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quence as any recorded by Livy or Sallust; but they would not have excited at the time the same degree of interest. As yet, the deliberations and decisions of the Cortes have not had any actual influence on the affairs of nations. In the volume, as inuch space has been allotted, as could be possibly spared, to the convocation, formation, and first proceedings of that august assembly, in which deputies appeared from the Spaniards in all the four quarters of the world. It is our sincere wish and prayer, and there is not wanting reason to hope that the deliberations of the Spanish may one day rival in importance those of the Britishi senate. It will serve as a focus to collect, retain, and reflect the genial rays of patriotism and public spirit; to consolidate the dispersed elements of public force into one mighty mass, and coufirm the stability, and promote the prosperity and grandeur of the Spanish nation by an enlightened, uniform, and steady government.

We ought to congratulate our readers on the glory acquired this year by the skill as well as valour displayed by our arms in the pepinsula of Spain, and in the East Indies, under the direction of Lord Wellington and Lord Minto: both of them, being eininently distinguished by active and extensive genius, bright ornaments of their country.


Wate of Commons. Motion by Lord Porchester, for an Inquiry into the
iste disastrous Expedition to the Scheldt.-Long Debatés. Lord Pore
drater's Motion carried by a small Majority --A Committee of the whole
your appointed to inquire into the Causes of the Failure of the Expedition




Caerges in the British Ministry:-Meeting of Parliament.- King's Speech.

addresses moved in reply' in both Houses.-Amendments proposed.

Debates thereoninvolving particularly a Review of the War in Spain

trà tke calamitous Expedition to the Scheldt.....



ilence of Lords Motion for the Thanks of the thouse to Lord Viscount,

lington, and the Officers and the Army under his command, for the

over the Enemy at Talavera--opposed-supportedcarried.-In

of the Delate fresh Discussions on the Affairs of Spain, both

patical and military.- House of Commons. Thanks moved to Lord Wel-

tregion and the Army.Arguments pro und con, and Discussions nearly

ite same as in the House of Lords.--Motion for Thanks to Lord Welling-

bea carried without a Division of the House--that to the Army unani-

vesty House of Commons.-Motion by Lord Cochrane, for Minutes of

I. Court Martial held on Lord Gambier, und the Object of this Motion.

-Debates and Discussions.- Lord Cochrane's Motion negatived by a

bitat Majority - Motion of Thanks to Admiral Gambier, &c. &c. ---The

di tion for Thanks to Lord Gamlier carried on a Division of the House ;

that for Thanks to the other Officers, and Acknowledgments to the Sea-

** and Marines, unanimously.--Motion for Thanks to the same Parties

ta the House of Lords.-Agreed ta,




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