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VIOLET WILLIAMS. BORN: OSWEGO Co., N. Y., MAY 18, 1874. ADOPTED at the age of three, in the estimable family of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams of Lansing, Iowa, Violet was given the advantage of a good education. The poem Let Labor Win was written by Violet when but thir

VIOLET WILLIAMS. een years of age, and although only ifteen rears of age, her poems have already appeard in the Lansing Journal, Mirror, Waukon Democrat, Dubuque Industrial Leader and ther leading periodicals of her native state.

TWILIGHT FANCIES. Were I laid to rest

From all my fears, The friends I love best

Vould shed

Yet he who grieves

Knows we must part.
Pine not for me,

Nay, shed no tears,
For I shall happy be,

Away from lingering fears.
Laid low to rest

In a little mossy bed,
I may be forever blest,

Though numbered with the dead.
Friends and parents crave

Flowers for my lot,
Yet on my grave –

Plant a sweet Forget-me-not.
In each familiar spot,

Which to us was dear,
I would not be all forgot,-

Yet ne'er remembered with a tear.

In that beautiful haven

Where the sun doth never set,
In that cloudless haven

There many now have met.
On the earth below

Many storms do fall,
But in heaven doth flow

Peace and plenty unto all.
May the Lord direct our feet

To tbat grateful home above,
That we all may one day meet
In that blessed home of love.

This great world of ours

Is filled with different nations,
And all within its bowers

Live in different habitations.
But in these nations it will never pay

To have wages so low,
The man that works both night and day
Can't keep their families, if wages don't

grow. Low waces should not nroceed

have a chance, would succeed, er advance. right, pen” win? hight

get in.

yuwaboring men"
If you would persevere;
I know the time will come again
When your courage will rounnon

Local and national poets of America

"Tis not from the ground. Perhaps the rattling leaves

May cause you to start,

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