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Стр. 59 - He had, therefore, he said, advised him to turn his thoughts towards the church, and...
Стр. 71 - ... he replied in the following words : " We have learned, with concern, that under the pretext of cultivating the occult sciences, you maintain a horrible intercourse with the spirit of darkness and deceit ; we therefore exhort you, as a father, to expiate your crime by a repentance proportionable to its enormity. Moreover, we enjoin you to depart from the territories of the church within three days, under penalty of being delivered over to the secular arm, and its merciless flames.
Стр. 65 - ... the first opportunity. This anecdote concerning the ancient obligations of the archbishop, the magician had the goodness to believe, and rejoiced, as much as he was able, that his interests were sacrificed to those of don Ferdinand. Nothing was now thought of but preparations for their departure to Compostella, where they were to reside.
Стр. 64 - He requested the bishopric of the new archbishop, and was refused with all imaginable politeness. He had, he said, the greatest veneration for his old master, and was both sorry and ashamed it was not in his power...
Стр. 63 - ... the duty of divines to point out to others the way to heaven, and plant in the minds of their hearers wholesome doctrine and Christian morality. Regulating his conduct by these commendable principles, this learned prelate was celebrated throughout Christendom for his merit and piety : and, when he least expected such an honour, was promoted to the archbishopric of Compostella.
Стр. 62 - ... progress in the occult sciences. At first he gave himself up to them, with an ardour which might appear excessive; but this intemperance grew by degrees more moderate, and he pursued them with so much prudence that his magical studies never interfered with the duties of his diocese.
Стр. 67 - She tells me it will occasion her death if she should not be able to obtain preferment for her dear father in God. Shall I be the death of my mother?" Don Torribio was not a person who would incite or urge his friend to be guilty of parricide, nor did he indulge himself in the least resentment against the mother of the prelate. To say the truth, however, this mother was a good kind of woman, nearly superannuated.
Стр. 60 - ... but the truth is, I have a cousin, to whom I am heir, an old ecclesiastic, who is good for nothing but to be a dean, and if I do not bestow on him this benefice, I must embroil myself with my family, which would be far from agreeable. But," continued he, in an affectionate manner, " will you not accompany me to Badajoz?
Стр. 36 - He faw on the floor a rofe-leaf, picked it up, and with care and delicacy placed it on the furface of the water, fo as not to make it overflow. All the academicians immediately clapped their hands,, betokening applaufe, when they beheld this ingenious reply. They did more, they broke through their rules in favour of the Sage Zeb.
Стр. 67 - Compostella ; but, unfortunately for him, or rather for me, my mother, whom we left at Badajoz, has, during your absence, written to me a cruel letter, by which all my measures have been disconcerted.

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