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1089 National hymn.
1 My country! 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,

Of thee I sing:
Land where my fathers died !
Land of the pilgrims' pride!
From every mountain side

Let freedom ring! 2 My native country, thee, Land of the noble, free,

Thy name I love; I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and templed hills: My heart with rapture thrills

Like that above. 3 Let music swell the breeze, And ring from all the trees

Sweet freedom's song: Let mortal tongues awake; Let all that breathe partake; Let rocks their silence break,

The sound prolong. 4 Our fathers' God! to thee, Author of liberty,

To thee we sing: Long may our land be bright With freedom's holy light; Protect us by thy might,

Great God, our King!

(8,7. Tune, Wilmot. Page 70.] 1091 Pardon for national sins. 1 DREAD Jehovah! God of nations!

From thy temple in the skies, Hear thy people's supplications;

Now for their deliverance rise.

2 LO! with deep contrition turning,

In thy holy place we bend; Hear us, fasting, praying, mourning;

Hear us, spare us, and defend.

3 Though our sins, our hearts confound

ing, Long and loud for vengeance call, Thou hast mercy more abounding;

Jesus' blood can cleause them all.


1090 Our native land. 1 God bless our native land! Firm may she ever stand,

Through storm and night:

4 Let that mercy veil transgression;

Let that blood our guilt efface: Save thy people from oppression; Save from spoil thy holy place.


RUSSIAN HYMN. 11, 10, 9.


2 God, the Omnipotent! mighty Avenger,

Watching invisible, judging unheard; Save us in mercy, O save us from danger;

Give to us peace in our time, O Lord. 3 God, the All-Merciful! earth hath for

saken Thy ways all holy, and slighted thy word: Let not thy wrath in its terror awaken;

Give to us pardon and peace, O Lord. 4 So will thy people, with thankful devo

tion, Praise him who saved them from peril

and sword, Shouting in chorus, from ocean to ocean, Peace to the nations, and praise to the


1092 Prayer for peace. 1 GOD, the All-Terrible! thou who ordainest Thunder thy clarion, and lightning thy

sword; Show forth thy pity on high where thou

reignest; Give to us peace in our time, O Lord.


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4 Hark! the voice of nature sings
Praises to the King of kings;
Let us join the choral song,
And the grateful notes prolong.


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Mercy implored. 1 GREAT King of nations, hear our prayer,

While at thy feet we fall, And humbly, with united cry,

To thee for mercy call.
2 The guilt is ours, but grace is thine,

O turn us not away;
But hear us from thy lofty throne,

And help us when we pray.
8 Our fathers' sins were manifold,

And ours no less we own,
Yet wondrously from age to age

Thy goodness hath been shown.
4 When dangers, like a stormy sea,

Beset our country round,
To thee we looked, to thee we cried,

And help in thee was found.
5 With one consent we meekly bow

Beneath thy chastening hand,
And, pouring forth confession meet,

Mourn with our mourning land.
6 With pitying eye behold our need,

As thus we lift our prayer;
Correct us with thy judgments, Lord,

Then let thy mercy spare.

And pestilence, with rapid stride,

Bestrews the land with death. 3 O look with pity on the scene

Of sadness and of dread;
And let thine angel stand between

The living and the dead. 4 With contrite hearts, to thee, our King,

We turn who oft have strayed; Accept the sacrifice we bring, And let the plague be stayed.


Impending judgments.
1 COME, let our souls adore the Lord,

Whose judgments yet delay;
Who yet suspends the lifted sword,

And gives us time to pray. 2 Great is our guilt, our fears are great,

But let us not despair; Still open is the mercy-seat

To penitence and prayer. 3 Kind Intercessor, to thy love

This blessed hope we owe: O let thy merits plead above,

While we implore below. 4 Though Justice near thy awful throne

Attends thy dread command,
Lord, hear thy serve ts, hear thy Son,

And save a guilty land.



1095 For protection in pestilence. 1 In grief and fear to thee, O Lord,

We now for succor fly; Thine awful judgments are abroad,

O shield us, lest we die. 2 The fell disease on every side

Walks forth with tainted breath;

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C. M.


1097 National deliverance ascribed to God. 3 Unite us in the sacred love 1 0 LORD, our fathers oft have told,

of knowledge, truth, and thee; In our attentive ears,

And let our hills and valleys shout Thy wonders in their days performed,

The songs of liberty. And in more ancient years.

4 Lord of the nations, thus to thee

Our country we commend; 2 'Twas not their courage, nor their sword,

Be thou her refuge and her trust, To them salvation gave;

Her everlasting friend. 'Twas not their number, nor their strength,

JOHN R. WREFORD, That did their country save; 3 But thy right hand, thy powerful arm,

1099 Strong to heal and save. Whose succor they implored;

1 THINE arm, O Lord, in days of old Thy providence protected them,

Was strong to heal and save; Who thy great name adored.

It triumphed o'er disease and death,

O'er darkness and the grave: 4 As thee their God our fathers owned, To thee they went, the blind, the dumb So thou art still our King;

The palsied and the lame, 0, therefore, as thou didst to them,

The leper with his tainted life, To us deliverance bring.

The sick with fevered frame. 5 To thee the glory we ascribe,

2 And lo, thy touch brought life and health, From whom salvation came;

Gave speech, and strength, and sight; In God, our shield, we will rejoice,

And youth renewed and frenzy calmed And ever bless thy name.

Owned thee, the Lord of light:
And now, O Lord, be near to bless,

Almighty as of yore,
1098 Prayer for our native land. In crowded street, by restless couch,

As by Gennesareth's shore. 1 LORD, while for all mankind we pray, Of every clime and coast,

3 Be thou our great Deliverer still, O hear us for our native land,

Thou Lord of life and death; The land we love the most.

Restore and quicken, soothe and bless

With thine almighty breath. 2 O guard our shores from every foe; To hands that work, and eyes that see, With peace our borders bless,

Give wisdom's heavenly lore, Our cities with prosperity,

That whole and sick, and weak and strong, Our fields with plenteousness.

May praise thee evermore.




L. M.



1100 National blessings.

3 Thy sovereign eye looks calmly down, 1 GREAT God of nations, now to thee

And marks their course, and bounds their Our hymn of gratitude we raise;

power; With humble heart, and bending knee,

Thy law the angry nations own, We offer thee our song of praise.

And noise and war are heard no more. 2 Thy name we bless, Almighty God, 4 Then peace returns with balmy wing;

For all the kindness thou hast shown Sweet peace, with her what blessings iled! To this fair land the pilgrims trod,

Glad plenty laughs, the valleys sing, This land we fondly call our own.

Reviving commerce lifts her head. 3 Here freedom spreads her banner wide,

5 To thee we pay our grateful songs; And casts her soft and hallowed ray;

Thy kind protection still implore: Here thou our fathers' steps didst guide O may our hearts, and lives, and tongues,

In safety through their dangerous way. Confess thy goodness, and adore. 4 We praise thee that the gospel's light

Through all our land its radiance sheds; 1102 Dispels the shades of error's night,

Give peace, O God. And heavenly blessings round us spreads. 1 O GOD of love, O King of peace,

Make wars throughout the world to cease; 8 Great God, preserve us in thy fear; The wrath of sinful man restrain; In danger still our guardian be;

Give peace, O God, give peace again.
O spread thy truth's bright precepts here;
Let all the people worship thee.

2 Remember, Lord, thy works of old,
The wonders that our fathers told;

Remember not our sin's dark stain; 1101 Thanksgiving for national peace.

Give peace, O God, give peace again. 1 GREAT Ruler of the earth and skies, 3 Whom shall we trust but thee, O Lord ? A word of thine almighty breath

Where rest but on thy faithful word? Can sink the world, or bid it rise:

None ever called on thee in vain; Thy smile is life, thy frown is death. Give peace, O God, give peace again. 2 When angry nations rush to arms,

4 Where saints and angels dwell above, And rage, and noise, and tumult reign, All hearts are knit in holy love; And war resounds its dire alarms,

O bind us in that heavenly chain; And slaughter dyes the hostile plain,- Give peace, O God, give peace again.



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