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to see more clearly that there was a mansion / EXTRACT OF A LETTER TO J. C. LETSOME ON prepared for her. Her desires were very strong

HIS MARRIAGE WITH N. M. that her patience might not fail. She asked her Dear Friend :- I was duly favored with thine parents and others to pray for her that she might by my sister at Lea Hall, and should have writbe enabled to endure all, saying, “It has pleased ten sooner had ability and leisure united; for my Heavenly Father to afflict me, and I desire there hath lived in my mind a salutation to thee, to bear all patiently.” She desired her parents the object of my tender solicitude, and to thy to disengage themselves more from the things of wife, thy companion in every tender sense; the this world, and to prepare for the final change, joint object of my affectionate well-wishing. I and further said to them, “you must not spoil consider you as now entering the more arduous Eleanor as some do who have but one child. scenes of life, and filling more important stations You may have to give her up too, and if you than in your single state. And most earnestly must do so, do it freely.”

desire you may in your first entrance into the On the twenty-seventh she said to her mother, more arduous path be wisely directed, for much " I have told you all. I do not feel as if I had depends on this important crisis. With a heart any thing more to say." About three o'clock replenished with the warmest affection, I recomin the morning of the 28th a change was ob- mend the Psalmist's words, representing the served, of which she appeared quite sensible, wise in all ages, “In the name of our God we and observing the cold perspiration, enquired if will set up our banners.” This is a proper elecit was not a sign she was going On being an- tion to your state, who have associated together swered in the affirmative she manifested no alarm. in the most delicate and tender bonds of union, It pleased the blessed Saviour at this time to to be each other's helpmate, to soften every care, hide his face from her for a short season, which to enhance every comfort, to divide every burthen was a fresh trial of her faith, but soon the veil reciprocally, and mutually to help each other in was in great mercy withdrawn, and a calm every temporal respect; and not only so, but to serenity again rasted on her countenance. About go up hand in hand to the house of God, and 11 o'clock, her physical sufferings having greatly the mountain of his holiness; and in order to increased, she said to a friend, " will it be long, obtain this permanent felicity of the conjugal will it be an hour ?” he replied “Thou must state, in the name of your God now set up your wait the Lord's time;" she calmly answered banners. Let nothing divert your minds from an “ Yes," and after a pause said, “Oh blessed humble attentive care to put yourselves under Saviour come and take me, if consistent with thy his protection; implore his guardianship and will; blessed Jesus take me ; come and take me tuition; he alone can help you in times of probaquickly if consistent with thy most holy will; tion and defend you in the perilous hour, guard mercy, mercy.”

you from the dangers of unsanctified seeming prosHer sufferings then appeared to cease, and she i perity, and place his everlasting arm underneath spoke a few words to her mother. Her breath. (in the time of adversity. Place here your coning grew shorter and shorter, until she quietly fidence that you may not be moved; the world and sweetly closed her earthly pilgrimage, leav- with a variety of blandishments will present its ing no doubt in the minds of those who wit- schemes of happiness and make large promises nessed her peaceful close, that her petitions had of a good that it hath not in its power to bestow, been granted, and her purified spirit permitted but you may carefully remember, that in the to enter within the pearl gates of that city, world or under the prevalence of its spirit, you which hath no need of the sun, neither of moon will find disappointment and trouble; but in the to shine in it, for the glory of God doth lighten name and under the banner of God peace flows it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

as a river, and all the cross events and painful

allotments are sanctified and sweetened ;-beThe exercise of the faculties of the mind, the ware, therefore, my dear friends, of rushing into quickening of apprehension, the strengthening the world of dissipation which often attends a of memory, the forming of a sound, rapid and circumstance similar to yours ; beware of a vain discriminating judgment, are ef more importance confidence in the smiles and caresses of men and than any store of learning.

women of this world's spirit; beseech the pro

tection and guidance of Him who placeth the Knowledge, economy and labor are the vir- solitary in families, and buildeth up a sure house tues of a civilized man; they form the most to those who in all their ways acknowledge him, durable basis of society, and the sure spring of and cast themselves into his protection. An individual welfare. Riches consequently are the holy visitation hath given you an understanding, fruit of knowledge, economy and labor.

I trust, what it is which makes for true peace;

enter not into selfish deliberation how to avoid To be truly polite, exhibit real kindness in the plain duty, protract not your stay in a land of kindest manner-do this and you will pass at parin jeopardy and danger, by taking counsel and not any society without studying the rules of etiquette. of God, and covering yourselves, but not with

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the covering of his spirit. The state of the winds, and then flows beyond without a boat or church in that city requires of you to endeavor causeway to effect its passage. The bridge is, to come up to the help of the Lord, against that however, constructed of fragile materials, and it mighty inundation of folly and forgetfulnes depends upon how it is trodden whether it bend which prevails; there are no wages equal to those or break. Gout, apoplexy, and other bad charhe gives his servants, for surely the reward of acters are also in the vicinity to waylay the the faithful laborers is excecdingly great; peace, traveller, and thrust him from the pass; but let tranquillity and glory are upon their heads for him gird up his loins, and provide himself with ever. Thus my beloved friends, my soul travails a fitting staff, and he may trudge on in safety for you, for your present and everlasting welfare, with perfect composure. To quit metaphor, that the solemn engagements you have mutually “ The Turn of Life" is a turn either into a proentered into may be truly fulfilled, and your hap- longed walk, or into the grave. The system and piness established upon a most durable basis. powers having reached their utmost expansion, The eye of passion in the short lived fervor of the now begin either to close like flowers at sunset, mind, sometimes improperly called love, flatters or break down at once.-One injudicious stimuitself with objects of imagined amiableness and lant, a single fatal excitement, may force it bebeauty : this is transient and mutable, but af- yond its strength; whilst a careful supply of fection founded on mutual esteem for an object props, and the withdrawal of all that tends to religion and virtue have rendered truly estimable, force a plant, will sustain it in beauty and vigor it bath a permanency in it equal to the cause until night has entirely set in.The Science of which produced it; it is not in my mind to de- Life by a Physician. scend into every particular point of conduct necessary for your happiness, these will be clearly opened as occasion requires, and help administer

GOD THE CREATOR. ed to come up in every duty, to render you truly Cast your eyes upon the earth that supports comfortable and helpful to each other: useful us; raise them to this immense vault of the and honorable in the church and in the world, heavens that surrounds us ; these fathomless and objects of divine favor and acceptance; but abysses of air and water, and these countless allow me to recommend a close attendance of stars that give us light. Who is it that has meetings, both for worship and discipline : in this suspended this globe of earth? Who has laid most reasonable duty, the soul hath often been its foundations ? If it were harder, its bosom unexpectedly replenished with good, and its could not be laid open by man for cultivation ; strength renewed to step forward in the holy if it were less firm, it could not support the path; dare not to live without God in the world, weight of his footsteps. From it proceed the lest he withdraw his blessings, and then who most precious things; this earth, so mean and can make up the deficiency? Warm affection unformed, is transformed into thousands of beaufills and strengthens my mind you-ward, in which tiful objects that delight our eyes. In the course I wish you prosperity, your present and everlast- of one year it becomes branches, buds, leaves, ing welfare, with a tenderness as nearly paternal flowers, fruits and seeds; thus renewing its beauas I am capable of.

tiful favors to man. Nothing exhausts it. After S. FOTHERGILL. yielding, for so many ages, its treasures, it

experiences no decay; it does not grow old; it

still pours forth riches from its bosom. THE TURN OF LIFE.

Generations of men have grown old and passed Between the years of forty and sixty, a man away, while, every spring, the earth has renewed who has properly regulated himself may be con- its youth, If it were cultivated, it would noursidered as in the prime of life. His matured ish a hundred fold more than it now does. Its strength of constitution renders him almost im- inequalities add to its beauty and utility. The pervious to the attacks of disease, and experience mountains have risen, and the valleys descended has given soundness to his judgment. His in the places where the Lord has appointed! In mind is resolute, firm and equal; all his functions the deep valleys grows the herbage for cattle. are in the highest order; he assumes the mastery Rich harvests

Rich harvests wave in the champaign * country. over business : builds up a competence on the Here, ranges of little bills rise like an amphitheafoundation he has formed in early manhood, and tre, and are crowned with vineyards and fruit-trees; passes through a period of life attended by many there, high mountains lift their snow-crowned gratifications. Haviog gone a year or two past heads among the clouds. The torrents that pour sixts, he arrives at a critical period in the road from their sides, are the sources of the rivers. of existence : the river of death flows before him. | The rocks, marking their steep heights, support and he remains at a stand still. But athwart the earth of the mountains, just as the bones of this river is a viaduct, called “ The Turn of Life," which, if crossed in safety, leads to the tion to champaign, (shampain',) the wine of Cham

| Properly pronounced sham'pain, in contradistincvalley of "old age,” round which the river paign.

the human body support the flesh. This variety heat. If it were smaller, the earth would be all makes the charm of rural scenery, while it is ice, and could not be inhabited by men. also the means of satisfying the different wants What compass has been stretched from heaven of man.

| to earth, and taken such just measurements ? Every thing that the earth produces, is decom- The changes of the sun make the variety of the posed, and returns again to its bosom, and be- seasons, which we find so delightful. The spring comes the germ of a new production. Every thing checks the cold winds, wakens the flowers, and that springs from it, returns to it; and nothing gives the promise of fruits. The summer brings is lost. All the sceds that we sow in it, return the riches of the harvest. The autumn displays the multiplied to us. It produces stone and marble, fruits that spring bas promised. Winter, which is of wbich we make our superb edifices. It teems the night of the year, treasures up all its riches, with minerals, precious or useful to man. Look only in order that the following spring may bring at the plants that spring from it. Their species them forth again with new beauty. Thus nature, and their virtues are innumerable.

so variously adorned, presents alternately her Contemplate these vast forests, as ancient as beautiful changes, that man may never cease the world; those trees whose roots strike into to admire. The band that guides this glorious the earth, as their branches spread out towards work, must be as skilful as it is powerful, to have the heavens. Their roots support them against made it so simple, yet so effectual; so constant the winds, and are like subterranean pipes, whose and so beneficent. — Fenelon, translated by Mrs. office is to collect the nourishment necessary for Follen. the support of the stem ; the stem is covered

For Friends' Intelligencer. with a thick bark, which protects the tender wood from the air: the branches distribute, in differ- /" TAKE HEED TO THE GIFT THAT IS IN YOU.” ent canals, the sap which the roots have collected We highly estimate the gifts bestowed by our in the trunk. In summer, they protect us with earthly parents; we think them precious, we their shade from the rays of the sun; in winter, use all care to secure them from injury, and to they feed the flame that keeps us warm. Their add to their value, for our own benefit and that wood is not only useful for fuel; but it is of a of our children's children ; they are far more substance, although solid and durable, to which dear to us than if they came from any other the hand of man can give every form that he source. pleases, for the purpose of architecture and nav- Then how much more highly ought we to igation. Fruit-trees, as they bow their branches to-prize the precious gem bestowed by our heavenly wards the earth, seem to invite us to receive their Father, and placed in a cabinet of his own pretreasures. The feeblest plant contains within itself paring, which no one has access to but himself the germ of all that we admire in the grandest and us. The inner chambers are all our own; tree. The earth, that does not change, itself here we may admit the highest of all guests and produces all these changes in the offspring close the door against every intruder; and thus

Who has stretched over our heads this vast take sweet counsel together. He will instruct and glorious vault ? What sublime objects are us how to use this pearl, in order to increase its there! An All-powerful hand has presented value and add to its lustre. He will show us this grand spectacle to our vision.

that it is his oracle, and if repaired to add heeded, What does the regular succession of day and its smallest intimations will be sufficiently clear night teach us? The sun has never omitted for so and impressive to remove doubts, to unfold duties, many ages to shed his blessing upon us. The and to show the consequences resulting from dawn never fails to announce the day; and the neglect. sun, says the holy book, knows his going down. Take heed to the gift that is in you; the word Thus it enlightens alternately both sides of the spoken by it is quick and powerful.” It salutes world, and sheds its rays on all. Day is the the inward ear, and arrests the attention; and time for society and employment. Night folds however small and still, we feel that it comes from the world in darkness, finishes our labors, and above, bearing either a call, a command, or an softens our troubles. It suspends, it calms every admonition from the Holy One. O! let us heed thing. It sheds around us silence and sleep; it its lowest whispers; it will remove from this inner rests our bodies, it revives our spirits. Then day sanctuary everything that is impure, it will returns, and recalls man to labor, and reanimates clothe us in the livery of heaven, and bring us all nature.

immediately into His presence, before whom But besides the constant course of the sun, angels and archangels bow. that produces day and night, during six months Precious children heed this gift; it is the good it approaches one pole, and during the other six, Spirit, the grace of God, it is in you : it shines the opposite one. By this beautiful order, one in the heart as the outward sun shines in the sun answers for the whole world. If the sun, at outward and material world, revealing to the the same distance, were larger, it would light the senses all that is lovely. By its light we see whole world, but it would consume it with its | how to do our work, we see also what would

harm us, and are enabled to avoid what is per-| without difficulty. If, on the other hand, the nicious. As it is far more pleasant to range tutor's object is to explain a rule in grammar, he among the flowers, than among thorns and briars; must take care so to handle the subject, as to so those who are amiable and kind are not only leave the understanding of his pupil in a conhappy in themselves, but diffuse comfort and dition of perfect clearness. happiness arround them; and these dispositions When an eminent person, remarkable for his are far more precious than the perfumes of achievements in science, eloquence, and busi. Arabian spices, wafted far and wide by eastern ness, was asked by what means he was enabled gales.

to effect so much, he answered, “By being a Take heed to this gift; it will be a constant whole man to one thing at a time.” This is an companion, a friend to the friendless, and as expedient to which our young people ought to be children heed it, and love it, it grows with their familiarized even from childhood. If their atgrowth, and strengthens with their strength; it is tention is scattered and divided, nothing will be an all-pervading principle, guiding them through learned effectually, or executed well; but if they life's intricate windings, in ways of pleasantness put forth their native energy to each object in and paths of peace. In times of danger when succession,-if they bestow their whole minds evil is near, it will gently intimate, beware; when first (for example) on their Scripture reading; good presents, it will say, embrace, pursue and secondly, on their classical lessons; thirdly, on grow strong.

their arithmetic or geometry; and fourthly, on It is a heavenly monitor ; take heed to it in their game of trap-ball or cricket-every thing childhood, listen attentively to it in youth, obey | in its turn will be mastered ; and by the whole it in manhood, make it a constant companion. process, the mind itself will be greatly strength. In every period of life its instructions are of ened. infinite value to frail mortals. How invaluable A second rule which this person mentioned as is such a companion through a life beset with having been of great use to himself, was never various temptations and trials ; how like a golden to lose the passing opportunity-a rule which, sunshine lighting up the inner temple; renewing like the former, is closely connected with the hope, inspiring faith in God our everlasting faculty of attention. Our young people should Father, and assuring us that safety is ours, when be taught to be always alive to the circumstances he in wisdom guides the helm.

which surround them; and in the only good and happy sense of the term, to be time-servers.

It is desirable that they should be observant, not IMPORTANCE OF ACCURATE MENTAL HABITS. only of their books. but of all things not sinful

It is essential that our children should be wbich meet their perception in the passing early instructed in the all-important lesson of scenery of life. By this means they will greatly learning what they do learn well. If we sacrifice increase their store of knowledge, and will be this object to a mere spread of information, we gradually prepared for usefulness in their day shall inflict an injury on their minds which and generation. in all probability will be found incurable. A The well known tale of the two lads who took child who, from day to day, is allowed to be the same walk in succession, the one seeing inaccurate in construing his Latin lesson, will nothing, the other seeing every thing, affords an be prone to act in the same manner with respect apt illustration of the advantage of an observing to the other branches of his learning, and his eye, and of the blauk occasioned by its absence. carelessness will even extend to his play. But In an especial manner, ought our children to be these are only the smaller parts of the mischief. led both by precept and example, to be attentive The bad habit of inaccuracy once formed, will readers of the book of nature; to delight in her infect his mode of conversing, undermine his charms; to examine her wonders; to investigate attention to truth, and weaken him in his moral even for their amusement, her animal, vegetable duties ; nay, it will follow him to the place of and mineral kingdoms, and to trace the hand of public worship, and mar the early fruits of his God in every thing !~J. J. Gurney's Thoughts religion and piety.

on Habit and Discipline. The principle, that whatsoever children learn, they should learn exactly, is of equal importance, whether their lessons be addressed to the mem

USES OF GLYCERINE. ory or the understanding. If the business in This article is likely to take its place among hand be to get by rote a passago in the Latin the most highly valued, both in medicine and grammar, or the declensions of a Greek verb, the arts, and the sooner, since a process bas been that business ought not to be passed over until discovered by which it can be rendered pure by it is perfectly accomplished. The memory must distillation. Its remarkable power as a solvent, not be oppressed by too large a demand upon its united to its entire blandness, and freedom from powers; but the short and easy lesson must be all irritating and fermenting properties, recomso learned as to be repeated without a fault, and mend it for a vast variety of uses. It dissolves the vegetable acids, the deliquescent salts, the paid to the best means for the preservation of sulphates of potassa and silver, the alkaline salts | life. The Boards of Health of our great cities of morphine, strychnine, brucine, veratrine, the have given due consideration to the subject of sulphurets of potassium, lime and iodine, the Hygiene, and have suggested and carried into iodides of sulphur, potassium and mercury, the effect many commendable precautionary measalts of quinia, &c. Beside its extensive usefulness sures. And thus the duration of life, in a genein diseases of the skin and ear, it is used in- ral sense, has been considerably prolonged. But ternally as a substitute for cod liver oil; and the field is a wide one, and much remains to be also, in its purity, for dissolving calculi, by being done. The health department of a great city ejected into the bladder. It is a substitute should be regarded as of vital importance, and for syrups in preserving fruits and vegetables, its officers should be selected with the utmost and for certain medical preparations. Fresh care. They should understand the subject, and meats are kept in it for any length of time; and have the leisure as well as the means to make both animals and vegetables are preserved in it all necessary investigations, and carry out all without changing their color, however brilliant. enlightened reforms. According to the testimony Vast quantities can be manufactured from every of one of our most distinguished physicians, at variety of oils, and at very low prices, compared least one-half of those who die every year in to what it is sold at now; and it seems to promise Philadelphia, perish prematurely, and of diseases well for combustion, both for heat and light, in or causes that might be avoided. This is a start certain combinations.—Memphis Med. Recorder. ling statement, but a thorough investigation

would no doubt prove its accuracy. In this

country especially, the priceless blessing of health THE DURATION OF HUMAN LIFE-A FEW HINTS

is greatly undervalued. Nay, life itself is often TO THE RECKLESS.

trifled with. We are a reckless race, and so Daniel Waldo, Chaplain to the House of Rep. cager and impulsive, that we commit many acts resentatives, is now in his ninety-fifth year. He of imprudence. This is the case everywhere, but is, nevertheless, erect, hale and vigorous, and is emphatically so in the wilds of the West, and discharges his duties with eloquence and ability. particularly in the new settlements. An anecHe has a son, who is sixty-five years of age, and dote is related by an individual who some time whose head is white with the frosts of time. since attended an execution in California. He There is, however, a wonderful difference in looked around among the crowd, and then stepconstitution, as well as in the modes of living. ping up to a stranger asked who was about to Among our own citizens are not a few who, al- be hung ? The reply, and given in the coolest though seventy and cighty years of age, are as manner, was- "I believe I am the person." active as most persons at sixty. The art of life Look, too, at the extraordinary rush to Nicarais rarely practised. Many individuals cannot gua. It is estimated that up to the present time, pursue the course that is dictated to them by five thousand Americans have left the United prudence and experience, because of the necessi- States, to participate iu the attempt to revoluties of their position. They are compelled to tionize that country, and not two thousand are subject themselves to exposures of various kinds, now alive. The others, at least three thousand in order to secure the means of livelihood for in number, have been swept away by the ball, themselves and families. Others again, who the bayonet, or the diseases of the climate. Nay, bave enough and to spare, shorten their lives by since the arrival of the news by the Tennessee, idleness and its many temptations. The equable which announced that the adventurers were in a in temper, the contented in spirit, the moderate truly precarious condition, several hundred young in ambition, and the reasonable in mind, are, men have taken their departure from New York generally speaking, the longest lived. They re- and New Orleans. The very dangers of the exgard the world as full of anxiety and care, and pedition seem to have imparted a new relish to thus they exercise as much philosophy as pos- it. So, too, during the war between the United sible, when misfortune waits upon their footsteps. States and Mexico. Volunteers poured from all There are others, who fret themselves to death. quarters, and among them, not only penniless “ The sword of the spirit wears out the scabbard adventurers, but men of fortune, who were living of the body.” Not a few persons are in a con- at ease upon large incomes. They participated stant state of irritation and excitement. They in the impatient spirit of the American character, dash through the world with the utmost impa- and thus they subjected themselves to every tience, exercise little or no reflection, and come possible privation, and not a few left their bones into constant collisions. No wonder that life is to whiten a foreign soil. Others became enerthus shortened. There are others, again, who vated by disease, returned broken in constitution, appear to think that they are immortal, or nearly lingered out a few years, and then sank into so, and hence they task and tax both body and untimely graves. A similar condition of affairs mind, as if both were inexhaustible. Of late would occur again under like circumstances. years, more than ordinary attention has been Life, we repeat, is not sufficiently appreciated in

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