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4 Bought with thy service and thy blood,

We doubly, Lord, are thine;
To thee our lives we would devote,

To thee our death resign.

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The rich made poor for our sakes. 2 Cor. viii. 9. Matt.

viii. 20.

1 JESUS, how glorious is thy grace!

How excellent thy name !
Unclouded heaven 's in thy face,

Thou venerable Lamb.
2 Though thou wast rich in righteousness,

Divinely pure within ;
Yet didst thou feel hell's deep distress,

When made our curse and sin. 3 Though thou wast infinitely high

And rich, yet didst thou take
The deepest shame and poverty,

And for the sinner's sake :
4 That through thy poverty and loss,

We might be rich and bless'd;
And, by the labours of the cross,

Might gain eternal rest.
5 Our dearest Lord, we bless thy grace,

Thy wondrous love admire;
To see the beauties of thy face,

May all the world desire.
6 Live, Jesus, live for evermore;

Whilst all the sons of God
Thy glorious person shall adore,

And bless thy grace and blood.

86. L. M.
Jesus weeps for man. Luke xi. 35. Heb. v. 7.
i SO fair a face bedew'd with tears !

What beauty e'en in grief appears !
He wept, he bled, he died for you;

What more, ye saints, could Jesus do. 2 Enthron'd above, with equal glow

His warm affections downward flow;
In our distress he bears a part,

And feels a sympathetic smart.
3 Still his compassions are the same,

He knows the frailty of our frame;
Our heaviest burdens he sustains,
Shares in our sorrows, and our pains.

87. S. M.

Support in Death. Psa. xxij. 1 BEHOLD the gloomy vale,

Which thou, my soul! must tread, Beset with terrors fierce and pale,

That leads thee to the dead. 2 Ye pleasing scenes, adieu !

Which I so long have known:
My friends, a long farewell to you!

For I must pass alone. 3 But see! a ray of light,

With splendor all divine, Breaks through these dreary realms of night,

And makes their horrors shine.
4 Where death, where darkness reigns,

Jehovah is my stay,
His rod my trembling feet sustains,

His staff defends my way.

5 Great Shepherd ! lead me on ;

My soul disdains to fear;
Death's gloomy phantoms all are flown

Now life's great Lord is near.


S. M.

Christ the Tree of Life. 1 BEHOLD the living tree,

Th’inspired prophet saw; Whose fruit is to all nations free,

Unguarded by the law. 2 No flaming swords defend

The garden's sacred ground; No dire denunciations rend

The ear, with piercing sound. 3 Come, and its fruit partake,

Its healing leaves apply ; Its virtues will re-animate

And raise your spirits high. 4 'Tis for the nations' use,

To heal their every wound; Its colours, and its balmy juice,

Make health and life abound. 5 'Tis Jesus Christ the Lord,

Prefigur'd by the tree;
The gospel is the healing word,

That sets the sinners free.


L. M. Christ's humiliation and exaltation. Rev. i. 18. Philip. ii. 9, 10. 1 WHAT equal honours shall we bring

To thee, O Lord our God, the Lamb,
When all the notes, that angels sing,
Are far inferior to thy name.

2 Power and dominion are his due,

Who stood condemn'd at Pilate's bar;
Wisdom belongs to Jesus too,

Though he was charg'd with madness there. 3 All riches are his native right,

Yet he sustain’d amazing loss ;
To him ascribe eternal might,

Who left his weakness on the cross. 4 Honour immortal must be paid,

Instead of scandal and of scorn;
While glories shine around his head,

And a bright crown without a thorn. 5 Blessings for ever on the Lamb,

Who bare the curse for wretched men!
Let angels sound his sacred name,

every creature say, Amen.


L. M.
Christ's Ascension. Psa. xxiv.
1 LIFT up your heads, ye gates, and wide

Your everlasting doors display;
Ye angel-guards, like flames divide,

And give the King of Glory way. 2 Who is the King of Glory?-He,

The Lord Omnipotent to save, Whose own right arm in victory

Led captive death, and spoild the grave. 3 Lift up your heads, ye gates, and high

Your everlasting portals heave; Welcome the King of Glory nigh;

Him let the heaven of heavens receive.

4 Who is the King of Glory?-Who?

The Lord of hosts ;-behold his name; The kingdom, power and honour due,

Yield him, ye saints, with glad acclaim.


C. M. The perfect Law of Liberty. 1 BEHOLD that wise, that perfect law,

Which noblest freedom gives : O may it all our souls refine,

And sanctify our lives.
2 Not with a transient glance survey'd,

And in an hour forgot,
But deep inscribed on every heart,

To reign o'er every thought.
3 Great Author of each perfect gift!

Thy gracious power display,
That our ungrateful, wandering hearts

May hearken and obey.

92. L. M. Scripture Teachings, and their happy Consequences.. 1 BRIGHT source of intellectual rays !

Father of spirits and of grace !
O dart, with energy unknown,

Celestial beamings from thy throne. 2 Thy sacred book we would survey,

Enlightend with that heavenly day!
And seek thine influence with the word,

To teach our souls to know the Lord. 3 So shall our children learn the road,

That leads them to their father's God;
And form'd by lessons so divine,
Shall infant minds with knowledge shine.

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