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7, 61.


Let the little while between
In their golden light be seen;
Let us think how heaven and home
Lie beyond that—"Till he come.
2 When the weary ones we love
Enter on their rest above,
Seems the earth so poor and vast,
All our life-joy overcast ?
Hush, be every murmur dumb;
It is only—“Till he come.
3 See, the feast of love is spread,
Drink the wine, and break the bread;
Sweet memorials,-till the Lord
Call us round his heavenly board;
Some from earth, from glory some,
Severed only—“Till he come.'


844 The memorial feast maintained.
1 MANY centuries have fled
Since our Saviour broke the bread,
And this sacred feast ordained,
Ever by his Church retained:
Those his body who discern,
Thus shall meet till his return.
2 Through the Church's long eclipse,
When, from priest or pastor's lips,
Truth' divine was never heard, -
'Mid the famine of the word,
Still these symbols witness gave
To his love who died to save.
3 All who bear the Saviour's name,
Here their common faith proclaim;
Though diverse in tongue or rite,
Here, one body, we unite;
Breaking thus one mystic bread,
Members of one common Head.
4 Come, the blessed emblems share,
Which the Saviour's death declare;
Come, on truth immortal feed;
For his flesh is meat indeed:
Saviour, witness with the sign,
That our ransomed souls are thine.

[S. M. Tune, Prayer. Page 314.] 846

Our Paschal Lamb. 1 LET all who truly bear

The bleeding Saviour's name, Their faithful hearts with us prepare,

And eat the Paschal Lamb. 2 This eucharistic feast

Our every want supplies,
And still we by his death are blest,

And share his sacrifice.
3 Who thus our faith employ,

His sufferings to record,
E'en now we mournfully enjoy

Communion with our Lord. 4 We too with him are dead,

And shall with him arise; The cross on which he bows his head Shall lift us to the skies.



845 Till He come. 1 “TILL He come:" O let the words Linger on the trembling chords;




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847 Praise to our victorious King. 1 At the Lamb's high feast we sing Praise to our victorious King, Who hath washed us in the tide Flowing from his piercéd side; 2 Praise we him, whose love divine Gives his sacred blood for wine, Gives his body for the feast, Christ the Victim, Christ the Priest. 3 Where the paschal blood is poured, Death's dark angel sheathes his sword; Israel's hosts triumphant go Through the wave that drowns the foe. 4 Praise we Christ, whose blood was shed, Paschal Victim, paschal Bread; With sincerity and love Eat we manna from above. 5 Mighty Victim from the sky! Hell's fierce powers beneath thee lie; Thou hast conquered in the fight, Thou hast brought us life and light: 6 Now no more can death appall, Now no more the grave enthrall; Thou hast opened paradise, And in thee thy saints shall rise.

[7,6. Tune, St. Hilda. Page 249.7 849

Angels' food.
1 0 BREAD to pilgrims given,

O Food that angels eat,
O Manna sent from heaven,

For heaven-born natures meet;
Give us, for thee long pining,

To eat till richly filled;
Till, earth's delights resigning,

Our every wish is stilled. 2 O Water, life bestowing,

From out the Saviour's heart, A fountain purely flowing,

A fount of love thou art: O let us, freely tasting,

Our burning thirst assuage; Thy sweetness, never wasting,

Avails from age to age. 3 Jesus, this feast receiving,

We thee unseen adore ; Thy faithful word believing,

We take, and doubt no more: Give us, thou true and loving,

On earth to live in thee; Then, death the veil removing, Thy glorious face to see.




848 Discerning the Lord's body. 1 JESUS, all-redeeming Lord, Magnify thy dying word; In thine ordinance appear; Come, and meet thy followers here. 2 In the rite thou hast enjoined, Let us now our Saviour find; Drink thy blood for sinners shed, Taste thee in the broken bread.

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850 Until He come.
1 By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored,
We keep the memory adored,
And show the death of our dear Lord,

Until he come.
2 His body broken in our stead
Is here, in this memorial bread;
And so our feeble love is fed,

Until he come.

3 His fearful drops of agony,
His life-blood shed for us we see:
The wine shall tell the mystery,

Until he come.
4 And thus that dark betrayal night,
With the last advent we unite
The shame, the glory, by this rite,

Until he come.
5 Until the trump of God be heard,
Until the ancient graves be stirred,
And with the great commanding word,

The Lord shall come.
6 O blessed hope! with this elate
Let not our hearts be desolate,
But strong in faith, in patience waiting

Until he come!


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Rejoicing at the table. 1 TO Jesus, our exalted Lord,

The name by heaven and earth adored, 851 Figure and means of saving grace. Fain would our hearts and voices raise

A cheerful song of sacred praise. 1 AUTHOR of our salvation, thee, With lowly, thankful hearts, we praise;

2 But all the notes which mortals know, Author of this great mystery,

Are weak, and languishing, and low; Figure and means of saving grace.

Far, far above our humble songs,

The theme demands immortal tongues. 2 The sacred, true, effectual sign, Thy body and thy blood it shows;

3 Yet while around his board we meet, The glorious instrument divine,

And humbly worship at his feet, Thy mercy and thy strength bestows. O let our warm affections move, 3 We see the blood that seals our peace;

In glad returns of grateful love. Thy pardoning mercy we receive;

4 Let humble, penitential woe, The bread doth visibly express

In tears of godly sorrow flow; The strength through which our spirits And thy forgiving smiles impart live.

Life, hope, and joy to every heart.


AUTUMN. 8, 7. D.




853 The heavenly banquet.

Now reveal his great salvation 1 JESUS spreads his banner o'er us,

Unto every faithful heart. Cheers our famished souls with food; 2 Come, thou Witness of his dying; He the banquet spreads before us,

Come, Remembrancer divine; Of his mystic flesh and blood.

Let us feel thy power applying Precious banquet; bread of heaven;

Christ to every soul, and mine: Wine of gladness, flowing free;

Let us groan thy inward groaning; May we taste it, kindly given,

Look on him we pierced, and grieve; In remembrance, Lord, of thee.

All partake the grace atoning, 2 In thy holy incarnation,

All the sprinkled blood receive.
When the angels sang thy birth;
In thy fasting and temptation;

[8, 7, 4. Tune, Regent Square. Page 819.) In thy labors on the earth; In thy trial and rejection;

855 Bless us in parting. In thy sufferings on the tree;

1 Now in parting, Father, bless us; In thy glorious resurrection;

Saviour, still thy peace bestow;
May we, Lord, remember thee.

Gracious Comforter, be with us,
As we from thy table go.

Bless us, bless us, 854 The Spirit's quickening influences. Father, Son, and Spirit, now. 1 COME, thou everlasting Spirit,

2 Bless us here, while still as strangers Bring to every thankful mind

Onward to our home we move; All the Saviour's dying merit,

Bless us with eternal blessings, All his sufferings for mankind:

In our Father's house above, True Recorder of his passion,

Ever, ever Now the living faith impart;

Dwelling in the light of love.



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2 Let thy holy Child, who came
Man from error to reclaim,
And for sinners to atone,
Bless, with thee, this corner-stone.
3 May thy Spirit here give rest
To the heart by sin oppressed,
And the seeds of truth be sown,
Where we lay this corner-stone.
4 Open wide, O God, thy door,
For the outcast and the poor,
Who can call no house their own,
Where we lay this corner-stone.
5 By wise master. builders squared,
Here be living stones prepared
For the temple near thy throne,-
Jesus Christ its Corner-stone.


856 Christ the Head and Corner Stone. 1 CHRIST is made the sure Foundation,

Christ the Head and Corner Stone, Chosen of the Lord, and precious,

Binding all the Church in one, Holy Zion's help forever,

And her confidence alone. 2 To this temple, where we call thee,

Come, O Lord of hosts, to-day: With thy wonted loving-kindness,

Hear thy servants as they pray; And thy fullest benediction

Shed within its walls alway. 3 Here vouchsafe to all thy servants

What they ask of thee to gain, What they gain from thee forever

With the blessed to retain, And hereafter in thy glory

Evermore with thee to reign.

[7. Tune, Nuremberg. Page 300.] 858 Prayer and praise. 1 LORD of hosts to thee we raise Here a house of prayer and praise: Thou thy people's hearts prepare, Here to meet for praise and prayer. 2 Let the living here be fed With thy word, the heavenly bread: Here, in hope of glory blest, May the dead be laid to rest. 3 Here to thee a temple stand, While the sea shall gird the land: Here reveal thy mercy sure, While the sun and moon endure. 4 Hallelujah! earth and sky To the joyful sound reply: Hallelujah! hence ascend Prayer and praise till time shall eud.



[7. Tune, Hall. Page 202.] 857 Christ, the Corner-stone. 1 On this stone, now laid with prayer, Let thy church rise, strong and fair; Ever, Lord, thy name be known, Where we lay this corner-stone.

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