saved by grace through faith : ” and we are also commanded to “ ask in faith nothing wavering.” We shall not, then, employ amiss the time devoted to our attendance here, in endeavouring, with God's blessing, thus to examine, and thus to apply, the particulars of the history to which my text belongs.

“They came to Jericho,” says the sacred narrative, “and as he went out of Jericho with his disciples and a great number of people, blind Bartimeus, the son of Timeus, sat by the highway-side begging." In these simple words, a

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