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Rivers of life divine I see,

And trees of paradise:
I see a world of spirits bright,

Who taste the pleasures there; They all are robed in spotless white,

and conquering palms they bear. 4 0 what are all my sufferings here,

If, Lord, thou count me meet With that enraptured host to appear,

And worship at thy feet! Give joy or grief, give ease or pain,

Take life or friends away, But let me find them all again

In that eternal day.

3 Ten thousand to their endless home

This solemn moment fly;
And we are to the margin come,

And we expect to die.
His militant embodied host,

With wishful looks we stand,
And long to see that happy coast,

And reach the heavenly land.
4 Our old companions in distress

We haste again to see,
And eager long for our release,

And full felicity.
E'en now by faith we join our hands

With those that went before ; And greet the blood-besprinkled bands

On the eternal shore. 5 Our spirits, too, shall quickly join,

Like theirs with glory crowned, And shout to see our Captain's sign,

To hear his trumpet sound. O that we now might grasp our Guide!

O that the word were given! Come, Lord of hosts, the waves divide, And land us all in heaven!



FOURTH PART. 1033 Communion with saints in heaven. 1 COME, let us join our friends above

That have obtained the prize,
And on the eagle wings of love

To joys celestial rise.
Let all the saints terrestrial sing,

With those to glory gone;
For all the servants of our King,

In earth and heaven, are one. 2 One family we dwell in him,

One church above, beneath, Though now divided by the stream,

The narrow stream, of death.
One army of the living God,

To his command we bow;
Part of his host have crossed the flood,

And part are crossing now.

[blocks in formation]


C. M.



C. M.



1034 Farewell to earth-heaven welcomed.

3 Attending angels shout for joy,

And the bright armies sing, 1 YE golden lamps of beaven, farewell,

Mortals, behold the sacred seat
With all your feeble light;
Farewell, thou ever-changing moon,

of your descending King! Pale empress of the night.

4. "The God of glory down to men 2 And thou, refulgent orb of day,

Removes his blest abode; In brighter flames arrayed,

Men, the dear objects of his grace, My soul, that springs beyond thy sphere,

And he the loving God. No more demands thine aid.

5 “His own soft hand shall wipe the tears 3 Ye stars are but the shining dust

From every weeping eye; of my divine abode,

And pains, and groans, and griefs, and The pavement of those heavenly courts

fears, Where I shall reign with God.

And death itself, shall die.” 4 The Father of eternal light

6 How long, dear Saviour, O how long Shall there his beams display,

Shall this bright hour delay? Nor shall one moment's darkness mix

Fly swifter round, ye wheels of time, With that unvaried day.

And bring the welcome day! 5 No more the drops of piercing grief

Shall swell into mine eyes, Nor the meridian sun decline

1036 In the desert-heaven before us. Amid those brighter skies.

1 FORTH to the land of promise bound, 6 There all the millions of his saints

Our desert path we tread; Shall in one song unite,

God's fiery pillar for our guide, And each the bliss of all shall view

His Captain at our head. With infinite delight.

2 E'en now we faintly trace the hills,

And catch their distant blue; 1035 The New Jerusalem.

And the bright city's gleaming spires

Rise dimly on our view. 1 Lo, what a glorious sight appears To our believing eyes!

3 Soon, when the desert shall be crossed, The earth and seas are passed away,

The flood of death passed o'er, And the old rolling skies.

Our pilgrim hosts shall safely land 2 From the third heaven, where God re

On Canaan's peaceful shore. sides,

4 There love shall have its perfect work, That holy, happy place,

And prayer be lost in praise; The New Jerusalem comes down,

And all the servants of our God Adorned with shining grace.

Their endless anthems raise.



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1037 The heavenly Canaan.

4 No chilling winds, or poisonous breath, 1 THERE is a land of pure delight,

Can reach that healthful shore; Where saints immortal reign;

Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, Infinite day excludes the night,

Are felt and feared no more. And pleasures banish pain.

5 When shall I reach that happy place,

And be forever blest? 2 There everlasting spring abides,

When shall I see my Father's face,
And never-withering flowers:

And in his bosom rest ?
Death, like a narrow sea, divides
This heavenly land from ours.

6 Filled with delight, my raptured soul

Would here no longer stay: 3 Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood Though Jordan's waves around me roll, Stand dressed in living green;

Fearless I'd launch away.
So to the Jews old Canaan stood,
While Jordan rolled between.

[8, 6. Tune, Tappan. Page 56.) 4 Could we but climb where Moses


The land of rest. stood, And view the landscape o'er,

1 THERE is an hour of peaceful rest, Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold To mourning wanderers given; flood,

There is a joy for souls distressed, Should fright us from the shore.

A balm for every wounded breast,

'Tis found above, in heaven.

2 There is a home for weary souls 1038 The promised land.

By sin and sorrow driven, 1 ON Jordan's stormy banks I stand,

When tossed on life's tempestuous shoals,

Where storms arise and ocean rolls,
And cast a wishful eye
To Canaan's fair and happy land,

And all is drear; 'tis heaven.
Where my possessions lie.

3 There faith lifts up the tearless eye,

To brighter prospects given; 2 0 the transporting, rapturous scene, And views the tempest passing by, That rises to my sight!

The evening shadows quickly fly, Sweet felds arrayed in living green,

And all serene in heaven. And rivers of delight.

4 There fragrant flowers immortal bloom, 3 O'er all those wide-extended plains And joys supreme are given; Shines one eternal day;

There rays divine disperse the gloom : There God the Son forever reigns,

Beyond the confines of the tomb And scatters night away.

Appears the dawn of heaven.



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1040 The redeemed in heaven.

1042 Perfection in heaven. 1 Lo! round the throne, a glorious band, 1 What sinners value I resign; The saints in countless myriads stand; Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine; of every tongue redeemed to God,

I shall behold thy blissful face, Arrayed in garments washed in blood. And stand complete in righteousness. 2 Through tribulation great they came;

2 This life's a dream, an empty show; They bore the cross, despised the shame; But the bright world to which I go But now from all their labors rest,

Hath joys substantial and sincere; In God's eternal glory blest.

When shall I wake, and find me there? 3 They see the Saviour face to face;

3 0 glorious hour! O blest abode! They sing the triumph of his grace;

I shall be near, and like my God; And day and night, with ceaseless praise, And flesh and sin no more control To hin their loud hosannas raise.

The sacred pleasures of the soul. 4 O may we tread the sacred road

4 My flesh shall slumber in the ground, That holy saints and martyrs trod;

Till the last trumpet's joyful sound; Wage to the end the glorious strife,

Then burst the chains, with sweet surprise, And win, like them, a crown of life!

And in my Saviour's image rise.

MARY L. DUNCAN. 1041 They shall behold the land that is

1043 The heavenly Zion. very far off.-Isa. 33: 17.

1 ARM of the Lord, awake, awake! 1 THERE is a land mine eye hath seen

Thine own immortal strength put on! In visions of enraptured thought,

With terror clothed, hell's kingdom shake, So bright, that all which spreads between And cast thy foes with fury down.

Is with its radiant glories fraught. 2 By death and hell pursued in vain, 2 A land upon whose blissful shore

To thee the ransomed seed shall come; There rests no shadow, falls no stain; Shouting, their heavenly Zion gain, There those who meet shall part no more, And pass through death triumphant home. And those long parted meet again.

3 The pain of life shall then be o'er, 3 Its skies are not like earthly skies,

The anguish and distracting care; With varying hues of shade and light; There sighing grief shall weep no more, It hath no need of suns to rise

And sin shall never enter there. To dissipate the gloom of night.

4 Where pure, essential joy is found, 4 There sweeps no desolating wind

The Lord's redeemed their heads shall Across that calm, serene abode;

raise, The wanderer there a home may find With everlasting gladness crowned, Within the paradise of God.

And filled with love, and lost in praise.



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1044 The heavenly city.

3 I ask them whence their victory came: 1 JERUSALEM, my happy home!

They, with united breath, Name ever dear to me!

Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb, When shall my labors have an end,

Their triumph to his death. In joy and peace in thee?

4 They marked the footsteps that he trod; 2 When shall these eyes thy heaven-built His zeal inspired their breast; walls

And, following their incarnate God, And pearly gates behold?

Possess the promised rest. Thy bulwarks with salvation strong,

5 Our glorious Leader claims our praise And streets of shining gold ?

For his own pattern given; 3 0 when, thou city of my God,

While the long cloud of witnesses Shall I thy courts ascend,

Show the same path to heaven. Where congregations ne'er break up,

And Sabbath has no end? 4 There happier bowers than Eden's bloom, 1046 We shall see Him as he is. Nor sin nor sorrow know:

1 THE heavenly treasure now we have Blest seats! through rude and stormy scenes

In a vile house of clay; I onward press to you.

But Christ will to the utmost save, 5 Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there

And keep us to that day. Around my Saviour stand;

2 Our souls are in his mighty hand, And soon my friends in Christ below

And he shall keep them still; Will join the glorious band.

And you and I shall surely stand 6 Jerusalem, my happy home!

With him on Zion's hill.
My soul still pants for thee;
Then shall my labors have an end,

3 Him eye to eye we there shall see, When I thy joys shall see.

Our face like his shall shine;

O what a glorious company, 1045 The saints in glory.

When saints and angels join!

4 O what a joyful meeting there! 1 GIVE me the wings of faith, to rise

In robes of white arrayed, Within the veil, and see

Palms in our hands we all shall bear, The saints above, how great their joys,

And crowns upon our head. How bright their glories be.

5 Then let us lawfully contend, 2 Once they were mourners here below,

And fight our passage through; And poured out cries and tears;

Bear in our faithful minds the end, They wrestled hard, as we do now,

And keep the prize in view. With sins, and doubts, and fears.



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