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EDITIONS NOTE.—An asterisk marks the most important books and essays. When the entries under “criticism” are numerous, they are divided into two paragraphs, the most important being given in the first paragraph, but each paragraph being arranged alphabetically. At the beginning of titles the article is omitted.

*POETICAL WORKS, 5 volumes, edited by Thomas Hutchinson, The Clarendon Press, 1895. -- *POETICAL Works, 8 volumes, Prose Works, 2 volumes, edited by William Knight, new edition, The Macmillan Co., 1896 (Eversley Edition). POETICAL WORKS, 7 volumes, edited by Edward Dowden, Bell, 1892-3 (Aldine Edition). --- LETTERS of the Wordsworth Family, from 1787 to 1855, collected and edited by William Knight, 3 volumes, Ginn & Co., 1907. – REPRINTS of the original editions of LYRICAL BALLADS, 1798 (1898), and of the Poems, 1807 (1897), edited by Thomas Hutchinson. - POETICAL WORKS, 1 volume, with Introduction by John Morley, The Macmillan Co., 1888 (Globe Edition). - POETICAL WORKS, 1 volume, edited by A. J. George, The Houghton Mifflin Co., 1904 (Cambridge Elition). — *POETICAL Works, 1 volume, edited by Thomas Hutchinson, 1906 (Oxford Edition). — POEMS, 3 volumes, edited by Nowell C. Smith, Methuen & Co., 1908.

BIOGRAPHY *WORDSWORTH (Christopher), Memoirs of William Wordsworth, 2 volumes, 1851. -* MYERS (F. W. H.), William Wordsworth, 1881 (English Men of Letters Series). -- *Knight (W.), Life of William Wordsworth, 3 volumes, 1889; new edition, 1896. MINTO (W.), Wordsworth, in the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, Vol. XXIV, pp. 668-676, 1888. - WORDSWORTH (Elizabeth), William Wordsworth, 1891. — *LEGOUIS (Émile), La Jeunesse de William Wordsworth, 1770-98, 1996; translated by J. W. Matthews, The Early Life of William Wordsworth, 1897. --- GOTHEIN (M.), Wordsworth, sein Leben, seine Werke, Halle, 1898. -- RALEIGH (W. A.), Wordsworth, 1903. - RANNIE (D. W.), Wordsworth and his Circle, 1907. - See also: LEE (Edmund), Dorothy Wordsworth; and the first articles below, under REMINISCENCES.

REMINISCENCES AND Early CRITICISM *WORDSWORTH (William), Prelude; Prefaces to the Lyrical Ballads, etc.

*WORDSWORTH (Dorothy), Journals (including Recollections of a Tour in Scotland), 2 volumes, edited by William Knight, The Macmillan Co., 1897.- *DE QUINCEY (Thomas), Works, edited by David Masson: Vols. II and III, Recollections of Wordsworth. - COLERIDGE (S. T.), Poems: To William Wordsworth. — SOUTHEY (R.), Life and Correspond- .. ence: Chap. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 19, 26, 27, 32, 36. -- TALFOURD (T. N.),

Memorials of Lamb: especially Chap. 6 and 7. — *HAZLITT (W.), Literary Pemains: My First Acquaintance with Poets. - COTTLE (J.), Early Recollections of S. T. Coleridge. - *ROBINSON (H. C.), Diary, passim (see Index). - PROCTOR (B. W.), Biographical Fragment. — MITFORD (M. R.), Recollections of a Literary Life. - KNIGHT (W.), Wordsworth· iana. - YARNALL (Ellis), Wordsworth and the Coleridges. ---SANDFORD

(H.), Thomas Poole and his Friends. — PASTON (George), B. R. Haydon and his Friends. — FIELDS (J. T.), Yesterdays with Authors. — EMERSON (R. W.), English Traits: First Visit to England. — CARLYLE (T.), Reminiscences. — DUFFY (C. G.), Conversations with Carlyle. — Mill (J. S.), Autobiography, Chap. 5. – COLERIDGE (Sara), Memoirs and Letters. *HANEY (J. L.), Early Reviews of English Poets, Philadelphia, 1904. – *COLERIDGE (S. T.), Biographia Literaria: Chap. 4, 5, 14, 17, 19, 20, and especially 22. - JEFFREY (Francis), Edinburgh Review, No. 21, art. 14, Wordsworth's Poems, 1807; *No. 47, art. 1, Wordsworth’s Excursion, a Poem, 1814; No. 50, art. 4, Wordsworth's White Doe of Rylstone, 1815: also in Jeffrey's Critical Essays. — HAZLITT (W.), The Spirit of the Age. — HUNT (Leigh), The Seer, I, 204: Wordsworth and Milton. - DE QUINCEY (T.), Works, edited by David Masson: Vol. V, On Wordsworth's Poetry; and especially Vol. XI, Wordsworth (Essay of 1845). — LAMB (Charles), Critical Essays: On Wordsworth’s Excursion; from the Quarterly Review, October, 1814. - LANDOR (W. S.), Imaginary Conversations: Southey and Porson. — WILSON (John), Essays.

LATER CRITICISM ** ARNOLD (M.), Essays in Criticism, Second Series, 1888. - **BAGEHOT (W.), Literary Studies, Vol. II: Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Browning, 1858, new edition, 1879. - BÖMIG (Karl), William Wordsworth im Urtheile seiner Zeit, Leipzig, 1906. — *BRADLEY (A. C.), Oxford Lectures on Poetry, 1909. - *CAIRD (Edward), Literature and Philosophy, Vol. I, 1892. — CESTRE (Charles), La Révolution française et les poètes anglais, 1906. CHURCH (R. W.), Dante and other Essays, 1888. — CLOUGH (A. H.), Prose Remains; from the North American Review, April, 1865. — COOPER (Lane), Some Wordsworthian Similes; in The Journal of English ar i Germanic Philology, Vol. VI, No. 2, January, 1907. --COOPER (Lane), A Glance at Wordsworth's Reading, in Modern Language Notes, March and April, 1907: Vol. XXII, pp. 83-89 and 110-117. — DARMESTETER (J.), Nouvelles Etudes anglaises: La Révolution et Wordsworth, Paris, 1896; translated by Mary Darmesteter, in English Studies, London, 1896.DAWSON (W.J.), The Makers of English Poetry, 1906.- DEVERE (Aubrey), Essays, Chiefly on Poetry, 1887 (three essays on Wordsworth). — DOWDEN (Edward), Studies in Literature: The French Revolution and Literature; The Transcendental Movement and Literature; The Prose Works of Wordsworth, 1878. - DOWDEN (Edward), The French Revolution and English Literature: Essay V, 1897. — HANCOCK (A. E.), The French Revolution and the English Poets, 1899. – HARE (J. C. & A. W.), Guesses at Truth, 1867. — HERFORD (C. H.), The Age of Wordsworth, 1894. — *HUTTON

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