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4 The starry arch in grandeur glows,

Through all its ample round:
Great God! thy power no limit knows,
Thy wisdom knows no bound.
P. M.

8, 7s. A call to praise the Lamb of God. 1 SHOUT to God, in strains immortal!

All the holy angels sing :
Come, ye saints, around the altar,

Each a grateful tribute bring.
2 Loud proclaim the Saviour's merit,

Sing the wonders of his grace;
Sing the sanctifying spirit,

Sealing all the human race.
3 Let the strain be loud and joyful,

Piercing to the lofty sky;
Sing the Lamb of God immortal,

Once for sinners born to die !
4 Let all creatures join the chorus,

Raise to him the grateful song: Angels share the bliss before us,

Ånd the anthem still prolong.


L. M.

Evening Hymn. 1 To God we'll raise an evening song,

Each accent shall record his care; "Tis he that guides our feet along,

And keeps our souls from every snare. From the first dawn of morning light,

His watchful eye our path attends ; And in returning shades of night,

Is still the same, our heavenly Friend.

2 He knows our wants, relieves our fears,

And satisfies each soul with bread;
He numbers all our flowing years,

pours his blessings on our heads. He saves us from the tempter's snare,

And crowns us with his love and grace; Makes every ransom'd soul his care,

And smiles on all the human race.

3 O come, before his altar bend,

And loud proclaim his matchless love: Let grateful incense high ascend,

To our almighty Friend above.
Come, rest beneath his guardian care,

Fearless of danger close our eyes;
Till death dislodge our spirits here,

To soar in worlds above the skies.


C. M.

The Majesty of God. 1 THE Lord descended from above,

And bow'd the heavens most high, And underneath his feet he cast

The darkness of the sky. 2 On cherubim and seraphim

Full royally he rode,
And on the wings of mighty winds

Came flying all abroad.
3 He sat serene upon the floods,

Their fury to restrain;
And he as sovereign Lord and King,

For evermore shall reign.


C. M.

Divine aid implored. 1 THINE influence, mighty God! is felt,

Through nature's ample round; In heaven, on earth, through air and skies,

Thy energy is found.
2 Thy sacred influence, Lord! we need

To form our hearts anew;
O cleanse our souls from every sin,

And thy salvation shew!
3 Father of light ! thine aid impart

To guide our doubtful way;
Thy truth shall scatter every cloud,

Ănd make a glorious day.
4 Supported by thy heavenly grace,

We'll do and bear thy will; That grace shall make each burden light, And

every murmur still. 5 Cheer'd by thy smiles, we 'll fearless tread

The gloomy path of death;
And with the hopes of endless bliss,

To Thee resign our breath.


C. M. Providence kind and bountiful. 1 THY kingdom, Lord, for ever stands,

While earthly thrones decay; And time submits to thy commands

While ages roll away. 2 Thy sovereign bounty freely gives

Its unexhausted store; And universal nature lives On thy sustaining power.

3 Holy and just are all thy ways;

Thy goodness is divine;
In all thy works, immortal rays

Of power and mercy shine.
4 Thy praise, O God! delightful theme !

Shall fill cach heart and tongue : Let all creation bless thy name

In one eternal song.

429. C. M. Supplication for the Divine blessing on the Word. 1 THY gracious aid, great God! impart,

To give thy word success;
Write all its precepts on the heart,

And deep its truths impress.
2 O speed our progress in the way,

That leads to joys on high,
Where knowledge grows without decay,

And love shall never die.

430. L. M.

Desire of Wisdom and Obedience. 1 TEACH us, O teach us, Lord! thy way;

That to our life's remotest day,
By thy unerring precepts led,

Our feet thy heavenly paths may tread. 2 Inform’d by Thee, with sacred awe

Our hearts shall meditate thy law;
And with celestial wisdom fill'd,

To Thee a pure obedience yield. 3 Give us to know thy will aright,

Thy will our glory and delight;
That, rais'd above the world, the mind
In Thee its highest good may find.

4 O turn from vanity each eye!

To us thy quick’ning strength supply;
And with thy promis'd mercy cheer
The heart devoted to thy fear.

C. M. Prospect of the universal Spread of spiritual Blessings. 1 THE common Parent, Lord of all,

Who sits enthron'd above,
With perfect wisdom rules the world,

And with impartial love.
2 Soon may his name from shore to shore

Sound all the earth abroad;
And distant nations know and love

Their Saviour and their God!
3 The day will come, the happy day,

Such his eternal will,
When light, and truth, and grace divine,

The spacious earth shall fill.
4 God will diffuse the blessings round,

So richly scatter'd here;
Till the creation's utmost bound,

Shall see, adore, and fear.


P. M. 10 s. 11 s.

Hymn of Praise. i O PRAISE ye the Lord, prepare a new song,

And let all his saints in full concert join :
With voices united the anthem prolong,

And show forth his praises with music divine. 2 Let praise to the Lord, who made us, ascend,

Let each grateful heart be glad in its King :
The God, whom we worship, our songs will attend,
And view with complacence the off’ring we bring.

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