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When temptat 646 Whether to liv 500 Whom shall w 1102 With saints en 991 Yea, and befor41
When that illu 593 While at thy cr 503 Whom thou do 97 With shining f 199 Yea, bless his 1087
When the ama 233 While God inv 349 Why hast thou 801 With simple fa 397 Yea, let him, L 268
When the pang 203 While guilt dis 305 Why restless, 550 With softening 404 Yea, let men r 813
When the prai 1079 While here, a s 1072 Why should th 927 With that bles 1016 Yea, though I 156
When the soft 102 While here in 1054 Why should th 176 With thee con 712 Yea, though th 168
When the sun 204 While I am a p 718 Why should w 615 With thee with 634 Yea, whosoeve 355
When the wea 845 While I draw t 415 Why should w 970 With them let 315 Yes; broken, t 658
When the woe 204 While in the h 19 Why will you b 335 With those wh 70 Yes, every secr 1021
When this mor 646 While in this r 457 Why will you i 371 With tremblin 308 Yes, heavenly 671
When thou did 240 While in thy h 43 Wide as the wo 9 With us no me 744 Yes, Lord, I sh 453
When thou, 412 While life's da 762 Will gifts delig. 389 With us thou a 30 Yes, thy sins h 339
When through 679 While many sp 100 Will he forsak 216 With us when t 731 Yes, when this. 427
When to the cr 836 While on earth 20 Wilt thou cast 382 With what diff 1014 Yet doth the st 907
When we asun 797 While our days 54 Wilt thou let h 339 With whom do 128 Yet, glorified b 983
When we beho 213 While place we 696 Wilt thou not 557 Within that bo 548 Yet God is pres

When we discl 60 While the ange 733 Wilt thou not 737 Within these w 89 Yet here, whe 40
When we in da 633 While thou art 170 Wisdom divin 329 Without reser 164 Yet I may lov 147
When we pass 247 While we pray 88 With all who c 744 Wonderful in 191 Yet, Lord, wh 674
When worn wi 619 While yet in an 839 With calm and 586 Work, for the 565 Yet, Lord, whe 870
Whene'er my 543 Whither, O wh 169 With calmly re 19 Work shall be 597 Yet mercy call 554
Where all ourt 816 Who are they 879 With cheerful 114 Worldly good I 382 Yet must we p 796
Where are the 561 Who can beho 130 With contrite 1095 Worship, hono 246 Yet not thus bū 973
Where dost th 759 Who can his m 13 With deep rep 414 Worthy the La 2 Yet, O, the chi 390
Where is that 274 Who can now 1001 With flowing t 828 Would'aughto 462 Yet one prayer 79
Where is the b 549 Who can resol 996 With grateful 870

Yet onward I h 757
Where is the z 561 Who in Jesus c 1073 With heart an 419 Ye all shall fin 479 Yet save a tre 391
Where life is w 232 Who is like Go 68 With him I on 1064 Ye chosen seed 248 Yet shall we m 796
Where none sh 796 Who Jesus' su 493 With his serap 56 Ye daughters o 759 Yet still to his 880
Where prophe 598 Who made my 175 With jasper gl 1060 Ye dwellers in 994 Yet these are n 597
Where pure, es 1043 Who on earth 1073 With joy shall 174 Ye fearful sain 161 Yet these, new 977
Where saints a 1102 Who points the 672 With joy the c 193 Ye for whom h 58 Yet to thee my 1084
Where the gol 939 Who suffer wit 657 With me, I kno 515 Ye, no more y 777 Yet though I h 714
Where the loft 939 Who the calm 1109 With meek su 632 Ye slaves of si 331 Yet where vur 602
Where the pas 847 Who thee bene 374 With my lamp 1015 Ye sons of eart 151 Yet while arou 852
Where the sain 998 Who thus our 846 With one cons 1094 Ye sons of me 251 Your faith by 600
Wherefore, in 541 Who trusting i 983 With open fac 49 Ye stars are bu 1034 Your lofty the 8
Wherefore let 121 Who, who, my 212 With outstretc 560 Ye wheels of n 948 Your real life, 600
Where'er his h 923 Who, who wou 998 With patience 269 Ye who have s 331 Your way is dá 371
Where'er the 301 Who would hi 389 With pitying e 1094 Ye who, tossed 344
Wherever he 642 Who would no 980 With pitying e 304 Ye winds of ni 151 Zeal shall hast 485
Wherever in t 675. Whoever will 323 With prayer a 584 Yea, Amen ! let 10131 Zion enjoys he 773





Hymn A charge to keep I have 574 Author of faith, eternal Word.

445 A few more years shall roll.. 957 Author of faith, to thee I cry..

377 A mighty fortress is our God.

166 Author of good, we rest on thee. 617 A stranger in the world below. 1031 Author of our salvation, thee.

851 A thousand oracles divine.. 34 Awake, and sing the song.

4 Abba, Father, hear thy child

440 Awake, glad soul! awake! awake. 232 Abide with me! Fast falls the eventide. 93 Awake, Jerusalem, awake

7775 Abraham, when severely tried

471 Awake, my soul, and with the sun. 106 According to thy gracious word.. 836 Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve. 594 Again as evening's shadow falls.. 109 Awake, my soul, to meet the day..

96 Again the Lord of life and light.

77 Awake, ye saints, and raise your eyes.. 948 Ah, how shall fallen man... 310 Awake, ye saints, awake...

73 Ah! whither should I go. 402 Away, my needless fears.

173 Alas! and did my Saviour bleed.. 214 Away, my unbelieving fear.

626 All hail the power of Jesus' name. 248 Away with our sorrow and fear

1063 All people that on earth do dwell..

11 All praise to Him who dwells in bliss.. 97 All praise to our redeeming Lord.. 789 Be it my only wisdom here..

571 All praise to the Lamb, accepted I am. 454 Before Jehovah's awful throne..

9 All things are ready, come.. 357 Before thy mercy-seat, O Lord.

61 Almighty God, thy word is cast.. 301 Behold the Christian warrior stand Almighty Maker of my frame. 962 Behold, the heathen waits to know

923 Almighty Spirit, now behold... 916 Behold the Saviour of mankind.

215 Always with us, always with us. 731 Behold the servant of the Lord.

475 Am I a soldier of the cross..

593 Behold the sure Foundation-stone. 766 Amazing grace! how sweet the sound. 427 Behold the throne of grace

498 And am I born to die..

996 Behold the western evening light. 974 And am I only born to die.. 968 Behold us, Lord, a little space.

597 And are we yet alive.

798 Behold what condescending love. 828 And can I yet delay. 401 Being of beings, God of love.

508 And can it be that I should gain.. 422 Beneath our feet, and o'er our head.. 373 And is there, Lord, a rest 1055 Blest are the pure in heart..

501 And let our bodies part.., 816 Blest are the sons of peace..

799 And let this feeble body fail. 1032 Blest be the dear uniting love.

782 And must I be to judgment brought. 1021 Blest be the tie that binds.

797 And must this body die. 995 Blest Comforter divine..

287 And will the great eternal God..

867 Blest hour, when mortal man retires. 45 And will the mighty God.... 499 Blest Spirit, one with God above.

129 And wilt Thou yet be found. 399 Blow ye the trumpet, blow..

331 Angels, from the realms of glory. 189 Bondage and death the cup contains.. 901 Are there not in the laborer's day. 570 Brethren in Christ, and well beloved.. 791 Arise, my soul, arise. 438 Brief life is here our portion.....

1059 Arise, my soul, on wings sublime. 530 Bright and joyful is the morn..

191 Arise, ye saints, arise.

577 Bright was the guiding star that led.. 300 Arm of the Lord, awake, awake! Put Brightest and best of the sons of the.. 186 on thy strength..

920 Brother, hast thou wandered far... 906 Arm of the Lord, awake, awake! Thine But can it be that I should prove..

541 own immortal strength...

1043 By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored. 850 As pants the hart for cooling streams.. 550 By cool Siloam's shady rill...

875 As shadows, cast by cloud and sun. 907 By thy birth, and by thy tears

417 As with gladness men of old..

182 Asleep in Jesus I blessed sleep..

979 Assembled at thy great command. 922 Calm on the bosom of thy God.

988 At the Lamb's high feast we sing. 847 Calm on the listening car of night....


Hyma Captain of our salvation, take.

825 Daughter of Zion, awake from thy 778 Chief of sinners though I be..

441 Daughter of Zion, from the dust... 909 Children, loud hosannas singing. 874 Day of God, thou blessed day.

90 Children of the heavenly King.

720 Day of judgment, day of wonders 1029 Christ, from whom all blessings flow ECE Day of wrath, O dreadful day..

1023 Christ is coming! let creation 1016 Dear ties of mutual succor bind.

905 Christ is made the sure Foundation. 856 Deathless spirit, now arise...

1004 Christ, of all my hopes the ground. 721 Deem not that they are blest alone. 627 Christ, the Lord, is risen again.... 259 Deep are the wounds which sin has.. 306 Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day.

260 Deepen the wounds Thy hands have. 538 Christ, whose glory fills the skies. 416 Delay not, delay not, 0 sinner draw 336 Christian ! dost thou see them..

1047 Delightful work! young souls to win.. 877 Christians, brethren, ere we part. 22 Depth of mercy! can there be..

379 Come, and let us sweetly join.. 805 Did Christ o'er sinners weep.

405 Come at the morning hour..

750 Draw near, 0 Son of God, draw near 815 Come, Christian children, come and 876 Dread Jehovah! God of nations. 1091 Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 831 Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire.. 481 Come, Holy Ghost, in love. 284 Earth's transitory things decay..

978 Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire.. 279 Enter thy temple, glorious King

862 Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire.. 273 Enthroned is Jesus now.

253 Come, Holy Spirit, come..

285 Enthroned on high, almighty Lord. 270 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove.. 277 Equip me for the war.

586 Come, Holy Spirit, raise our songs. 275 Ere mountains reared their forms. 182 Come, humble sinner, in whose breast. 369 Eternal Beam of light divine.

623 Come in, thou blessed of the Lord.. 781 Eternal depth of love divine.

128 Come, let our souls adore the Lord.. 1096 Eternal Father! strong to save

1108 Come, let us anew our journey pursue, Eternal Father, thou hast said.

921 Roll round with the year... 955 Eternal God, celestial King

70 Come, let us anew our journey pursue, Eternal Power, whose high abode. 88 With vigor arise. 1074 Eternal source of every joy.

1082 Come, let us ascend.. 1073 Etei nal Spirit, God of truth.

281 Come, let us join our cheerful songs.. 2 Eternal Sun of righteousness.

428 Come, let us join our friends above. 1033 Ever fainting with desire.

494 Come, let us to the Lord our God... 551 Except the Lord conduct the plan. 809 Come, let us tune our loftiest song. 66 Extended on a cursed tree

212 Come, let us use the grace divine.. 945 Come, let us who in Christ believe.

28 Come, my soul, thy suit prepare. 718 Fade, fade, each earthly joy.

741 Come, O my God, the promise seal. 522 Faith of our fathers ! living still.

608 Come, O my soul, in sacred lays

138 Far from my thoughts, vain world, be.. Come, o thou all-victorious Lord. 368 Far from the world, O Lord, I flee. 713 Come, 0 Thou greater than our heart.. 524 Far from these scenes of night..

1051 Come, o thou Traveler unknown.. 737 Father, hear the blood of Jesus..

258 Come, O ye sinners, to the Lord. 351 Father, how wide thy glory shines. 146 Come on, my partners in distress. 057 Father, I dare believe.

503 Come, said Jesus' sacred voice 244 Father, I know that all my life.

675 Come, Saviour, Jesus from above.. 457 Father, I stretch my hands to thee. 406 Come, sinners, to the gospel feast. 364 Father, in whom we live.

42 Come, sound his praise abroad..

3 Father of all, whose powerful voice 139 Come, thou almighty King... 6 Father of eternal grace..

464 Come, thou Desire of all thy saints. 64 Father of everlasting grace ..

480 Come, thou everlasting Spirit..

854 Father of heaven, whose love profound. 35 Come, thou Fount of every blessing 726 Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord..

432 Come, thou long-expected Jesus.. 334 Father of love, our Guide and Frier.d... 614 Come, thou soul-transforming Spirit. 55 Father of mercies, bow thine ear

819 Come to Calvary's holy mountain. 341 Father of mercies, in thy word..

299 Come to the land of peace..

1052 Father of mercies, send thy grace. Come unto me, when shadows darkly.. 652 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

470 Come, weary sinners, come... 359 Father, to thee my soul I lift.

124 Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye.. 683 Father, whate'er of earthly bliss.

610 Come, ye saints, look here and wonder. 226 Fear not, O little flock, the foe..

569 Come, ye sinners, poor and needy. 340 Flung to the heedless winds

911 Come, ye thankful people, come.. 1083 For thee, O dear, dear country

1060 Come, ye that love the Lord.. 41 Forever here my rest shall be...

533 Come, ye that love the Saviour's name. 63 Forever with the Lord.

1050 Comfort, ye ministers of grace. 926 Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go..

606 Commit thou all thy griefs.. 672 Forth to the land of promise bound

1036 Crown him with many crowns. 257 | Forward I be our watchword..



894 185


Hymn Fountain of life, to all below

431 Great King of nations, hear our prayer. 1094 Fountain of mercy, God of love.. 1081 Great Ruler of the earth and skies..... 1101 Friend after friend departs.

1009 Great Source of being and of love.. 774 From all that dwell below the skies. 8 Great Spirit, by whose mighty power...

271 From Calvary a cry was beard..

209 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah. 171 From every stormy wind that blows 681 From Greenland's icy mountains

930 From lips divine, like healing balm 671 Had I the gift of tongues..

504 From the cross uplifted high.

338 Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.. 121 Full of trembling expectation.

645 Hail, sacred truthl whose piercing rays 298

Hail the day that sees Him rise.... 261
Hail, thou once despised Jesus...

246 Gently, Lord, O gently lead us .. 646 Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad.. 912 Give me the wings of faith to rise. 1045 Hail, to the Lord's Anointed..

181 Give to the winds thy fears. 673 Hail to the Sabbath day..

87 Giver of peace and unity..

7793 Happy soul, thy days are ended.. 1003 Glad was my heart to hear

89 Happy the home when God is there. 101 Glorious things of thee are spoken. 776 Happy the man who finds the grace. 320 Glory be to God above... 802 Happy the souls to Jesus joined..

765 Glory be to God on high 26 Hark! a voice divides the sky.

1001 Glory to God on high .

841 Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound.. 972 Glory to God, whose sovereign grace. 451 Hark, hark, my soul ! angelic songs are. 1070 Glory to thee, my God, this night.. 105 Hark, how the watchmen cry..

582 Go forth, ye heralds, in My name.. 810 Hark, my soul ! it is the Lord.

552 Go forward, Christian soldier..

568 Hark, the glad sound I the Saviour comes Go, labor on; spend and be spent.. 603 Hark! the herald-angels sing..

190 Go not far from me, O my Strength 676 Hark! the notes of angels, singing.

58 Go, preach my gospel, saith the Lord.. 820 Hark! the song of jubilee...

938 Go to dark Gethsemane.. 223 Hark, the voice of Jesus calling..

607 Go to thy rest, fair child..

1008 | Hark! the voice of love and mercy. 224 Go, ye messengers of God..

939 Hark! what mean those holy voices. 188 God bless our native land..

1090 Haste, traveler, haste! the night comes 354 God calling yet! shall I not hear. 352 Hasten, Lord, the glorious time...

937 God has said, Forever blessed.. 873 Hasten, sinner, to be wise...

345 God is gone up on high ..

245 He comes! He comes! the Judge severe 1018 God is in this and every place..

303 He dies! the Friend of sinners dies.... 234 God is love; his mercy brightens.

150 He leadeth me! O blessed thought.. 622 God is my strong salvation.. 639 He wills that I should holy be.

529 God is our refuge and defense. 168 Head of the Church triumphant..

680 God is the name my soul adores. 130 Head of the Church, whose Spirit Alls..

924 God is the refuge of his saints.. 773 Hear, 0 sinner, mercy hails you

343 God moves in a mysterious way. 161 Hear what God the Lord hath spoken. God of all power, and truth, and grace.. 528 Hearts of stone, relent, relent...

339 God of almighty love...

484 Heavenly Father, sovereign Lord. 20 God of eternal truth and grace. 523 Help, Lord, to whom for help I fly.

543 God of Israel's faithful three..

677 Help us, O Lord, thy yoke to wear. 904 God of love, who hearest prayer. 722 Here I can firmly rest

436 God of my life, through all my days. 692 Here on earth, where foes surround us. 727 God of my life, to thee I call... 625 High in yonder realms of light.

1067 God of my life, what just return. 458 High on his everlasting throne.

811 God of my life, whose gracious power.. 169 Ho! every one that thirsts draw nigh. 362 God of my salvation, hear.

386 Holy, and true, and righteous Lord 525 God, the All-Terrible! thou who. 1092 Holy as thou, O Lord, is none.

131 God's holy law transgressed 314 Holy Father, send thy blessing.

887 Grace! 'tis a charming sound. 321 Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness.

265 Gracious Redeemer, shake... 555 Holy Ghost, with light divine..

267 Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd.. 889 Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty 136 Gracious soul, to whom are given 487 Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of hosts 144 Gracious Spirit, Love divine.. 262 Holy Lamb, who thee receive

490 Grant me within thy courts a place.. 660 Holy Spirit, Fount of blessing.

266 Granted is the Sav r's prayer.. 264 Holy Spirit, Truth div

263 Great God, attend, while Zion sings 69 Hosanna! be the children's song. Great God! beneath whose piercing.. 1103 Hosanna to the living Lord.. Great God, indulge my humble claim... 419 How are thy servants blest, O Lord. 1113 Great God of nations, now to thee.. 1100 How beauteous are their feet..

821 Great God, the nations of the earth.. 910 How beauteous were the marks divine. 202 Great God! what do I see and hear. 1028 How blest the children of the Lord.. 90.9 Great is the Lord our God...

871 How blest the righteous when he dies 982 Great King of glory, come.. 865 How can a sinner know.


882 Hymn

48 448 194 993 602

How do Thy mercies close me round... 170 Infinite God, to thee we raise
How firm a foundation, ye saints of the. 679 Into thy gracious hands I fall
How gentle God's commands

176 It came upon the midnight clear..
How great the wisdom, power, and 315 It is not death to die..
How happy every child of grace... 1030 It may not be our lot to wield..
How happy, gracious Lord, are we. 744
How happy is the pilgrim's lot.

1078 How helpless nature lies....

309 Jehovah, God, thy gracious power.
How lovely are thy dwellings, Lord. 769 Jerusalem, my happy home..
How many pass the guilty night. 952 Jerusalem the golden.
How oft this wretched heart.

554 Jesus, a word, a look from thee.
How precious is the book divine.. 297 Jesus, all-redeeming Lord
How sad our state by nature is..

302 Jesus, and shall it ever be..
How sweet, how heavenly is the sight.. 780 Jesus, at whose supreme command..
How sweet the hour of closing day.. 980 Jesus, Friend of sinners, hear.
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds.. 316 Jesus, from whom all blessings flow
How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound.. 328 Jesus, full of love divine..
How swift the torrent rolls

958 Jesus, great Shepherd of the steep. How tedious and tasteless the hours. 747 Jesus hath died that I might live. How tender is thy hand....

177 Jesus, I live to thee..
How vain are all things here bclow. 662 Jesus, I my cross have taken
How vain is all beneath the skies.. 960 Jesus, Immortal King, arise..
How welcome was the call.

1107 Jesus, in whom the Godhead's rays..

Jesus is our common Lord...

Jesus, let thy pitying eye I am baptized into thy name.

826 Jesus, Lord, we look to thee.. I and my house will serve the Lord. 573 Jesus, Lover of my soul.. I ask the gift of righteousness.

535 Jesus, my Advocate above... I heard the voice of Jesus say..

426 Jesus, my all, to heaven is gore.. I know no life divided

755 Jesus, my Life, thyself apply. I know that my Redeemer lives, And Jesus, my Lord, how rich thy grace. ever prays for me..

512 Jesus, my Saviour, Brother, Priend. I know that my Redeemer lives; What Jesus, my strength, my hope.

joy the blest assurance gives.. 242 Jesus, my Truth, my Way. I lay my sins on Jesus

754 Jesus, one word from thee. I long to behold Him arrayed.

1064 Jesus, Redeemer of mankind. I love the Lord: he heard my cries. 621 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun. I love thy kingdom, Lord...

770 Jesus spreads his banner o'er us.. I love to hear the story

886 Jesus, the Conqueror, reigns... I love to steal awhile away..

709 Jesus, the Life, the Truth, the Way. I love to tell the story

756 Jesus, the Lord of glory, died. I need thee every hour.

760 Jesus! the name high over all. I thank thee, uncreated Sun.

178 Jesus, the sinner's Friend, to thce.. I the good fight have fought..

685 Jesus, the sinner's rest thou art..
I think, when I read that sweet story.. 880 Jesus, the very thought of thee.
I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of God. 461 Jesus, the word bestow..
I too, forewarned by Jesus' love. 1116 Jesus, the word of mercy give.
I want a heart to pray

506 Jesus, these eyes have never sel'in I want a principle within

511 Jesus, thine all-victorious love. I was a wandering sheep.

434 Jesus, thou all-redeeming Lord I worship thee, O Holy Ghost

272 Jesus, thou everlasting King...
I would be thine: O take my heart.. 409 Jesus, thou Joy of loving hearts..
I would not live alway; I ask not to.. 998 Jesus, thou soul of all cur joys..
If death my friend and me divide 967 Jesus, thou Source divine.
If human kindness meets return.. 839 Jesus, thy blood and righteousness
If, on a quiet sea..

636 Jesus, thy boundless love to me
I'll praise my Maker while I've bi eath. 740 Jesus, thy Church, with longing eyes..
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord. 595 Jesus, thy far-extended fame.
In age and feebleness extreme

1117 Jesus, to thee I now can fly.. In evil long I took delight...

423 Jesus, to thee our hearts we lift. In grief and fear to thee, O Lord.. 1095 Jesus, united by thy grace. In heavenly love abiding..

642 Jesus, we look to thee.. In memory of the Saviour's love

838 Jesus wept! those tears are over.. In mercy, Lord, remember me

114 Jesus, where'er thy people meet. In that sad, memorable night ..

833 Jesus, while our hearts are bleeding.. In the cross of Christ I glory.

204 Join all the glorious names... In the silent midnight watches..

376 Join, all ye ransomed sons of grace... In thy name, O Lord, assembling. 54 Joy to the world! the Lord is come.. Infinite excellence is thine.

31 Just as I am, without one plea.....

159 1044 1061 307 848 604 895 559 795 488 790 520 500 643 908 527 719 558 804 656 239 450 519 893 686 505 483 634 374 919 853 251 517


822 392 534 700 289 824 714 518 32 12 691

19 313 23 476 928 398 430 650 785

7 203 44


243 947 183 393

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