The Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall Historically Surveyed, Том 2

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Printed for John Stockdale, 1804

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Стр. 339 - The chamber where the good man meets his fate Is privileged beyond the common walk Of virtuous life, quite in the verge of Heaven.
Стр. 428 - Haec ubi dicta dedit, lacrimantem et multa volentem 790 dicere deseruit, tenuesque recessit in auras. Ter conatus ibi collo dare bracchia circum ; ter frustra comprensa manus effugit imago, par levibus ventis volucrique simillima somno.
Стр. 356 - A great nombre of them whych purchased those superstycyouse mansyons, reserved of those Lybrarye bokes, some to scoure theyr candelstyckes, and some to rubbe their bootes ; some they solde to the grossers and sope sellers, and some they sent over see to the bokebynders, not in small nombre, but at tymes whole shyppes full, to the w-onderynge of the foren nacyons.
Стр. 178 - They were calculated to produce the effect of the louver, or open lantern, in the inside ; and, on this account, were originally continued open almost to the covering, It is generally supposed, that the tower of Winchester cathedral, which is remarkably thick and short, was left as the foundation for a projected spire : but this idea never entered into the plan of the architect.
Стр. 201 - St. German's, and resettled in his hermitage at St. Ruan. He certainly died at his cell, was buried in his oratory, and then became sainted by the reverence of the country adjoining.
Стр. 322 - Graecia vel quidquid transmisit clara Latinis, Hebraicus vel quod populus bibit imbre superno, Africa lucifluo vel quidquid lumine sparsit. Quod pater Hieronymus, quod sensit Hilarius, atque Ambrosius...
Стр. 198 - There is a kinde of nagge," says Norden, " bred upon a mountanous and spatious peece of grounde, called Goon-hillye, lyinge betweene the sea coaste and Helston ; which are the hardeste naggs and beste of travaile for their bones within this kingdome, resembling in body for quantitie, and in goodnes of mettle, the Galloway naggs."* " Here, near to the site of St. Grade's Church, at the village still denominated St. Ruan from the fact, did St. Rumon live, having a cell for his habitation, and a chapel...
Стр. 199 - About a quarter of a mile to the north-east of Grade church, is a noted well, from which is fetched all the water used in baptism at the church. It has also a saint and a hermit belonging to it, being denominated Grade's Well ; ' this sancta Grada, alias Grade...
Стр. 244 - ... foiled, than in other ferial days, as in fastening and making their booths and stalls, bearing and carrying, lifting and placing their wares outward and homeward, as though they did nothing remember the horrible defiling of their souls in buying and selling, with many deceitful lies and false perjury with drunkenness and strifes, and so specially withdrawing themselves and their servants from divine service...
Стр. 343 - Wresehil is al of tymbre. The castelle it self is motid aboute on 3 partes, the 4 parte is dry where the entre is ynto the castelle. The castelle is al of very fair and greate squarid stone both withyn and withowte, wherof (as sum hold opinion) much was brought owt of Fraunce.

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