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945 Renewing the covenant.

We all, with vows and anthems new, 1 COME, let us use the grace divine,

Before our God appear. And all, with one accord,

3 Father, thy mercies past we own, In a perpetual covenant join

Thy still continued care; Ourselves to Christ the Lord;

To thee presenting, through thy Son, 2 Give up ourselves, through Jesus' power, Whate'er we have or are. His name to glorify;

4 Our lips and lives shall gladly show And promise, in this sacred hour,

The wonders of thy love, For God to live and die.

While on in Jesus' steps we go 3 The covenant we this moment make To seek thy face above. Be ever kept in mind;

5 Our residue of days or hours We will no more our God forsake,

Thine, wholly thine, shall be; Or cast his words behind.

And all our consecrated powers 4 We never will throw off his fear

A sacrifice to thee: Who hears our solemn vow;

6 Till Jesus in the clouds appear And if thou art well pleased to hear,

To saints on earth forgiven, Come down, and meet us now.

And bring the grand Sabbatic year, 5 Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The jubilee of heaven. Let all our hearts receive;

CHARLES WESLEY, Present with the celestial host,

947 A midnight song. The peaceful answer give. 6 To each the covenant blood apply,

1 JOIN, all ye ransomed sons of grace, Which takes our sins away;

The holy joy prolong, And register our names on high,

And shout to the Redeemer's praise

A solemn midnight song. And keep us to that day. CHARLES WESLEY. 2 Blessing, and thanks, and love, als

might, 946 Praise and thanksgiving.

Be to our Jesus given, 1 SING to the great Jehovah's praise; Who turns our darkness into light, All praise to him belongs;

Who turns our hell to heaven. Who kindly lengthens out our days, 3 Thither our faithful souls he leads; Demands our choicest songs :

Thither he bids us rise, 2 His providence hath brought us through With crowns of joy upon our heads, Another various year;

To meet him in the skies.


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948 Close of the year. 1 AWAKE, ye saints, and raise your eyes,

And raise your voices high : Awake, and praise that sovereign love,

That shows salvation nigh. 2 On all the wings of time it flies,

Each moment brings it near; Then welcome each declining day,

Welcome each closing year. 8 Not many years their rounds shall run,

Nor many mornings rise,
Ere all its glories stand revealed

To our admiring eyes. 4 Ye wheels of nature, speed your course!

Ye mortal powers, decay!
Fast as ye bring the night of death,

Ye bring eternal day.

4 Forgive this nation's many sins;

The growth of vice restrain; and help us all with sin to strive,

And crowns of life to gain. 5 From evil deeds that stain the past

We now desire to flee;
And pray that future years may all

Be spent, good Lord, for thee. 6 O Father, let thy watchful eye

Still look on us in love, That we may praise thee, year by year, With angel-hosts above.



949 The opening year.
1 THE year is gone, beyond recall,

With all its hopes and fears.
With all its bright and gladdening smiles,

With all its mourners' tears; 2 Thy thankful people praise thee, Lora,

For countless gifts received;
And pray for grace to keep the faith

Which saints of old believed.
3 To thee we come, o gracious Lord,

The newborn year to bless ; Defend our land from pestilence; Give peace and plenteousness;

[S. M. Tune, State Street. Page 116.] 950 Beginning a new year. 1 Our few revolving years,

How swift they glide away!
How short the term of life appears

When past-but as a day! 2 A dark and cloudy day,

Clouded by grief and sin; A host of enemies without,

Distressing fears within. 3 Lord, through another year

If thou permit our stay, With diligence may we pursue The true and living way.


Doxology. TO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God whom we adore, Be glory, as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore!



L. M. 61.



| 2d.

But humbly lift them to the skies,

And all a solemn vigil keep; So many years on sin bestowed, Can we not watch one night for God?


A living sacrifice. 1 WISDOM ascribe, and might, and praise, To God, who lengthens out our days; Who spares us yet another year, And makes us see his goodness here: O may we all the time redeem, And henceforth live and die to him! 2 How often, when his arm was bared, Hath he our sinful Israel spared! “Let me alone!” his mercy cried, And turned the vengeful bolt aside; Indulged another kind reprieve, And strangely suffered us to live. 3 Merciful God, how shall we raise Our hearts to pay thee all thy praise ? Our hearts shall beat for thee alone; Our lives shall make thy goodness known; Our souls and bodies shall be thine, A living sacrifice divine.

3 We can, O Jesus, for thy sake,

Devote our every hour to thee; Speak but the word, our souls shall wake,

And sing with cheerful melody: Thy praise shall our glad tongues employ, And every heart shall dance for joy.

4 Blest object of our faith and love,

We listen for thy welcome voice; Our persons and our works approve,

And bid us in thy strength rejoice ; Now let us hear the mighty cry, And shout to find the Bridegroom nigh.


5 Shout in the midst of us, o King

Of saints, and let our joys abound; Let us rejoice, give thanks, and sing,

And triumph in redemption found: We ask in faith for every soul; 0 let our glorious joy be full!

952 A solemn vigil.
1 How many pass the guilty night

In reveling and frantic mirth
The creature is their sole delight,

Their happiness the things of earth: For us sufice the season past; We choose the better part at last. 2 We will not close our wakeful eyes,

We will not let our eyelids sleep,

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5 Then let us wait to hear

The trumpet's welcome sound; To see our Lord appear,

May we be watching found; And when thou dost the heavens bow, Be found—as, Lord, thou find'st us now.



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