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4 So shall the haughtiest soul submit,

With children plac'd at Jesus' feet;
The noisy swell of pride shall cease,
And thy sweet voice be heard in peace.


C. M. Sabbath Morning. Psa. cxxii. 1 BEHOLD the rising dawn appear,

Which calls our willing feet
To tread thy courts, O God, and here

Our solemn praise repeat.
2 Fair Zion's gates are our delight;

Within her walls we stand;
And all her happy sons unite

In friendship's sacred band. 3 We love the place where Zion's Lord

Is pleas'd to shew his face;
Here he proclaims his holy word,

And here accepts our praise.
4 With reverend awe and godly fear,

We bow before thy throne;
For thou the fervent prayer wilt hear

Through thy beloved Son.
5 Peace be within this hallow'd place

And joy a constant guest;
With holy gifts and heavenly grace

Be her attendants bless'd.

6 Our soul shall pray for Zion still,

While life or breath remains,
For here our friends and brethren dwell

And here our Saviour reigns.

94. C. M.

Humiliation and death of Christ.
1 BEHOLD the man !-thus Pilate spake,

Reluctant to comply ;
But all in vain---the clamorous Jews

Demand that Christ shall die.
2 Come then, each soul, behold the man !

The silent sufferer see ;
The prisoner stands at Pilate's bar

To set the nations free.
3 Behold the Saviour, crown'd with thorns,

While cruel men deride; Behold they nail him to the tree,

And pierce his sacred side. 4 Amazing love! he bleeds, he dies,

Our sins his murderers were ! These were the scourge, the thorns, the nails,

And these the pointed spear. 5 But Jesus died that we might live,

Hence pleasing thoughts arise; He rose a mansion to prepare,

For us beyond the skies !
6 And when we join th' enraptur'd throng,

We shall his beauties trace;
And sing the wonders of his love,

The riches of his grace!

95. C. M.

The Sufferings of Christ. 1 BEHOLD the Saviour of mankind,

Naild to the shameful cross ; How vast the love that him inclin'd

To bleed and die for us !

2 Hark, how he groans ! while nations shake,

And earth's strong pillars bend; The temple's veil in sunder breaks,

And solid marbles rend ! 3 'Tis done! the precious ransom's paid,

“ Receive my soul,” he cries ! See where he bows his sacred head!

He bows his head, and dies !
4 But soon he'll break death's heavy chain,

And in full glory shine :
O Lamb of God! was ever pain,

Was ever love like thine !


L. M. Praise. Exod. xv. 1, 2. 1 Chron, xxix. 11. 1 WORTHY is Christ, our Paschal Lamb,

Who bow'd his head, and bore our shame, On God's eternal throne to reign :

For he for us—for us, was slain.
2 For every people, land and tongue,

He calls his royal, conquering throng ;
Let all thy hosts, thy grace confess,

And call thee, Lord, our Righteousness. 3 Let every spirit now with thee,

And all on earth and all on sea,
Thy wisdom bless, and fill thy throne

With worship due to Thee alone.
4 Be

and riches ever thine ! And strength and majesty divine ! By every creature reign ador'd, The only, everlasting Lord.

97. C. M.

Christ precious in Life and Death. 1 BLESS'D Jesus, when our soaring thoughts

O'er all thy graces rove,
How are our souls in transport lost,

In wonder, joy, and love!
2 Not softest strains can charm our ears,

Like thy beloved name;
Nor aught beneath the skies inspire

Our hearts with equal flame.
3 Where'er we look, our wond'ring eyes

Unnumber'd blessings see;
But what is life with all its bliss,

When once compard with thee, 4 Hast thou a rival in our breast ?

Search, Lord, for thou canst tell
If aught can raise our passions thus,

Or please our souls so well.
5 No, thou art precious to our hearts,

Our portion and our joy ;
For ever let thy boundless grace

Our sweetest thoughts employ.
6 When nature faints, around our bed

Let thy bright glories shine ;
And death shall all his terrors lose,

In raptures so divine.



S. M.
The Resurrection of Christ.
1 CHRISTIANS ! dismiss your fear,

Let hope and joy succeed;
The welcome news with gladness hear;

The Lord is risen indeed!

2 The shades of death withdrawn,

His eyes their beams display:
So wakes the sun, when rosy dawn,

Unbars the gates of day. 3 Angelic hosts above,

The rising Victor sing;
And all the shining seats of love,

With loud hosannas ring. 4 Ye pilgrims, too, below,

Your hearts and voices raise
Let every breast with gladness glow,

And every mouth be praise.


L. M.

Acceptable Worship. 1 COME! pay the worship God requires,

Inflam'd with pure and holy fires;
When love celestial warms the breast,

Our homage and our vows are blest. 2 When piety, and truth refin'd

Possess the temple of the mind,
With grateful flames the altars glow,
And God will visit man below.

100. P. M. 7s..

Praise. Psa. Ivii. 9, 10, 11 ; Ixviii. 19, 20. 1 GLORY unto Jesus be,

From the curse he set'us free;
All our guilt on him was laid,

He the ransom fully paid.
2 All his glorious work is done,

God's well pleased in his Son;
For he rais'd him from the dead,
And he reigns his church's Head.

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