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I shout, ho're gone

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The fair haven of rest-the port 806 There we all shall sing with joy well known

And eternity employ, And sing, with the blood-washed, In praising Christ the Lord ! in heaven at home.

17 Glittring crowns we then shall "Oh! aid me to fight in thy cause

wear, till I die;

Conqu’ring palms we too shall bear, Then, through blood divine, I shall And bow before his throne! victory cry.

8 We shall walk with him in white, while I muse on the millions Feast for ever in his sight,

And God in Christ adore ! To regions of glory, the pilgrim's 9 There th' exalted Lamb will feed, sweet home.

And to living fountains lead, We've parents and children with And wipe away our tears.

Jesus in heaven, And husbands and wives, who from 429 Dying Saint. us have been riven.

1. Tune-Down in the Grave. Our friends and relations before us1 FARE ye well, I'm going to Jesus, are gone;

1 weep not for me; Then let us urge forward-we'll From my thraldom he releases; meet them at home.

weep not for me; 'Tis there, in the presence of God,

O how glad I am to hear him we shall stand,

Bid so sinful worm come near him; And bless and adore his compas- | Why should I distrust or fear him? sionate hand.

Weep not for me. With Jesus, our Saviour, we 'll sit 2 All my sins they are forgiven, weep on a throne.

not for me; And reign, with ten thousands, in Backward all my foes are driven ; glory at home.

weep not for me; JACKSON.

Best of blessings he 'll provide me, Sunday School Hymn.

Nought but good shall e'er betide

me, Tune-Port of Hull.

Safe to glory he will guide me,
HERE we suffer grief and pain;

Weep not for me.
I Here we meet to part again ;
In heaven we part no more.

13 Though the spark of life is waning,

weep not for me; Chorus.

Though the languid eye is straining, Oh! that will be joyful,

weep not for me; Joyful, joyful, joyful ;

Though the feeble pulse is ceasing, Oh! that will be joyful,

Start not at its swift decreasing, When we meet to part no more.

'Tis my fetter'd soul releasing. All who love the Lord below,

Weep not for me. When they die to heaven will go, 4 Now the pangs of death assail me, And sing with saints above.

weep not for me; Little children will be there,

Christ is mine, he will not fail me, Who have sought the Lord by prayer,

weep not for me: From every Sunday school.

Farewell, friends, adieu, adieu,

I can no longer stay with you; Teachers, too, shall meet above,

Now my crown appears in view, And our pastors whom we love

Weep not for me. Shall meet to part no more. 5 Soon I shall behold his glory, weep Oh ! how happy we shall be,

not for me; For our Saviour we shall see

Cast my glittering crown before Esalted on his throne.

lim, weep not for me;

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Join among the countless number, 12 Our sins were all upon him laid, Roll along his praise like thunder,

On the cross; And for ever gaze and wonder.

For all he hath atonement made, Weep not for me.

On the cross;

His pierced feet, his hands and side, The Farewell.

Pour forth redemption's healing Tune-Isle of Beauty.

tide; I SHADES of sin were wrapt around

Life's cleansing fount was open'd

wide, Darker than the hermit's cell ;

On the cross. Syren pleasures fast had bound me,

3 Ten thousand foes did him surround, But fair truth has broke the spell.

On the cross ; Gay companions, once I prized you,

But lo! he did them all confound, Wandering in the flowery dell:

On the cross; Though my heart has not despised

Ilis heavenly Father veil'd his face, you,

While devils throng'd the sacred Yet, I bid you all farewell.

place; 2 Autumn leaves, by tempests riven, Still he redeem'd our fallen race, On the foaming tide are tost;

On the cross. Thus was I by folly driven,

| 4 Oh! haste, my soul, and see him die, Merged in sin till nearly lost.

On the cross, Sin and folly, come not near me,

Hark! hear that last expiring cry, With you now I will not dwell;

On the cross. Your light laugh can no more cheer

He says, I suffer'd this for thee, me,

Approach in faith the blood-stain'd So I bid you both farewell.

tree, 3 As the sunbeam on the billow,

And thou shalt my salvation see; Or its white and sparkling spray ;

On the cross. Or the dew drops on the willow,

5 Oh, come, poor sinner, come with Worldly pleasures pass away.

To the cross,

me, But I now have higher pleasure,

There's blood-bought pardon howSacred joys my bosom swell,

ing free Bright as stars, as seas in measure,

From the cross ; Worldly pleasure, fare thee well. He waits to wash your sins away, 4 Once thro’ sin's enchanted bowers, Arise! this is the gospel day;

Lured by folly's train, I trode; Make haşte, poor sinner, come away, Pleased to pluck the tempti ng

To the cross. flowers,

[strew'd. 6 When foes assail, oh, may I fly O'er the downward pathway

To the cross ; Now I tread the path to heaven, When strength shall fail, oh, let There I hope with him to dwell,

'me die Who has all my sins forgiven;

Near the cross; Sin and folly, fare you well. And when I reach fair Salem's plain, The Cross.

And join yon high and dazzling train, Tune-Will you go?

I'll sing the Lamb for sinners slain I THE Saviour laid his crown aside,

On the cross.
For the cross,

And there for all the world he died, 1430 Heavenly Freedom.
On the cross ;

Tune-Harp of the Hills. His cheeks were smote, his flesh (1 OUR bondage it will end, by and was torn,

by, His sacred temples felt the thorn, From Egypt's yoke set free; While heaven and earth in dark Hail, the glorious jubilee; ness mourn,

And to Canaan we'll return, by Round the cross.

and by.

2 The deliverer he will come, by and / When we meet, we 'll shout hosanby,

nah; Our sorrows they will end, I When we meet, we'll sing for ever, With our three score years and ten :

Safe in the promised land. And his glory crown the day, by and 5 Where is now the faithful Abraham ! by.

&c., 3 Though our enemies be strong, we'll He went up by faith and prayer.

go on,
Our hearts dissolve with fear,

6 Where is now our father Noah ? &c. Yet Sinai's God is near, .

He went through a flood of water. Where the fiery pillar moves, we'll 7 Where is now the good Elijah ? &c. go on.

He went up in a fiery chariot. 4 Through Marah's bitter streams, 8 Where is now the meek man we'll go on;

Moses ? &c. Though Baca's vale be dry, He went from the top of Pisgah. And the land yield no supply, To a land of corn and wine, we'll 10 Where is now the prophet Daniel ? go on.

He went through a den of lions. 5 And when to Jordan's flood we 11 Where are now the Hebrew chilhave come,

dren ? Jehovah rules the tide,

| They went through a fiery furnace. And the waters he'll divide, While the ransom'd hosts shall 12 Where are now the holy prophets? shout, Ye are come.

They went up through faith in

Jesus. 6 Our friends we 'll meet again, whom , we loved;

13 Where is now the good old Simeon? Our embraces will be sweet.

| He's gone to the arms of Jesus. At the dear Redeemer's feet, 14 Where are now the twelve apostles ? When we meet to part no more, who They went up through persecution. have loved.

| 7 There, with the happy throng, we 'll

15 Where is now poor, suffering La

Shout glory to our King,

He went up to Abraham's bosom. While the heavenly arches ring, (16 Where are now the conquering And to all eternity we'll rejoice.

martyrs ?

They went up through racks and 830 The Negro's Hymn.

tortures. OSV. Tune-Sirength of the Hills. 17 Where are now the bless'd re*Your fathers, where are they?'

formers ? I W HERE is now the martyr Abel ?! They went up through Smithfield W Where is now the martyr Abel ?

fires. Where is now the martyr Abel ? 18 Where is now devoted Wesley ?

Safe in the promis'd land. He went shouting, God is with us. 2 He went up thro' blood & slaughter, 19 Where are now our pious parents ?

He went up thro' blood & slaughter, They went up by holy living.
He went up thro' blood & slaughter, 120 Where are now our little children?
Safe to the promised land.

Angels they came down to fetch 3 By and by we hope to meet him;

them, By and by we hope to greet him; 21 Where is now our Saviour Jesus? By and by we hope to see him, He went through great tribulation.

Safe in the promised land. 22 How do we expect to meet him? 4 When we meet, we'll sing halle Walking in the steps of Jesus. lujah;


131 Song of the pious Slave, Jesus is our souls pursuing-why Tune-Highland Mountains.

will ye die ? I DE poor negro he will go-some Though from him you still are flyone day,

ing, all his power and love Over de mountains, over de snow

defying, far away,

Hark how loudly he is crying-why Over de mountains big and high

will ye die ? some one day,

swearers, Sabbath To dat country in de sky-far away. 2 Drunkards,

breakers-why will ye die? 2 De poor negro will be free-some Harlots. liars, pleasure-takers-why one day,

will ye die? Jesu say, come reig

wid me-far

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, ask away :

you by their boundless merit, Jesus massa, call me home-some

Will you endless life inherit?-why one day;

will ye die ? Yes, him smile and bid me como far away.

3 Sinai asks in loudest thunder-why 3 Sin no more make my heart rove

will ye die? some one day,

Heaven and earth cry out with When landed wid the host above

wonder, Why will ye die? far away ;

Sinners sunk in degradation, while Driver lash my back no more-some

neglecting God's salvation, one day,

This is heaven's expostulationWhen wafted to dat happy shore

why will ye die? far away. 4 Wife and children not be sold, 4 Jesus groans from Calvary's moun. some one day ;

tain-why will ye die? Negro walk yon streets of gold-1 Speaks in blood that fills the founfar away ;

tain—why will ye die? My good massa say well done, Blood that ransomed every nation, some one day,

fits for heaven's exalted staDen me dwell wid de floly One-far

tion, away.

Siuners now accept salvation-wby 5 De poor negro wear a crown-some

will ye die ? one day, And on massa's throne sit down | 5 Death and hell cry out while has. far away;

tening-why will ye die? Oh ! how happy me shall be some And your strength cries out while one day,

wasting --why will ye die? Come poor white man, come wid |

When you cross cold Jordan's river, me-far away.

and your doom is fixed for

ever, 6 Den me meet my friends again-|

God will ask no more, no neversome one day,

why will ye die? Praise de Lamb for negro slain-far away,

6 But through everlasting agesDen me rest my weary soul-some

then you must die, one day, Where endless joys in torrents roll |

While hell's howling tempest rages

then you must die,
- far away,

Stripped of every earthly pleasure,

lost for ever heavenly treaWhy will you die? 1 0. Tune-Down in the grave. Burning vengeance without mea. I SINNERS hastening down to ruin

sure-but cannot die. --why will ye die?





,2 Yes, when life's stormy voy'ge shall Tune-Canaan.

end, VE sinful wanderers from the And we the harbour gain, Lord,

Then long eternity we'll spend, To Christ make application,

And sing the Saviour slain. Tis promis'd in the blessed word, 13 The heavenly port appears in sig You shall obtain salvation ;

The breezés fill our sails; Although your crimes are multi

We sail and sing with sweet delight, plied,

Before those prosperous gales. You yet are on probation, And you may live (for Christ hath 14 Ten thousand stand upon the pier.

To hail us safe to shore; died)

We'll greet our friends when landed To prove his full salvation.

Salvation ! salvation !
Accept this great salvation;

And put to sea no more.
Escape from death and end-

JOHN STAMP. less wrath,

The Lord hath done great Made happy with salvation.

things for us.'-Ps. cxxvi. 3. Satan he long has led you on,

Tune-Lonsdale. S. M. - The way to sure damnation ! 11 TESUS from heaven came down O flee the nionster now, and run

To save a ruined race; To Jesus for salvation;

He laid aside his dazzling crown, He now with open arms invites,

That we might taste his grace. Go without hesitation ;

12 He was in Bethlehem born, He reaches out the glorious prize

And in a manger laid,
Your precious souls' salvation !

Angels announced his natal morn,
Salvation ! salvation!
Come, sinners, seek salva-

And sang, ‘Be not afraid.'

3 He liv'd awhile below,
Adore the Lamb, and in his That we might live above;

On earth his praises let us show, Believing, claim salvation. In heaven we'll sing his love. Ye trembling penitents give ear,

14 He died upon the tree, Regard his invitation;

That we might never die; In faith, this moment now draw His blood has ransomed you and me, near,

Then to his arms let's fly. And eager seek salvation; 15 He conquer'd death and hell, His cleansing blood still flows for And burst the gloomy grave; you

Then flew above the sky to dwell, He left his lofty station :

And ever lives to save. His vesture keeps its bloody hue, 16 Before the throne he stands, He offers all salvation.

And pleads his cleansing blood; Salvation ! salvation !

He shows his wounds, and spreads Receive with exultation;

his hands, Then, when you die, you'll

And claims our peace with God. prove on high

17 My sins are all forgiven, His uttermost salvation.

And cleans'd my every stain;

And I shall sing when safe in heaven, The Christian Sailor in Death.

The Lamb for sinners slain. 54. Tune-Land of the Brave.'

J. STAMP. SOON as we quit this cumbrous clay,

1436 An Address to Zion's Pilgrims. And from life's vale remove;

Tune-Old Adam.' D.C.M. vaft our souls away 11 VE followers of the Saviour, bound To see the God we love.

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34. The Christian E. SQUIRE. Soon as v'Land of or in Death.

Apels shall waft our souls away

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to bright worlds above,

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