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Стр. 391 - Break, break, break, On thy cold gray stones, O Sea! And I would that my tongue could utter The thoughts that arise in me. O well for the fisherman's boy, That he shouts with his sister at play!
Стр. 70 - Universe from their several stations, there was nothing in the Heavens above, or the earth beneath, or the waters under the earth...
Стр. 170 - All wild geese, wild swans, brant, wild ducks, snipe, plover, woodcock, rail, wild pigeons, and all other migratory game and insectivorous birds which in their northern and southern migrations pass through or do not remain permanently the entire year within the borders of any State or Territory, shall hereafter be deemed to be within the custody and protection of the Government of the United States, and shall not be destroyed or taken contrary to regulations hereinafter provided therefor.
Стр. 160 - Summing up our conclusions, we hold that the government of the United States is one having jurisdiction over every foot of soil within its territory, and acting directly upon each citizen ; that while it is a government of enumerated powers, it has within the limits of those powers all the attributes of sovereignty...
Стр. 167 - The Passenger Pigeon needs no protection. Wonderfully prolific, having the vast forests of the North as its breeding grounds, traveling hundreds of miles in search of food, it is here to-day and elsewhere to-morrow, and no ordinary destruction can lessen them, or be missed from the myriads that are yearly produced.
Стр. 280 - Government property; to ascertain the natural conditions upon and utilize the national forests; to transport and care for fish and game supplied to stock the national forests or the waters therein...
Стр. 3 - I'm truly sorry man's dominion Has broken Nature's social union, And justifies that ill opinion, Which makes thee startle At me, thy poor earthborn companion, And fellow-mortal...
Стр. xvi - Toiling— rejoicing —sorrowing, Onward through life he goes ; Each morning sees some task begin, Each evening sees it close ; Something attempted, something done, Has earned a night's repose. Thanks, thanks to thee, my worthy friend, For the lesson thou hast taught...
Стр. 168 - ... it is useless to try to get any adequate regulation and supervision of these great corporations by State action. Such regulation and supervision can only be effectively exercised by a sovereign whose jurisdiction is coextensive with the field of work of the corporations — that is, by the National Government. I believe that this regulation and supervision can be obtained by the enactment of law by the Congress.
Стр. xviii - I ever had, I like to be with me ; I like to sit and tell myself Things confidentially. I often sit and ask me If I shouldn't or I should. And I find that my advice to me Is always pretty good. I never got acquainted with Myself till here of late; And I find myself a bully chum, I treat me simply great.

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