Queenship in Europe 1660-1815: The Role of the Consort

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Clarissa Campbell Orr
Cambridge University Press, 12 авг. 2004 г. - Всего страниц: 419
This pioneering survey of court cultures in the age of the High Baroque through to the age of Enlightenment uses the role of the queen consort as the principal means of inquiry. The principal themes explored are the consort's formal and informal power, her religious role, and her cultural patronage. The book reveals the dynamics of dynastic politics as courts used their family linkages to advance themselves in the hierarchy of European powers, and suggests how women sometimes formed their own networks. The courts surveyed include those of France, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, the Imperial court at Vienna, and the three German electorateS linked to monarchies: Brandenburg-Prussia, Saxony-Poland and Hanover-Great Britain. Also included is the duchy of Württemburg, which achieved royal status by the end of the period, and Savoy, which attained it through acquiring Piedmont at the beginning.

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Maria Giovanna Battista of SavoyNeumours 16441724 daughter consort and Regent of Savory
Queen Hedwig Eleonora or Sweden dowager builder and collector
Partner matriarch and minister Mme de Maintenon of France clandestine consort 16801715
Piety and power The EmpressesConsort of the High Baroque
Catherine 1 of Russia consort to Peter the Great
Bárbara succeeds Elizabeth the feminisation and domestication of politics in the Spanish 17011759
Queen Marie Leszczyńska and faction at the French Court 17251768
Religion and the consort two Electresses of Saxony and Queens of Poland 16971757
Caroline of BrandenburgAnsbach and the anglicisation of the House of Hanover
The hidden queen Elizabeth Christine of Prussia and Hohenzollern queenship in the eighteenth century
The Pallas of Stockholm Louisa Ulrica of Prussia and the Swedish crown
Danish absolutism and queenship Louisa Caroline Matilda and Juliana Maria
Charlotte of MecklenburgStrelitz Queen of Great Britain and Electress of Hanover northern dynasties and the Northern Republic of Letters
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Women and Imperial politics the Württemberg consorts 16741757

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CLARISSA CAMPBELL ORR is senior lecturer in History, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge.

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