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Still may the streams of grace divine

Glide softly near their devious way; And faith's fair light serenely shine,

To change their darkness into day.

Still may they with fraternal love

Each other's shield and aid become; And while through distant realms they rove,

Remember still their childhood's home;

The simple life, the frugal fare,

The kind parental counsels given, The tender love, the pious care,

That early winged their hopes to heaven.

And when the evening shades decline,

And when life's toilsome task is o'er, May they each earthly wish resign,

And holier, happier climes explore.

And when the faithful shepherds view

Each ransom'd flock around them spread, How will they bless the plants that grew

Beneath the altar's sacred shade!



BEHOLD the Saviour on the cross,

A spectacle of woe!
See from his agonizing wounds

The blood incessant flow;

Till death's pale ensigns o'er his cheek

And trembling lips were spread; Till light forsook his closing eyes,

And life his drooping head !

'Tis finished—was his latest voice;

These sacred accents o'er, He bow'd his head, gave up the ghost,

And suffered pain no more.

'Tis finish'd-the Messiah dies

For sins, but not his own ;
The great redemption is complete,

And Satan's power o'erthrown.

'Tis finish'd-all his groans are past;

His blood, his pains, and toils, Have fully vanquished our foes,

And crown'd him with their spoils. 'Tis finish’d-legal worship ends,

And gospel ages run;
All old things now are past away,

And a new world begun.



SAVIOUR! when in dust to thee, Low we bow th' adoring knee, When, repentant, to the skies Scarce we lift our streaming eyes, Oh, by all the pains and woe, Suffered once for man below, Bending from thy throne on high, Hear our solemn litany !

By thy helpless infant years,
By thy life of wants and tears,
By thy days of sore distress,
In the savage wilderness,
By the dread permitted hour
Of th' insulting tempter's power,
Turn, O turn a pitying eye,
Hear our solemn litany!

By the sacred griefs that wept,
O’er the grave where Lazarus slept,
By the boding tears that flowed
Over Salem's loved abode,-
By the anguished tear that told
Treachery lurked within thy fold, -
From thy seat above the sky,
Hear our solemn litany!

By thine hour of dire despair,
By thine agony of prayer,
By the cross, the nail, the thorn,
Piercing spear, and torturing scorn,

By the gloom that veiled the skies
O'er the dreadful sacrifice,
Listen to our humble cry,
Hear our solemn litany!

By the deep expiring groan,
By the sad sepulchral stone,
By the vault whose dark abode
Held in vain the rising God,
Oh, from earth to heaven restored,
Mighty re-ascended Lord,
Listen, listen to the cry
Of our solemn litany!



In the Cross of Christ I glory!

Towering o'er the wrecks of time, All the light of sacred story

Gathers round its head sublime.

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