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Стр. 438 - ... of the countrey inviolable, and to deliver up the succession peaceably to his Tanist, and then hath a wand delivered unto him by some whose proper office that is ; after which, descending from the stone, he turneth himself round, thrice forwards and thrice backwards.
Стр. 398 - O'Clery, in the year 1025, and if so, he was chief for twenty- three years, for his death is recorded in the Annals of the Four Masters at the year 1048
Стр. 145 - ... but took no other orders. He had a voice in the Chapter, when " they consulted about their revenues, and paid a certain yearly " rent to the bishop, besides a fine upon the marriage of every " of his daughters, which they call a Loughinipy ; he gave a •" subsidy to the bishop at his first entrance into his bishopric: " the certainty of all which duties appear in the bishop's regis...
Стр. 181 - A good man never was there Of the O'Malleys, but a mariner ; The prophets of the weather are ye, A tribe of affection and brotherly love.
Стр. 339 - And thus the Burkes came over the Barretts in Tir Amhalgaidh, and took nearly the whole of their lands from them ; but at length the Saxon heretics of Oliver Cromwell took it from them all, in the year of our Lord 1652; so that now there is neither Barrett nor Burke, not to mention the Clann Fiachrach, in possession of any lands there.

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