The History of Rochford Hundred ...: From Former Authors, Ancient Manuscripts and Church Registers, Treating Upon Various Subjects, Including Notices of Churches and Chapels, the Clergy, Biography and Genealogy of Families ... and ... Other Matters, Том 1

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A. Harrington, 1867

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Стр. 211 - A thousand ages in Thy sight Are like an evening gone ; Short as the watch that ends the night Before the rising sun. 5 Time, like an ever-rolling stream, Bears all its sons away ; They fly forgotten, as a dream Dies at the opening day...
Стр. 141 - Merchant, one of the original proprietors of the lands of this Country ; a steady and undaunted asserter of the Liberties of ENGLAND, .in 1628, He was the first who boldly refused to submit to the tax of Tonnage and Poundage, an unconstitutional claim of the Crown arbitrarily imposed : For which (to the ruin of his family) his goods were seized and his person imprisoned by the. Star Chamber Court. He was chosen to represent the City of LONDON, in two successive Parliaments which met Apr.
Стр. 303 - The saints on earth, and all the dead But one communion make ; All join in Christ, their living head, And of his grace partake.
Стр. 318 - And in that day thou shalt say, O Lord, I will praise thee : though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me. Behold, God is my salvation ; I will trust, and not be afraid ; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song ; he also is become my salvation.
Стр. 353 - Admiral Haddock was dying, he called his son, and thus addressed him : " Considering my rank in life, and public services for so many years, I shall leave you but a small fortune ; but, my boy, it is honestly got, and will wear well ; there are no seamen's wages or provisions, nor one single penny of dirty money, in it.
Стр. 230 - ... any considerations, and, bursting into the church with drawn swords, they dragged him forth, and sent for a smith to make shackles for him. The poor artisan, struck with the sad state of the great man, and moved with generous feelings, said he would rather die the worst of deaths than forge fetters for the brave defender of Dover Castle and the conqueror of the French at sea. But Sir Godfrey and his " black band" were not to be moved by any appeal : they placed the earl on horseback,.
Стр. 396 - He clave the hard rocks in the wilderness, and gave them drink thereof, as it had been out of the great depth. 17 He brought waters out of the stony rock, so that it gushed out like the rivers.
Стр. 393 - ... is no more comparable to the German or Spanish, than a bagpipe is to an organ ; and that, with regard to poetry in particular, considering the incorrigible uncouthness of their measure, and their always writing in rhyme, (to say nothing of their vile double rhymes, nay, and frequent false rhymes,) it is as impossible to write a fine poem in French, as to make fine music upon a Jew's harp.
Стр. 246 - I will according to my power and vocation, assist the forces raised and continued by both houses of Parliament, against the forces raised by the King without their consent...
Стр. 252 - But the misdemeanour of persons pretending to use witchcraft, tell fortunes, or discover stolen goods, by skill in the occult sciences, is still deservedly punished with a year's imprisonment, and standing four times in the pillory.

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