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The great world is sick, and wherever the children of men dwell, sin and suffering abound.

Notwithstanding the advancement of medical and surgical science; notwithstanding the great army of trained nurses, who, like tvhite armed hosts, go forth with great skill to battle against disease and death, yet in all civilized lands sickness and disease are rapidly increasing. The "great white plague" slays his millions, and a score of minor complaints are well known to be his skirmishers and sappers and miners.

All sickness and pain, all suffering and sorrow, are the results of law transgressed. The wonderful human machinery has been tampered with, and its delicate mechanism has been made to run counter to the law of its life and persistency; disease and death are the result.

What is the remedy?First of all, knowledge. Why are we here? What is our Father's purpose in placing us here? What are the laws of our being, both spiritual and physical? Are they beneficent in their purpose? or were they designed for the unhappiness of His children?

Having transgressed law, how may we recover from the transgression and its results?

In this modest book, dear reader, the author, a woman of large experience in the practical affairs of life, has brought

within the reach of every intelligent father and mother, every man and woman, lay and professional, a vast fund of information on life and its laws, on health and its requisites, on disease and its remedies. The book is written in clear, simple, beautiful language, instructive to the learner, hopeful to the despondent, cheering to the sick, and restful to the weary.

It presents a better way, which, though in the shadows of a sick world, is flecked with the sunshine of God's love, and ever-healing hope. It reveals to us a simpler, sweeter life, fuller of joy and gladness, with more room for that helpful service which it is "more blessed to give than to receive."

It is a dedicated book, given by the author to the blessed service of sick and suffering humanity, one in which publishers make no profit, save that which shall return in "the joy of the Lord," in souls blessed and comforted in God.

For this purpose it is given to the world, as a help to our fellow workers in the great world-wide mission field wherever suffering humanity is found, and as a comfort and benison to those in distress. As such could we do otherwise than hope for its success?


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