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might expect, at least, that the intended victim would spend the hours of an existence, so soon, in all human probability, to be brought to a close, in wakeful meditation. You might expect especially that he, who had not long since, through the very fear of consequences, been guilty of an act of base ingratitude, and denied his kind and gracious Master, would now, when death in a frightful guise appeared before him, shrink from the tyrant's grasp, and struggle hard for the life he once seemed so much to love. Enter the cell of his confinement. How fares the sufferer? Hear you any groans of anguish, any denial of the offence with which he was charged, any repining at the hard fate to which he deemed himsef des tined ? He sleeps, my brethren. The chainsthe soldiers who watch by bis side-have no power to disturb the tranquillity of his slumbers. He sleeps, though the scaffold is preparing, and malice is awake in anticipation of the coming festival. And what wondrous power was that which, in an hour like this, could thus tranquillize the spirits of the captive, and shed

him the blessings of a calm and unruffled rest, when pain, and ignominy, and death, hovered around biin? It was the Comforter whom the Saviour promised, that Spirit of truth and holiness, which thus soothed him in his day of anguish, and sent



an angel too, to save bim from the fate by which he was threatened.

My brethren, do you desire to be so consoled and so supported, when the day of your sorrow and tribulation comes? You may not indeed, I trust you will not, like St. Peter, be ever found with the chains of persecution bound around you, and the rack and the stake prepared for your miseries. But you may, most probably you will, be exposed to many trials and adversities, to the loss of worldly comforts, the affliction of worldly

Wbat living soul amongst you has never known the hour, when his spirit has been bowed down by a grief, which no mortal comforter could alleviate or dispel. Some there are, I doubt not, before me now, who bear with them a weight of sorrows, which no fleshly arm can lighten or re

The world, which may perchance in the day of thoughtless prosperity, share our joys and tempt us on to fresh delights, will fail us assuredly, when the tempest of affliction howls around our dwelling. The hand of charity and compassion, may, indeed, and often does, pour a balm upon those sorrows, which the stern hand of poverty scatters around her path. But there are some woes so deep, so poignant, that no human sympathy can soothe them. There are sorrows which the world sees not, but which do, if un,


checked, bend the strongest spirit, and break the stoutest heart.

We talk much at times of worldly comforts ; of the comforts of home, of the comforts of children and kindred, of the comforts of society and friendship, and far, very far be from me the wish to depreciate these blessings which a kind and bonnteous Creator has shed upon our pilgrimage. I have experienced and enjoyed them all, and I bless God for the mercy which has bestowed them on me.

But who does not feel, that these are uncertain advantages at best; that they may, that they often do disappoint us, and become a source of much anguish and care. The blast of death may desolate our dwellings, or that far heavier 'woe, dishonour, máy blight the hopes we had so fondly fostered. For friendship, alas ! who has not often proved its insincerity? Who has not often found, that the world can smile and yet be a deadly foe? If then, I could guide you to no better source of consolation than these unstable benefits afford; if, when a brother in his affliction, asked me to soothe his sorrows, I could give him no better comfort, than to bid him go home to his own family, or consult the advice and ask the sympathy of his friends ; few would be the troubles relieved by such counsel-few the spirits, to whom such exhortation would convey a ray of gladness or a gleam of hope. But God has not left his ministers so powerless in their admonitions. Blessed be his name we are not so forsaken as to have no other source of support in distress, than that which the world can give. That Holy Spirit, who did, as on this day, first send down his light upon the apostles, left not the world when their ministry and labours were ended. He is still present with us, to guide and cheer our steps, wherever our feet may

tread. Without his aid, indeed, we can do nothing which God will accept; his sacred influence must purify our hearts, ere they can conceive a good thought or counsel a pious action.

On this occasion, however, I have considered this blessed messenger of our Saviour's mercy, in that point of view, in which he himself bas been graciously pleased to place him. I have dwelt upon his holy assistance, as a comforter when no other friend could comfort; a giver of gladness, when no other voice could cheer. I have endeavoured to induce you to seek his aid, by bringing before you two striking instances, in which that aid had been found so powerful in times of unusual peril and distress. I have shewn you, (few words indeed were necessary for that,) that the world could never bestow such consolation, nor minister such support. The choice, my brethren, must remain with yourselves; I can but exhort you to embrace that which will alone

save you in the day of trial. If this be the hope to which you cling; implore the help and direction of that Spirit of God, who alone can spread a table in the wilderness, and provide water in the desert. But remember the prophet's warning, “Seek the Lord whilst be may be found, call upon him whilst he is near." Defer not until a future period to solicit that divine grace, which be assured will never be granted to the careless or dilatory petitioner. He can find indeed no resting place in the heart which is not warmed into piety by the great truths of our holy faith. For deem not, that this Spirit of Holiness will bring us wealth, or pleasure, or renown.

His scource of comfort springs not from a renewed participation in mortal enjoyments, but from the contemplation of the pure delights which the Saviour has prepared in heaven for those that love him. When he shed his consolations around the earliest martyr's head, he promised him no earthly recompense, he held out no hope of deliverance from the fate before him: but he did far more than this; he shewed him “the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God.” If then your bearts be softened; if the consideration of

great and wondrous mercies, which have so lately been made the theme of your prayer and praise, has disposed your souls to bless and adore his name; if


your Saviour's

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