Studies on the Ancient Armenian Version of Philo's Works

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Sara Mancini Lombardi, Paola Pontani
BRILL, 10 дек. 2010 г. - Всего страниц: 222
The volume aims to introduce the studies on the Armenian version of Philo's writings, as well as being valuable for scholars who are not Armenologists. This corpus of ancient translations is of great importance to us not only because it has preserved works whose Greek originals have been lost, but it will also be of use for improving our knowledge regarding the reception of Philo's thought. The essays approach the subject from different perspectives - historical, hermeneutical, philological and linguistic - in order to provide an overview on current research issues, giving special attention to the fortune of Philo's works in Armenian Christianity.

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Marginal Notes on the Armenian Translation of the Quaestiones
a Work between Two Traditions
Saying almost the Same Thing On Some Relevant Differences
Philos Stylemes vs Armenian Translation Stylemes
a Remnant of an Unknown Tradition
Index of Modern Authors
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Paola Pontani, Ph.D. in Armenian Studies (1995), is research fellow in Historical Linguistics at the Catholic University of Milano. Her main interests regard translation and inter-cultural communication. She has published papers on the Armenian versions of Philo's works related to these topics. Sara Mancini Lombardi, Ph.D. (2004) in Armenian Studies (Catholic University of Milano). She has published papers on the Armenian translations of Greek texts, based upon textual, linguistic and hermeneutical aspects.

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