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2 Go where the waves are breaking

On California's shore,
Christ's precious gospel taking,

More rich than golden ore;
On Alleghany's mountains,

Through all the western vale, Beside Missouri's fountains,

Rehearse the wondrous tale.

932 The morning light is breaking. 1 THE morning light is breaking ;

The darkness disappears; The sons of earth are waking

To penitential tears; Each breeze that sweeps the ocean

Brings tidings from afar, Of nations in commotion,

Prepared for Zion's war.
2 See heathen nations bending

Before the God we love,
And thousand hearts ascending

In gratitude above;
While sinners, now confessing,

The gospel call obey,
And seek the Saviour's blessing,

A nation in a day.
8 Blest river of salvation,

Pursue thine onward way; Flow thou to every nation,

Nor in thy richness stay: Stay not till all the lowly

Triumphant reach their home: Stay not till all the holy

Proclaim, “The Lord is come!

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933 Domestic missions. 1 OUR country's voice is pleading,

Ye men of God, arise! His providence is leading,

The land before you lies; Day-gleams are o'er it brightening,

And promise clothes the soil; Wide fields, for harvest whitening,

Invite the reaper's toil.

2 Then from the craggy mountains

The sacred shout shall fly;
And shady vales and fountains

Shall echo the reply.
High tower and lowly dwelling

Shall send the chorus round,
All hallelujahs swelling
In one eternal sound!



7. D.


935 The watchman's report.
1 WATCHMAN, tell us of the night,

What its signs of promise are. Traveler, o'er yon mountain's height

See that glory-beaming star! Watchman, does its beauteous ray

Aught of hope or joy foretell? Traveler, yes; it brings the day,

Promised day of Israel. 2 Watchman, tell us of the night;

Higher yet that star ascends. Traveler, blessedness and light,

Peace and truth, its course portends! Watchman, will its beams alone

Gild the spot that gave them birth? Traveler, ages are.its own,

See, it bursts o'er all the earth! 3 Watchman, tell us of the night,

For the morning seems to dawn. Traveler, darkness takes its flight;

Doubt and terror are withdrawn. Watchman, let thy wandering cease;

Hie thee to thy quiet home! Traveler, lo! the Prince of peace,

Lo! the Son of God is come!

Jesus' love the nations fires,

Sets the kingdoms on a blaze.
To bring fire on earth he came;

Kindled in some hearts it is:
O that all might catch the flame,

All partake the glorious bliss 1 2 When he first the work begun,

Small and feeble was his day: Now the word doth swiftly run;

Now it wins its widening way:
More and more it spreads and grows,

Ever mighty to prevail;.
Sin's strongholds it now o'erthrows,

Shakes the trembling gates of hell. 3 Sons of God, your Saviour praise !

He the door hath opened wide; He hath given the word of grace;

Jesus' word is glorified. Jesus, mighty to redeem,

He alone the work hath wrought; Worthy is the work of him,

Him who spake a world from naught. 4 Saw ye not the cloud arise,

Little as a human hand ?
Now it spreads along the skies,

Hangs o'er all the thirsty land;
Lo! the promise of a shower

Drops already from above; But the Lord will shortly pour

All the Spirit of his love.


936 The word glorified. 1 SEE how great a flame aspires,

Kindled by a spark of grace!


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937 Christ's universal reign.

3 He shall reign from pole to pole 1 HASTEN, Lord, the glorious time,

With illimitable sway ; When, beneath Messiah's sway,

He shall reign, when, like a scroll, Every nation, every clime,

Yonder heavens have passed away: Shall the gospel call obey.

Then the end ;-beneath his rod,

Man's last enemy shall fall; 2 Mightiest kings his power shall own; Heathen tribes his name adore;

Hallelujah! Christ in God, Satan and his host, o'erthrown,

God in Christ, is all in all.

JAMES MONTGOMERY, Bound in chains, shall hurt no more. 3 Then shall wars and tumults cease; 939 The banner of the cross.

Then be banished grief and pain ; Righteousness, and joy, and peace,

1 Go, ye messengers of God; Undisturbed, shall ever reign.

Like the beams of morning, fly;

Take the wonder-working rod; 4 Bless we, then, our gracious Lord ;

Wave the banner-cross on high.
Ever praise his glorious name;
All his mighty acts record,

2 Where the lofty minaret All his wondrous love proclaim.

Gleams along the morning skies,
Wave it till the crescent set,

And the Star of Jacob rise.
938 The song of jubilee.
1 HARK! the song of jubilee;

3 Go to many a tropic isle Loud as mighty thunders roar,

In the bosom of the deep, Or the fullness of the sea,

Where the skies forever smile, When it breaks upon the shore :

And the oppressed forever weep. Hallelujah! for the Lord

4 O'er the pagan's night of care God omnipotent shall reign ;

Pour the living light of heaven ; Hallelujah! let the word

Chase away his dark despair, Echo round the earth and main.

Bid him hope to be forgiven. 2 Hallelujah!-hark! the sound,

5 Where the golden gates of day From the center to the skies,

Open on the palmy East, Wakes above, beneath, around,

High the bleeding cross display;
All creation's harmonies:

Spread the gospel's richest feast.
See Jehovah's banner furled,
Sheathed his sword: he speaks-'tis 6 Bear the tidings round the ball,

Visit every soil and sea;
And the kingdoms of this world

Preach the cross of Christ to all, Are the kingdoms of his Son.

Christ, whose love is full and free.



8, 7, 4.


910 The conquest of the gospel.
1 O'ER the gloomy hills of darkness,

Cheered by no celestial ray,
Sun of righteousness, arising,
Bring the bright, the glorious day!

Send the gospel To the earth's remotest bound. 2 Kingdoms wide that sit in darkness,

Grant them, Lord, the glorious light: And, from eastern coast to western, May the morning chase the night;

And re Freely purchased, win the day. 3 Fly abroad, thou mighty Gospel !

Win and conquer, never cease ;
May thy lasting, wide dominion
Multiply and still increase;

Sway thy scepter,
Saviour, all the world around!

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941 The Macedonian cry.
1 SOULS in heathen darkness lying,

Where no light has broken through, Souls that Jesus bought by dying, Whom his soul in travail knew,

Thousand voices Call us, o'er the waters blue. 2 Christians, hearken: none has taught

them Of his love so deep and dear; Of the precious price that bought them; of the nail, the thorn, the spear;

Ye who know him, Guide them froin their darkness drear.

2 Thou hast promised by thy prophets

Glorious light in latter days:
Come, and bless bewildered nations,
Change our prayers and tears to praise;

Promised Spirit !
Round the world diffuse thy rays.

3 All our hopes, and prayers, and labors

Must be vain without thine aid:
But thou wilt not disappoint us,
All is true that thou hast said:

Faithful Spirit!
O'er the world thine influence shed.



8, 7. D.


The Light of the world.

944 So shall He sprinkle many nations.

Isa, 52: 15. 1 LIGHT of those whose dreary dwelling

1 SAVIOUR, sprinkle many nations, Borders on the shades of death,

Fruitful let thy sorrows be; Come, and, by thyself revealing,

By thy pains and consolations, Dissipate the clouds beneath.

Draw the Gentiles unto thee: Thou, new heaven and earth's Creator,

Of thy cross the wondrous story, In our deepest darkness rise;

Be it to the nations told; Scattering all the night of nature,

Let them see thee in thy glory, Pouring day upon our eyes.

And thy mercy manifold. 2 Still we wait for thine appearing ;

2 Far and wide, though all unknowing, Life and joy thy beams impart,

Pants for thee each mortal breast; Chasing all our fears, and cheering

Human tears for thee are flowing, Every poor, benighted heart.

Human hearts in thee would rest; Come, and manifest thy favor

Thirsting, as for dews of even, To our ruined, guilty race;

As the new-mown grass for rain, Come, thou universal Saviour;

Thee they seek, as God of heaven, Come, and bring the gospel grace.

Thee, as Man for sinners slain.

3 Saviour, lo! the isles are waiting, 3 Save us in thy great compassion,

Stretched the hand, and strained the O thou mild, pacific Prince;

sight, Give the knowledge of salvation,

For thy Spirit, new creating Give the pardon of our sins:

Love's pure flame and wisdom's light; By thine all-atoning merit,

Give the word, and of the preacher Every burdened soul release;

Speed the foot, and touch the tongue, Every weary, wandering spirit,

Till on earth by every creature Guide into thy perfect peace.

Glory to the Lamb be sung.



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