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Had every monarch from his throne

By Jesus' arm been hurld;
Had he, the conqueror, held alone

The sceptre of the world ;-
2 Had his apostles shar'd the globe ;

Had all the orient gems
That deck the royal Persian's robe

Blaz'd on their dia dems:
Thrond on the Egyptian's pyramid,

Old Time had seen their power
All crumble as the Grecian's did,

And wither like a flower.

3 This Jesus knew : and, ere the thorns

Around his head were prest,
The banquet which this board adorns

He spread for all, and blest.
Then gave he gems of hope to shine

Around this goblet's brim :
Then dropp'd a pearl into this wine,


[blocks in formation]

1 O THOU who art above all height !

Our God, our Father, and our Friend! Beneath thy throne of love and light

Let thine adoring children bend.

2 We kneel in praise,--that here is set

A vine that by thy culture grew; We kneel in prayer—that thou wouldst wet Its opening leaves with heavenly dew.

3 Since this thy servant now hath given

Himself, his powers, his hopes, his youth, To the great cause of truth and heaven;

Be thou his guide, O God of truth! 4 Here may his doctrine drop like rain,

His speech like Hermon's dew distil, Till green fields smile, and golden grain

Ripe for the harvest, waits thy will. 5 And when he sinks in death ; by care,

Or pain, or toil, or years opprest; O God! remember then our prayer;

And take his spirit to thy rest.


L. M.

Six Line.

1 ETERNAL Spirit, Source of light,

Enlivening, consecrating Fire, Descend, and with celestial heat

Our dull, our frozen hearts inspire; Our souls refine, our dross consume;

Come, condescending Spirit, come! 2 In our cold breasts, O strike a spark

Of that pure flame which seraphs feel! Nor let us wander in the dark,

Or lie benumb'd and stupid still. Come, vivifying Spirit, come !

And make our hearts thy constant home. 3 Let pure devotion's fervors rise !

Let every pious passion glow!
O let the raptures of the skies

Kindle in our cold hearts below.
Come, purifying Spirit, come,
And make 01' wouls thy constant home!

[blocks in formation]

1 NO war nor battle's sound

Was heard the world around, No hostile chiefs to combat ran;

But peaceful was the night

In which the Prince of light His reign of peace on earth began. 2 The shepherds on the lawn,

Before the point of dawn, In social circle sat;-around,

Their gentle, fleecy brood,

Or cropp'd the flowery food, Or slept or sported on the ground. 3 When, lo! with ravish'd ears,

Each swain sweet music hears, The offspring of no mortal hand;Divinely warbled voice,

Answering the stringed noise, With rapture charm’d the listening hando 4 Sounds of so sweet a tone

Before were never known, Save when the “sons of morning sung,

While God dispos’d in air

The constellations fair, And this great world amidst them hung. 5 “Hail! hail, auspicious morn!

The Saviour Christ is born!
(Such was the seraph's song sublime,)

Glory to God in heaven!
To man sweet peace be given,
And friendship to the end of time.”



An Evening Hymn.
1 GLORY to Thee, my God! this night,

For all the blessings of the light:
Keep me, O keep me, King of kings !

Beneath thine own almighty wings ! 2 Forgive me, Lord! through thy dear Son,

The ill that I this day bave done;
That with the world, myself, and 'Thee,

I, ere I sleep at peace may be.
3 O may my soul on Thee repose,

And with sweet sleep mine eyelids close! Sleep that shall me more vigorous make

To serve my God when I awake. 4 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

Praise him, all creatures here below!
Praise him above, ye neavenly choir !
O may his praise my soul inspire !


L. P. M.
Thanksgiving for National Prosperity. .
1 HOW rich thy gifts, Almighty King!
From Thee our public blessings spring:

The extended trade, the fruitful skies,
The treasures liberty bestows,
The eternal joys the gospel shows,

All from thy boundless goodness rise. 2 Here commerce spreads the wealthy store; Which pours from every foreign shore;

Science and art their charms display ;
Religion teaches us to raise
Our voices to our Maker's praise,

As truth and conscience point the way,

3 With grateful hearts, with joyful tongues, To God we raise united songs:

Here still may God in mercy reign ; Crown our just counsels with success, With peace and joy our borders bless,

And all our sacred rights maintain.


P. M.

8, 7, 4 s.

Thanksgiving for Divine Mercy. 1 SOVEREIGN Lord of light and glory!

Author of our mortal frame ! Joyfully we bow before thee,

And extol thy holy name: Hallelujah! Ever sacred be the theme

2 Kind Dispenser of each blessing

Which surrounds the human race! May we, gratefully possessing,

Still adore thy boundless grace: Hallelujah! Praise to God, immortal praise !

3 Thus, with humble adoration,

We attend before thy throne ;
And with graceful exultation

Thine abundant mercy own:
Hallelujah! Praise belongs to Thee alone !

4 In thy every dispensation,

Love and mercy we descry! Thou, the God of our salvation,

To preserve us still art nigh: Hallelujah! Glory be to God on high.

* 31

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