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and without sympathy no true history can be written -but it is not on that account merely a brief for the defence; every effort has been made to discover the actual facts, and nothing has been consciously inserted or suppressed to give a bias to the story.


I have tried to keep the book strictly within the limits of its title. It does not profess to be a complete history of the Church of England since 1729, nor a complete history of the Evangelical movement. On the one hand little has been said about the work of the High Church Party, except when necessary to explain the attitude of the Evangelicals, and hardly anything at all about the work of the Broad ChurchOn the other hand, nothing has been said of the Evangelical Party in the Church of Ireland and the part they played in the disestablishment crisis and their courage in giving episcopal orders to the reformers abroad, nor of the gallant struggle for existence of the Evangelicals within the Episcopal Church in Scotland, nor of the spread of Evangelicalism among the Nonconformists. Much good work has been done by Churchmen outside the Evangelical group, and much good work has been done by Evangelicals outside the Church of England, but the following pages deal solely with the work of the English Evangelical Churchmen.

One further word of warning may be necessary. It has not been possible always to keep strict chronological order. No attempt has been made to group all the events of a single year together; the arrangement is sometimes geographical, sometimes

topical, seldom annalistic. Thus the events of chapter IV. did not take place after those described in chapter III., but the two movements went on side by side; the same may be said of chapters VIII. and IX. I hope, however, that the Chronological Table at the end will prevent this arrangement causing any difficulty.

The list of books at the end of each chapter is not intended to be a complete bibliography. It merely suggests to those who wish to study the matter further a few useful sources of information. Some of the books mentioned must be read with discrimination.

I have to thank many kind friends, who have sacrificed much valuable time in helping to make the book more worthy of its subject. They know how grateful I am to them. I do not mention their names, through fear lest they should be held accountable for my personal opinions. If anything has been misstated or misrepresented, the responsibility must be borne by myself alone. I can, however, express my gratitude to Mr. A. P. Dixon, of Cambridge, for the curious caricature of Simeon, which has been reproduced by his kind permission.

If this little book is able to do something to arouse interest in a much neglected piece of Church history, to clear away a few of the misconceptions that prevail about the Evangelicals, and to stir some readers to greater earnestness in the service of God, through the example of the good men whose lives are recorded here, I shall be satisfied.

G. R. B.

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From an Engraving by W. T. Fry


From a Cambridge Caricature published immediately after his death


From a Drawing by J. Slater in the Grillions Club

From a Photograph by Russell and Sons

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