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praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance ; walking every moment in the sense of his nearness and presence, and thereby suppressing every rising corruption, quickened to every good word and work, and reaching forward to apprehend him in all his amazing fulness; and you may rest assured, that Jesus will redeem the believing soul from all its troubles. They that come to Zion shall have their mouths filled with songs of joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. Jesus Christ said upon the cross, It is finished. Now, my friend, I want you to apply this finished salvation ; I want you to look on it as wrought out for you. Till you do this, I know you will be continually perplexed with doubts and fears. Satan will strive to torment you with a thousand legal thoughts ; that you are not good enough, that you must do this, or that, or the other thing. But tell him Christ has done all, and that it is sinners that are invited to partake of the benefits of his death and passion, and that, as a sinner, you are resolved to lay hold on him. Thus

you will be sure to conquer ; only believe,--all things are possible to him that believeth.-0! in what a safe and secure state are the lambs of Christ's fold, the sheep of his pasture. For them Jesus hath ascended up on high, he hath led captivity captive, has conquered and bound all their foes, and now reigns triumphant, having received all power, both in heaven and on earth. They can never perish ;- because I live, says Christ, sye shall live also. Do seek after a more full assurance of

interest in this exalted Saviour. I am certain you will not rest satisfied till you can in full confidence of faith call him your Lord and your God,--and what now hinders you from receiving him as yours ? O what privileges ! what comforts arise from the contemplation of a risen ascended Lord! There is none so unworthy but may come with boldness and confidence to him. O, what manner of love doth God bestow on his children, and all freely to the praise and glory of his grace ! Surely the consideration of these things is enough to enliven and warm our cold hearts, and to make them glow with gratitude and love. These make sin so exceeding sinful, that an evil thought becomes loathsome and burdensome. These make the soul flee from evil, even the very appearance of it, as from the face of a serpent. These inspire life, spirit, and zeal, and constrain the children of God to walk worthy of him. O may we be monuments of the truth of these things in time and to all eternity!"


66 October 20, 1766. « O, my dear friend, there certainly can be no true peace, no solid happiness, till Christ is experimentally known in the heart, till we can see and feel that in him we have righteousness and strength; and this I earnestly pray may be the happy lot of us both. I must own, I am sometimes apt to be weighed down with legal fears; but I know they are dishonourable to the free grace of God, and therefore, as a sinner, the very chief of sinners, I am bold to lay hold on Jesus, as a poor sinking mariner would lay hold on a cord or plank within his reach, knowing that there is no other name under heaven by which I can be saved but Jesus Christ. He can tread down every enemy under his foot,-he is faithful and true.

O may we ever trust in him in all difficulties, in all afflictions, in all distresses, hanging continually on him for grace and strength to withstand the crafty devices of that roaring lion, who goes about seeking whom he may

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devour, and striving to perplex and destroy the disciples of Christ, laying snares innumerable and temptations in their way. He would indeed soon accomplish their ruin were they left to combat with the arm of flesh, or left to themselves; but to Jesus they look, and to him they ascribe all their strength, who has undertaken for their security, and watches over them every moment.

We are assured by the infallible word of God, that sin shall not have dominion over the soul that is staid on Jesus, but he will preserve it through his almighty power unto salvation. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, even so standeth the Lord round about his people from henceforth, even for ever.

“We have, since I wrote thus far in my letter, had a proof of the enmity of the natural heart to God and godliness, and of the unjust prejudices of worldly people against the true disciples of the blessed Jesus. My brother wrote a very handsome letter to the new minister of this parish, requesting that he would lend his pulpit the Sunday following to Mr S-an intimate friend of his, and a gentleman of a most unexceptionable conduct and character, and firmly attached to the articles, homilies, and liturgy of the church of England. This preamble, my brother was in hopes would have prevailed on the minister ; but to such a height did his prejudices against truth run, that he absolutely refused, concluding, because Mr S. was recommended by my brother, he must be an enthusiast, or in other words, a methodist, and therefore would not suffer the ears of his congregation to be infected with his erroneous and delusive doctrine, though, blessed be God, many belonging to it are turned from darkness to light by means of that doctrine he is pleased to term erroneous and delusive. wonder the truth is thus derided,--the natural man

But no

cannot discern it, it is foolishness unto him, neither can he know it, because it is spiritually discerned. As the pulpit at the parish church was refused to this minister, my father, with the greatest kindness and candour, told my brother, his friend should be welcome to preach in the chapel,-an offer my brother accepted with thankfulness; and accordingly he gave us one of the most faithful and judicious discourses I ever heard. It was taken from Isaiah xlii. 16. 6 And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not: I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.'-A glorious subject, and full of consolation to those whose darkness was made light.

“ I am in daily hopes of hearing from you, as you kindly promised to write me from the first place you rested in. Beware of new temptations from new scenes ; and in all your journeys look at the great end of all-eternity. Look to Jesus for continual supplies of grace and strength; he has promised and he will fulfil. Let no fresh doubts discourage you, no opposition drive you from that eternally blessed hope which is set before you; for opposition you will have from those who cannot see that friendship with the world is enmity with God. But outward opposition is not all ; our own vile hearts within produce a continual conflict. We must fight or yield ;--with ourselves against ourselves, is the sharpest battle. All within us is at enmity with Jesus. This you have experienced ; and was it not a sight of the depravity of your own heart that first brought you to him? This, my dear friend, must, as long as you remain on this side heaven, keep you close to him. So long as we are in this taber

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nacle we do groan, being burdened. If ever we feel not this burden, we must be dead to God.

“ May Jesus ever bless and protect you, my dear friend; and may the light of his countenance shine on your precious soul, and give you all joy and peace in believing! Remember to pray for your unworthy friend.”

The winter of 1766 and 1767 Lady Glenorchy passed in the country, where she was not only deprived of the aid of religious friends and institutions, but exposed to the reasonings and objections of those who disregarded them. From the rank which she and her family held, she was obliged, not only to receive, for days and weeks together, the visits of the neighbouring nobility and gentry, but to repay

them. From this circumstance she was exposed to much trifling conversation, which she found irksome, and which on the Lord's day she now believed to be sinful. She also began to experience the odium and reproach which usually follow conscientious, decided, consistent piety. Each of these particulars she communicated to Miss Hill, and requested her opinion and advice on them, which she obtained as follows:

January 18, 1767. “My dear Friend, I rejoice that you have been enabled to resist the temptations so artfully and' so industriously spread to draw you out of the path of duty, in the particular circumstance of visiting on the Lord's

for though doubtless, as you justly remark, every day is the Lord's, and some portion of every day ought to be employed in religious exercises, yet that day being in an especial manner set apart by God for solemn attendance upon him, we ought on that day to


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