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CAIRO. Times and Delta, by E. Willet & L. G. Faxon. Tri-weekly and weekly.
Pulaski Democrat, by Miller. Weekly.

Macoupin Statesman, by J. L. Dagger. Weekly.

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CARLYLE. The Age of Progress, by I. W. Snow. Weekly.

CARROLTON. The Gazette, by G. B. Price. Weekly.

CENTRAL CITY. - The Gazette, by E. Schiller. Weekly.
CHARLESTON. - The Courier. Weekly.

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CHESTER. The Herald, by Hanna and Phillips. Weekly.

CHICAGO.- Bank Note List, by F. G. Adams. Semi-monthly.

Chicago Abendzeitung, by Committi & Beckert. Daily. (German.)
Christian Times, by Church & Smith. Weekly.

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Commercial Advertiser, by A. Dutch. Daily, tri-weekly, and weekly.
Congregational Herald, by I. C. Halbrook. Weekly.

The Democrat, by John Wentworth. Daily and weekly.

The Democratic Press, by Scripps, Bross & Spears. Daily, tri-weekly, and weekly.

The Evangelist, by Patterson & Curtis.

The Garden City, by Sloan & Co. Weekly.

The Journal, by Wilson & Co. Daily, tri-weekly, and weekly.

Illinois Staatszeitung, by Höffgen & Schneider. Daily and weekly. (Germ.)
National Demokrat, by Diverzy & Schade. Daily. (German.)

New Covenant, by Skinner & Day. Weekly.

Northwestern Christian Advocate, by J. V. Watson. Weekly.
The Prairie Farmer, by A. F. Kennicott & Co. Weekly.
Prairie Herald, by J. A. Wright. Weekly.

Daily and weekly.

The Times, by Cook & Co.
The Tribune, by Fowler & Co.
Western Crusader, by J. Dow & Co.
Western Enterprise, by E. P. Little. Weekly.

Western Pathfinder, by W. B. Hanner. Weekly.
Western Tablet. Weekly.

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DANVILLE. The Illinois Citizen. Weekly.


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Gazette, by G. Shoaff.


DE WITT. The Courier, by Jones & Watkins. Weekly.


- The Telegraph, by B. F. Shaw. Weekly.

The Transcript, by Stevens and Johnson. Weekly.

DU PAGE. - The Journal, by Keith, Edson & Co. Weekly.
ELGIN. Kane County Journal, by Lyman & Smith. Weekly.
The Palladium, by Rowe & Joslyn. Weekly.

FAIRFIELD. Independent Press, by F. C. Mawley. Weekly.

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Daily and weekly.

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FREEPORT. - The Bulletin.



Deutscher Anzeiger, by W. Wagner. Weekly. (German.)
The Journal, by H. M. Scheetz.
FULTON City. The Advertiser, by McFaddon & Laighton.
Whiteside's Investigator. Weekly.

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The Jeffersonian, by Ray and Sanford. Weekly.

North Western Gazette, by Houghton & Co. Weekly.

GALESBURG. · Free Democrat, by W. J. Woods. Weekly.


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The Advertiser, by H. H. Houghton. Daily, tri-weekly, and weekly.
The Courier, by Leae, Crouch & Co. Daily.

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GENESEO.- The Standard.

GENEVA. — Kane County Democrat, by Herrington & McQuillen. Weekly.
GRAYVILLE.. The News, by J. Prather. Weekly.

HAVANA. Mason County Herald. Weekly.

HILLSBORO. -Montgomery County Herald, by C. D. Dickerson. Weekly.
Prairie Mirror, by G. H. Gilmore. Weekly.
HUTSONVILLE. Wabash Sentinel, by E. Callahan. Weekly.
JACKSONVILLE. - The Constitutionist. Weekly.

The Morgan Journal, by Selby and Clayton. Weekly.
JERSEYVILLE. The Prairie State, by A. Smith. Weekly.
JOLIET. — The True Democrat, by A. McIntosh. Weekly.
The Signal, by C. & C. Zarley. Weekly.

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KANKAKEE CITY. Gazette, by Leonard & Grooms. Weekly.
Journal de l'Illinois. Weekly. (French.)

KNOXVILLE. The Journal, by J. Regan. Weekly.
LACON. The Herald, by S. Ramsey. Weekly.
Illinois Gazette, by A. N. Ford. Weekly.

LAKE ZURICH. The Banker, by S. Paine. Weekly.

LA SALLE. — The Press, by Boynton & Co. Weekly.

LEWISTOWN. The Fulton Democrat, by J. M. Davidson. Weekly.
Fulton Ledger. Weekly.

Fulton Republican. Weekly.

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LINCOLN. The Illinois Citizen, by Moudy Fuller. Weekly.
The Telegraph, by Dagett & Holcomb. Weekly.
MACOMB. — McDonough Democrat, by Smith & Royalty. Weekly.
McDonough Independent, by G. W. Smith. Weekly.

MARSHALL. The Eastern Illinoisan, by Robinson & Zimmerman. Weekly.
The Telegraph, by S. P. Andrews. Weekly.

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MENDOTA. The Press, by C. R. Fisk. Weekly.

METAMORA. - Woodford County Visitor, by S. P. Shope. Weekly.
MIDDLEPORT. — Iroquois County Press, by Keady & Scott. Weekly.
MOLINE. - The Workman. Weekly.

MONMOUTH. The Atlas, by C. K. Smith. Weekly.

The Review, by A. H. Swain. Weekly.

MORRIS. The Gazette, by A. J. Ashton. Weekly.

Grundy County Herald, by Buffington & Soutard. Weekly.
The Grundy Yeoman, by I. C. Watkins. Weekly.


The Register, by T. S. Bowers. Weekly. MOUNT STERLING. The Chronotype, by J. R. Bailey. Weekly.

The Western Spy. Weekly.

MOUNT VERNON. The Jeffersonian, by J. S. Bogan. Weekly.
NAPERVILLE. - Du Page County Observer, by G. Martin. Weekly.
NASHVILLE. The Monitor, by H. Johnson. Weekly.

OREGON. The Ogle County Reporter, by M. W. Smith. Weekly.
The Plaindealer, by Dallam & Bigelow. Weekly.
The Spectator. Weekly.


- Kendall County Courier, by H. S. Humphrey. Weekly.


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The Freetrader, by W. Osman. Weekly.

The Republican, by T. Hampton. Weekly.

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PARIS. The Prairie Beacon. Weekly.

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The Valley Blade, by Pratt & Brendt. Weekly.
The Wabash Valley Republican. Weekly.

Illinois Banner, by A. Zotz. Weekly. (German.)
Illinois Republikaner, by I. P. Stibolt. Weekly. (German.)
Morning News, by G. W. Raney. Daily.

The Press. Daily and weekly.

The Evening Republican, by S. L. Coulter. Daily, tri-weekly, and weekly.
The Transcript, by N. G. Nason.

Daily and weekly.

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PERU. Der Anzeiger, by Heinrichs.
The Chronicle, by J. F. Linton.
PITTSFIELD. — Pike County Free Press, by J. G. Nicolay. Weekly.
PONTIAC. — Livingston County News, by Cook & Renoe. Weekly.
PRINCETON. The Post, by Ch. Faxon. Weekly.


Weekly. (German.)

QUINCY. - Illinois Courier. Weekly. (German.)

The Herald, by A. Brooks.
Quincy Journal. Weekly.

Daily and weekly.
(German. )


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QUINCY. — The Republican, by D. S. Morrison & Co. Daily.
The Western Patriot, by Warren & Gibson. Weekly.
The Whig, by Norton & Ralston. Daily, tri-weekly & weekly.
ROCKFORD. Rock River Democrat, by Dickson & Bird. Weekly.

The Register, by E. C. Dougherty. Weekly.

The Republican, by Blaisdell, jr., & Co. Weekly. ROCK ISLAND. The Advertiser, by O. P. Wharton. Daily. The Morning Argus, by Danforth & Shurly. Daily. The Republican, by J. B. Danforth. Weekly.

Rock Island Beobachter. Weekly. (German.)

Prairie Telegraph, by J. Scripps & Son. Weekly. ST. CHARLES.-Kane County Democrat, by J. S. Jones. Weekly. SHAWNEETOWN. The Southern Illinoisan, by Edwards & Son. Weekly. SHELBYVILLE. The Shelby Banner, by P. L. Schutt. Weakly. SPRINGFIELD. - The Illinois Farmer, by S. Francis. Weekly.

The Illinois State Journal, by Bailhache & Baker. Daily, tri weekly, and weekly.

The Illinois State Register, by Lanphier & Walker. Daily. STERLING. - The Times, by Narwood & Goodrich. Weekly. SYCAMORE. The Republican Sentinel, by H. A. Hough. Weekly TOULON. The Prairie Advocate. Weekly.

URBANA. The Union.


WARSAW. The Express, by Thos. C. Sharp. Weekly.

WATERLOO. — Monroe Advertiser, by H. C. Talbott. Weekly
Monroe Demokrat. Weekly. (German.)
The Patriot, by G. Abbott. Weekly.

WAUKEGAN. The Gazette, by N. C. Geer. Weekly.

WILMINGTON. - The Herald, by W. H. Clark. Weekly.

WOODSTOCK. The Republican Free Press, by C. C. McClure & Co Weekly

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By an act of the last Legislature of Illinois, it was ordained, that whenever any of the articles specified below shall be contracted for, or sold and delivered, the weight of each shall be the number of pounds per bushel set opposite to it, unless there shall be a special contract or agreement to the contrary.

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