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The voice of the mourner affected 402 The Love of Jesus. my heart,

Tune-Begone, dull care. While pleading in anguish the poori COME, let us join to sing of Jesus' sinner's part.

love: In offering to heaven his petition- | Sing how for us he left his throne ing prayer,

above, He spake of the torments the sin Came down to earth, a man by birth, ner must bear;

Then died upon the tree, His life as a ransom he ofi

And brought salvation, endless, rich,

and free. That sinners redeemed in might live.

'12 Sing how he burst the barriers of

the grave, I heard with attention the tale of And rose in triumph, guilty men to his woe,

save, While tears like a fountain of water Ascended high, no more to die, did flow

But seated on his throne, I wept to behold him, I asked him 'Mid angel choirs our worthless his name,

names to own. He answered, 'Tis Jesus, from heaven I came.

3 Sing now before his Father's throne

he pleads, I am thy Redeemer, for thee I must For all mankind in mercy intercedes, die,

Pities their woes, subdues their foes, The cup is most painful, but it can-1

Their every want supplies, not pass by;

And bids their souls in triumph to Thy sins like a mountain are laid

him rise. upon me, And all this deep anguish I suffer 4 Sing how he poured his Spirit from for thee.

on high How sweet was the moment he bid

To give his people life, no more to me rejoice,

die, His smiles, oh ! how pleasant, how

And by his word, his Spirit's sword,

Subdues the heart of stone, I few from the garden to spread it

While angels sing another vict'ry's abroad,

won. And shouted 'salvation, oh! glory to God!

5 Sing of his grace which all our

hearts renewed, I'm now on my journey to man Cleansed us from sin in his atoning sions above,

blood, My soul 's full of glory, of light,/ Removed our grief, and gave relief peace, and love;

From Satan's galling chain, I think of the garden, the pains, And soon will raise our souls with and the tears,

him to reign. Oftha Ofthat loving stranger who banished

16 In higher worlds we'll join his grace my fears.

to praise, The day of bright glory is rolling Where heavenly choirs will add around,

their highest lays : When Gabriel descending, the last Worthy the Lamb, praised be his trump shall sound;

name My soul, then, in raptures to glory

Who saved us by his blood, will rise,

And raised our souls to dwell in To gaze on the stranger with un

light with God. clouded eyes.


His smiles,ning his voic to spread 1

The Gospel Sound.

Let thy guilt no more distress thee, Tune-Auld Lang Syne. Peace and pardon soon shall bless 1 HOW sweet the gospel trumpet

thee, 1 sounds,

And the Saviour's love caress thee; Its notes are grace and love;

Look to the cross.
Its echo through the world resounds 13 Jesus waits to grant his favour,
From Jesus throne above.

Look to the cross ;

He's an all-sufficient Saviour,
It is the sound, the joyful sound,

Look to the cross;
Of mercy rich and free;

Though thy crimes reach high as Pardon it offers, peace proclaims :

heaven, Sinner! it speaks to thee. Thou 'gainst grace and truth hast

striven, 2 It tells the weary soul of rest,

Here the vilest are forgiven,
The poor of heavenly wealth,
Of joy to heal the mourning breast;

Look to the cross.
It brings the sin-sick health. 14 Dost thou feel thy spirit harden?
It is the sound, &c.

Look to the cross;

See repentance joined with pardon, 3 Its words announce a heavenly feas

Look to the cross; Of water, milk, and wine,

Hear what words of grace are spoken, And manna in the wilderness,

Love presents her highest token, Provisions all divine.

Gaze till thy hard heart is broken, It is the sound, &c.

Look to the cross. 4 It speaks of boundless grace, by 5 Wouldst thou hear thy Saviour which

claim thee? The vilest are forgiven;

Look to the cross; To Christians it proclaims a rich

Wouldst thou feel his love inflame Inheritance in heaven.

thee? It is the sound, &c.

Look to the cross; 5 To men in every clime, degree, Hark! he speaks, but not in thunder, Its message is address'd;

Hear, 0 earth, let angels wonder, The Jew and Gentile, bond and free, I have snapp'd thy chains asunder, Are with its blessings bless'd.

Look to my cross.'
It is the sound, &c. 16 Thence flows full and free salvation,

Look to the cross;

Bought for all of every nation,
Look to the Cross.

Look to the cross;
Tune-Poor Mary Ann.

Life and joy for all the dying, 1 COME, poor guilty, anxious

Come, 't is offer'd without buying, mourner,

Dry thy tears and stay thy sighing,

Look to the cross. Leave the proud, the gay, the

JOHN STAMP. scornerLook to the cross.

The Sabbath. Lift an eye of faith to Jesus,

Tune-Those Evening Bells.' He from sin's hard bondage frees I THE Sabbath day, the Sabbath day, us,

1 It wakes the Christian's joyful When we grieve his grace can ease


The day of worship, faith, and love, Look to the cross.

Which lifts our thoughts and hearts 2 Bow in humble prayer before him

above. Look to the cross.

2 The day of rest, the day of rest, Now by hope and love adore him- When 's calm'd the Christian's Look to the cross.

troubled breast,

ourlook to the cross;

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And many hearts find sweet repose, i 5 Fly to the blood-stained tree-sinner In God, from all their griefs and woes.


Fly to the blood-stain'd tree, thy The day of praise, the day of pralse,| Fly

Saviour died for thee, On which our thanks to heaven we He waits to set thee free, I believe.

raise; And mercy's gifts, in holy songs, 10 Ye saints of God, press on to your Awake our powers, and tune our

home; tongues.

Ye saints of God press on; then,

when your race is run, The day of prayer, when souls ascend, Your Lord will say, Well done, reign And kindred minds their wishes

with me. blend, 'Neath Jesus' throne. remote from 17 There is a better day coming on, strife,

A day without a night, where all the And breathe a higher, purer life. I

sons of light

Shall, in their Saviour's sight, sit on The day of grace, when Jesus bows |

thrones. To hear the contrite sinner's vows,

ALTERED BY JOHN STAMP. With cords of mercy binds his heart, And bids each griefånd doubt depart.

The Happy Choice.

Tune--Mrs Staves. i The day of hope, when spirits rise To scenes of bliss beyond the skies. 11 VE friends of Jesus, hear while I A long eternity to spend

I sing, Where praise and Sabbaths dever

I have something good to say about

the narrow way, end.

For Christ the other day saved my | Hail! day of God, foretaste of heaven,

soul, The happiest, brightest of the seven

12 I feel the holy fire in my heart; With humble heart and holy mind, In thee my God and heaven I find.

I am happy all day long, salvation JOHN STAMP.

is my song,

And I've left the giddy throng, bless 406. Bound for Glory.

the Lord. W. TuneHoly War.' 3 My old companions said, he's gone

mad; COME on, my brethren dear in the

But could they only see, how Jesus Come on, my brethren dear, you have

set me free,

They would be as mad as me, I beno portion here,

lieve. For endless bliss you steer, in the Lord.

14 Then let the world deride, I'll go 2 Dear sisters, join the band in the Lord,


I know religion's right, so now, vain Dear sisters join the band, unite

world, good night, with heart and hand, And march for Canaan's land, in the

thel I mean to urge my flight, to a


15 Poor sinner, let me say, Will you go? 3 Poor guilty sinners, turn to the Lord, The Spirit long has striven, but now Poor guilty sinners, turn, or else in

I am forgiven; hell you 'll burn,

I am on my way to heaven, will you And there for ever mourn in despair.

go? 4 Christ waits to save, you know, I 6 You may be happy too, will you go? believe;

You may be happy too, for Jesus For you the Saviour died, and from

died for you, his wounded side

And he will guide you through, if Rolls down a healing tide for your

you'll go. souls.




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408 Negro Hymn, or Meeting in 3 Though earth and hell my soul Glory.

withstand, Tune-Cliff.

Yet I shall gain the better land :

The cloudy pillar guides the way, TO", we are going to see Father

A fire by night, a shade by day." u Abraham, Oh we are going to praise our Lord, 4 Although Voltaire and Thomas For we hope to die a shouting in

Paine, the army of the Lord,

They tried to prove religion vain; Yea, we mean to die a shouting in Though Robert Owen and Carlile, the army.

They do the bleeding Lamb revile; Chorus.

15 Oh, come poor sinner, fly with me, Reign, oh reign, reign, my Saviour, Then thou shalt God's salvation see; Reign, oh reign, good Lord, shower Repent, and have thy sins forgiven, down,

Believe, and go with me to heaven. 2 Oh, we are going to see all the pro- 6 If you get home before I do, phets,

Look out for me, I'm coming too; Oh, we are going to praise our Lord. If I reach home before you do,

I'll tell them you are coming too. 3 Oh, we are going to see all the . martyrs,

17 And when we land on Canaan's Oh, we are going to sce our Lord.

We will bless him who went with 4 Oh, we are going to see Father us to the end; Wesley,

We'll sing salvation evermore, Oh, we are going to see our Lord. And we'll bless him who went with

us to the end, 5 Oh, we are going to see all the blood

JOHN STAMP. wash'd, Oh, we are going to see our Lord. 410.

Sailing to Glory. 6 Oh, we are going to sing hallelujah, I 1 W E'RE sailing to a better world.

W ERE sailing to a better world. Oh, we are going to see our Lord.'

W Sing glory, hallelujah;

Our every sail is now unfurled, 7 Oh, we are going to meet our chil

Sing glory, hallelujah. dren, Oh, we are going to praise our Lord. 12 Our Jesus does the vessel steer,

Sing glory, hallelujah; 409. The Suffering Negro Song.

The heavenly port we 're drawing

I BLESS God, I'm on my journey Sing glory, hallelujah,

D home,
Though in the wilderness I roam: 13 Our ship's the vessel of free grace,
Ten thousand foe: do ine surround,

Sing glory, hallelujah;
Yet Jesus will them all confound. The heavenly port's our landing

place, Chorus

Sing glory, hallelujah. Why he has been with us, and he la The prophets in this ship went

still is with us, And he says he will go with us to

home, the end.

Sing glory, hallelujah ;

But still a guilty world may come, 2 Although you see me suffering so, Sing glory, hallelujah.

And toss'd with tempest here below,
I feel I'm on the good old way, 15 Apostles, martyrs, Wesley, too,

- road that leads to endless day.' Sing glory, hallelujah,

which caini would to rather

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The heavenly Pilot steered them No fee for them is there to pay, through,

For Jesus is himself the way. Sing glory, hallelujah.

3 God's word is the first engineer, And bless the Lord I 've got on It points the way to heaven clear, board,

Through tunnels dark and dreary Sing glory, hallelujah;

here, My compass is God's holy word, It does the way to glory steer. Sing glory, hallelujah.

4 God's word the fire, his truth the And when the heavenly port we

steam, gain,

Which drives the engine and the Sing glory, hallelujah,

train; We'ls sing 'the Lamb'for sinners And all who would to glory ride,

Must come to Christ and there abide, Sing glory, hallelujah.

5 In first, and second, and third class, Chorus.

Repentance, faith, and holiness ; They say we are a noisy crew;

You must the way to glory gain, But that's not all, we're happy too. Or you with Christ can never reign.


16 Come, then, poor sinners, now 's Inritation.

the time, S. M.

At any station on the line; YE guilty souls, arise,

If you repent, and turn from sin, And go with us to heaven; The train will stop and take you in, For Jesus now in mercy cries, The worst may be forgiven.

1413. Glory, Hallelujah.

1410. Tune-in my Cottage near a Backslider, come again,

This moment, and be bless'd;
Fly to the Lamb for sinners slain,

GLORY be to God on high,

Glory, hallelujah ! And now regain thy rest.

Who hath brought the guilty nigh, Believer in the blood,

Glory, hallelujah! Rush to thy Saviour's side;

Through the rich atoning blood By faith now plunge thee 'neath the Of the spotless Lamb of God ;

Therefore let us cry aloud, And thou 'lt be sanctified.

Glory, hallelujah, Look up, poor suffering saint,

2 Glory be to Christ on high, Thy sorrows soon shall end;

Glory, hallelujah! Thy Father hears thy sad complaint, Who for sinners came to die, He will thy soul defend.

Glory, hallelujah! We soon shall land above

By his death we are assured, On Canaan's peaceful shore;

He Jehovah's wrath endur'd, Then we shall sing redeeming love

And life to guilty man secur'd, For ever, evermore.

Glory, hallelujah. JOHN STAMP. 13 Now the law's demands are paid,

Glory, hallelujah! he Spiritual Railway.

All its precepts Christ obey'd,

Glory, hallelujah! THE line to heaven by Christ was! Glory to redeeming grace,

Shines in our Immanuel's face, With heavenly truth the rails are Towards all our guilty race, laid,

Glory, hallelujah. And from heaven to earth extends, 14 Glory to the sacred Three, To life eternal, where it ends.

Glory, hallelujah! Repentance is the station, then,

Who are One and all agree, dere passengers are taken in;

Glory, hallelujah!

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