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Half Title.

Now savage elders flourish in thy courts. Title.

Brydges, the proud tear in thy dark eye swells. Preface.

Yet why repine? --- no more the Lydian stream. Spirit of Heaven, immortal Child.

Of briers the earth, of clouds the heaven to clear. In vain thy glorious voice they heard.

Time strikes bis bell in Grandeur's halls. Or if, when Pride so high aspires.

Unblest is Woman wben she roves. Oft from his couch of cloudy dreams.

From the wing of young Love, as on roses he He knows thee by his panting breast.

slumber'd. Daughter of Memory and Jove.

Fair Land, when with her Cross, of yore. And by that Chæronean just.

: 0 why is thy brow, young Knight. Goddess of the green retreats.

Be merry, be merry in Clifton Halls. Where the light and frolic fawn.

LO Thou, the Maid divine. I have found tbe young Gleaner, the Cherub Adieu, the pensive still retreat. of Morn.

For not to him a sunny glade. How sleeps the Squire wbo sioks to rest.

Most in that magical recess. Come away to the greenwood bowers.

{ 'Tis softer yet to turn and mark. Who with me will wander?

Far be from me such dreary bliss.
Poets loiter all their leisure.

Adieu, fair Lee, a gem of thine.
Throw back the locks redundant from those eyes. Boy! wouldst thou have thy suit prevail?
Who with bland voice repaid them, and, the Though Vartrey lightly bounding goes.

When, passing greener vallies by.
O Tbou, of Genius Eldest-born.

E'en yet, amidst thy mellow gloom. We are bunting the Fairy all day long.

{ "Tis said there is a blessed charm. Shame afflict thee, Slave of Riot.

There is a pensive sweetness on her cheek. Reclined upon a bank of moss.

Beautiful Maniac of the locks enchanted. She, with her treacherous smile serene.

Her form was like a Grace of Parian marble. O Who, near the throne of the Mistress of Ocean. Let us go to some place of rest, my Soul. At the masque, or the sylvan fantastical sport. Where the wild-daisy springs, there all fresh The Lion of the sacred bill.

from his flight. O fair is Matlock's rocky hill.

There's a green sunny isle on the depths of The cottage of Monksdale looks gay with its

Lough-Mask. roses.

When the stars shine out in the clear blue sky. Health, and for ever! e'en the Grave.

Notes. 'Tis now the hour the Wanderer strays.

Arrangement and List of First Lines. Where is thy glory, Sudeley? though thy wall. Errata.


Prefare. Page 3. Last line of Note for him read the Printer.

10. First line of Note for good read merit.
11. Fifth line dele comma after additions.

Eighth line dele comma after which.
Ode to the Muse.

Line 1 of Stanza y for cloudier read cloudy. Maid that loved the Moon. Line 2 of Stanza 14 dele the word fett. Captire Lion.

Line 6 of Stanza 2 dele apostrophe after princes. Address to Wisdom. Line 6 of Stanza 2 for transcendant read transcendent.


Printed by John Warwick,
At the private Press of LEE PRIORY, Kent.

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