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Now clattering arms, now raging broils of war.

Grimoald. II. 74. Now each creature joys the other. Daniel. II. 320. Now have I learn'd with much ado, at last. Raleigh.

II. 217.
Now I find thy looks were feigned. Lodge, II. 292.
Now the bright Morning Star, day's harbinger.

Milton. III. 222.
Now the hungry lion roars. Shakspeare. II. 346.

0. O cruel Lovel on thee I lay. Lylie. II. 245. O yes! O yes! if any maid. Lylie. II. 244. Of all the heavenly gifts. Grimoald. II. 71. Oh for a bowl of fat Canary. Lylie. II. 242. Oh happy golden age. Daniel. II. 322. Oh senseless man, that murmurs still. Cotton. III.


Oh that I could write a story. Breton. II. 283.
Oh vain world's glory, and unstedfast state. Spenser.

II. 238.
Oh! what a pain is love. Anon. III. 338.
Oh! who hath tasted of thy clemency. Sandys. III. 29.
Oh would to God a way were found. E. of Sterline.

III. 37. On a day, alack the day. Shakspeare. II. 343.. On a hill that grac'd the plain. Browne. III. 110. On a hill there grows a flower. Breton. II. 278. Only joy, now here you are. Sidney. II. 253. Opinion rules the human state. Anon. III. 410. Or love me less, or love me more. Godolphin. III.

229. Our sighs are heard; just heaven declares. Waller. III. 190.

P. Pack clouds away, and welcome day. Heywood. III.

31. Pale sad Aurora, leave thy showers to rain. Murray.

III. 8o.

Passions are liken'd best to floods and streams.
· Raleigh. II. 223..
Perhaps you think, with your disdainful words.
· Fowler. II. 379.
Phillida was a fair maid. Anon. II. 107.
Phillis is my only joy. Sedley. III. 397.
Phillis, let's shun the common fate. Sedley. III. 385.
Phillis, this early zeal assuage. Sedley. III. 389.
Phillis, why should we delay. Waller. III. 194.
Phoebus arise. Drummond. III. 72.
Poets may boast, as safely vain. Waller. III, 200.
Ponder thy cares, and sum them all in one. Murray.

III. 81.
Poor Chloris wept, and from her eyes. Anon. III.


Prithee, why so angry, sweet. Cotton. III. 365.


Quivering Fears, heart-tearing Cares. Wotton. II. 365. Quoth he, not long since was a man. Warner. II. 300.

R. Reason, thou vain impertinence. Anon. III. 412. Remov'd from fair Urania's eyes. Flatman. III. 383. Return, my joys! and hither bring. Strode. III. 173.


Sacred spirit I whiles thy lyre. Sheppard. III. 322.
Sad eyes, what do you ail. Wither. III. 90..
See how the feather'd blossoms through the air. Veel.
· III. 403.
See, O see. E. of Bristol. III. 399.
See these two little brooks that slowly creep. Cart.

wright. III. 232.
Sees not my love how Time resumes. Waller. III. 199.
Servant, farewell !- Is this my hire. Hannay. III. 136.
Seven times hath Janus ta'en new year by hand.

Tusser. II. 145. Shall I, hopeless, then pursue. Sherburne. III, 261. Shall I tell you whoni I love. Browne. III. 109. Shall I, wasting in despair. Wither. III. 83.

She loves, and she confesses too. Cowley. III. 286. Shepherd, what's love? I pray thee, tell. Raleigh.

II. 221. Should I sigh out my days in grief, Stevenson. III.

336. Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more. Shakspeare. II. ... 347. Silence, in truth, would speak my sorrow best. Wot.

ton. II. 367. Since love will needs that I shall love. Wyatt. II. 45. Since secret Spite hath sworn my wo. Breton. II. 270. Since there's no help, come let us kiss and part,

Drayton. II. 340. Sing lullaby, as women do. Gascoigne. II. 176. Sitting by a river's side. Green. II. 195. Sleep, old man! let silence charm thee. Beaumont.

III. 68. Sleep, Silence' child, sweet father of soft Rest. Drum.

mond. III. 73. So cruel prison how could betide, alas. E. of Surrey.

II. 56. So glides along the wanton brook. E. of Pembroke.

III. 40. So light is Love, in matchless beauty shining. Anon.

III. 143. Spring of beauty, mine of pleasure. Collop. III. 376. Stay, Clarastella, prithee stay. Heath. III. 320. Steer, hither steer your winged pines. Browne. III.

112. Still-born Silence! thou that art. Fleckno. III. 335. Still do the stars impart their light. Cartwright. III.

233. Still to be neat, still to be drest. Jonson. II. 389, Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content. Green.

II. 191.

Sweet bird, that sing'st away the early hours. Drum

mond. III. 78. Sweet, I do not pardon crave. Davison. III. 17. Sweet solitary life, thou true repose. Lodge. II. 289. Sweet Spring, thou turn'st, with all thy goodiy train.

Drummond. III. 77.

Sweet violets, Love's Paradise, that spread. Raleigh.

II. 216.
Sweetly breathing Vernal Air. Carew. III. 154.

T. Tagus farewell, that westward with thy streams.

Wyatt. II. 47. Take, oh, take those lips away. Shakspeare. II. 355 Tell me, dearest, what is love. Beaumont and Flet.

cher. III. 65. Tell me not of joy! there's none. Cartwright. III. 234. Tell me not, sweet, I am unkind. Lovelace. III. 275. Tell me, Utrechia, since my fate. Carew. III. 170. Tell me, where is Fancy bred. Shakspeare. II. 347. Thanks, fair Urania, to your scorn. Sedley. III. 393. That which her slender waist confin'd. Waller. III.

195. The ancient time commended not for nought. Gri.

moald. IJ. 69. The awful sceptre, though it can compel. Peacham.

II. 408. The dawning day begins to glare. John Hall. II. 121, The doubt of future foes exiles my present joy. Q. · Elizabeth. II. 162. The earth, late choak'd with showers. Lodge. II. 291. The fountains drink caves subterrene. Fleckno. IÍI, 334.

. The glories of our blood and state. Shirley. III. 132, The great Macedon, that out of Persie chased. Ld, • Surrey. II. 61. The lopped tree in time may grow again. Southwell. · II. 199. The maple with a scarry skin. Hannay. III. 137. The mist is gone that blear'd mine eyes. Anon. II. . 393. The monument which thou beholdest here. Ld. Her.

bert of Cherbury. III. 46. The mountains huge, that seem to check the sky,

Peacham. II. 407. The Muse who from your influence took her birth. Sandys. III, 29.

The Muses by your favour blest. Sandys. III. 26.
The rushing rivers that do run. Googe. II. 171.
The silly swain, whose love breeds discontent. J. D.

II. 405.
The smoky sighs, the bitter tears. Anon. II. 101.
The soote season, that bud and bloom forth brings.

E. of Surrey. II. 61. The Spartan virgins, ere they had compos’d. Pea

cham. II. 409. The sturdy rock, for all his strength. M. T. II. 151. The sun hath twice brought forth his tender green.

E. of Surrey. II. 65. The sun of our soul's light thee would I call. Barnes,

II. 374. The sun, the season, in each thing. W. H. II. 403. The ways on earth have paths and turnings known.

E. of Essex. II. 361. The weary mariner so far not flies. Drummond. III.

79. The woods, the rivers, and the meadows green,

Spenser. II. 235. There's no dallying with Love. Sherburne. III. 260. There was a man of stature big. Warner. II. 298. There were three ravens sat on a tree. Anon. II. 147. Therefore when restless rage of wind and wave.

Grimoald. II. 78. Think not, 'cause men flattering say. Carew. III.

158. This chrystal here. John Hall. III. 325. This garden does not take my eyes. Shirley. III. 130. This world a hunting is. Drummond. III. 78. Thomalin, my lief, thy music strains to hear. P.

Fletcher. III. 52. Thou art pretty, but inconstant. Anon. III. 344. Thou blushing Rose, within whose virgin leaves.

Fanshaw. III. 221. Thou ever youthful god of wine. Nabbes. III. 239. Thou silent Moon, that look'st so pale. Miss Scott.

III. 349. Thou youthful goddess of the morn. Sherburne. III.


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