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220. L. M. Funeral Hymn. Rom. xiv. 7, 8, 9. Psa. xc. 3, 10. 2 Cor. v. 4. i WITH solemn shout, we sing thy praise,

Ancient of everlasting days!
Thou daily gather'st home thine own,

Who bear thy cross, to wear thy crown. 2 Let all rejoice, and no one grieve ;

This day we meet to take our leave
Of our dear brother's precious dust,

Until the rising of the just.
3 One with the body of the Lamb,

Seal'd with Immanuel's new name,
A member of his flesh and bone;

By blood redeem'd to heaven he's gone. 4 Then mourn not o'er the lifeless clay,

But wait the resurrection day,
When Christ the Saviour shall appear,
And he come with him in the air.

221. C. M.

Message of Christ.
1 HIGH let us swell our tuneful notes,

And join th' angelic throng;
For angels no such love have known,

To wake a cheerful song.
2 Good will to guilty men is shown,

And peace on earth is given ;
For lo ! the incarnate Saviour comes,

With messages from heaven.
3 Justice and grace, with sweet accord,

His rising beams adorn :
Let heaven and earth in concert join :

The promis'd child is born.

4 Glory to God, in highest strains,

In highest worlds be paid ;
His glory by our lips proclaim’d,

And by our lives display'd.
3 When shall we see those blissful realms,

Where Christ exalted reigns;
And learn of the celestial choir,

Their own immortal strains ?

222. L. M.
For the Lord's Supper. Matt. xxvi. 26–30.
1 THUS we commemorate the day,

On which our dearest Lord was slain;
Thus we our pious homage pay,

Till he appears on earth again.
2 Come, great Redeemer, open wide

The curtains of the parting sky;
On a bright cloud, in triumph ride,

And on the wind's swift pinions fly. 3 Come, King of kings, with thy bright train,

Cherubs, and Seraphs, heavenly hosts;
Assume thy right, enlarge thy reign

As far as earth extends her coasts.
A Come, Lord, and where thy cross once stood,

There plant thy banner, fix thy throne; Subdue the rebels by thy word,

And claim the nations for thine own.


L. M. Brotherly Love. Psa. cxxxiji. 1 HOW pleasing is the scene, how sweet!

When kindred souls in friendship join; Whose joys and cares united meet

In bands of amity divine.

2 Less fragrant was the ointment pour'd

On Aaron's consecrated head,
When balmy sweets, profusely showerd,

Down to his sacred vesture spread. 3 Not flowery Hermon e'er display'd,

(Impearld with dew) a fairer sight; Nor Zion's beauteous hills, array'd

In golden beams of morning light. 4 'Tis here the Lord indulgent sheds

His kindest gifts, a heavenly store; With life immortal crowns their heads,

When earth’s frail comforts please no more,


L. M.
For the Lord's Supper. Luke xxii. 15-20.
1 JESUS! when faith, with fixed eyes,

Beholds thy wond'rous sacrifice,
Love rises to an ardent flame,

And we all other hope disclaim. 2 With cold affections who can see

The thorns, the scourge, the nails, the tree,
Thy flowing tears, and purple sweat,

Thy bleeding hands, and head, and feet? 3 Look, saints, into his opening side,

The breach how large, how deep, how wide!
Thence issues forth a double flood,

Of cleansing water, pard’ning blood. 4 Hence, O my soul, a balsam flows,

To heal thy wounds, and cure thy woes;
Immortal joys come streaming down,
Joys, like his grief, immense, unknown.

5 Thus I could sit, and ever sing

The sufferings of my heavenly King;
With glowing pleasures, spread abroad
The mysteries of a dying Lord.


L. M.
The Mercy of God through Christ. Heb. it.
1 IMMORTAL God! on thee we call,

The great original of all;
By Thee we are, to Thee we tend,

Our sure support, our glorious end.
2 We praise thy free, thy heavenly grace,

Which pitied our revolted race,
And Jesus, our victorious Head,

The Captain of salvation made. 3 He, thine eternal love decreed,

Should many sons to glory lead;
And rich supplies through him are given

To fit us for the joys of heaven. 4 Jesus for us, O gracious name! Encounter'd

agony and shame; Jesus, the glorious and the great,

By dreadful sufferings made complete. 5 A scene of wonders here we see,

Worthy thy Son, and worthy Thee;
This theme shall now inspire our tongues,
And raise in heaven our noblest songs.

226. L. M. For the Lord's Supper. 1 Cor. x. 16, 17. John vi. 58, 1 GREAT God! thy power and wisdom shine

In all the works thy hand hath wrought;
But mercy, love, and grace divine,
Exceed the power of speech or thought.

2 Thy precious blood, immortal Lamb,

Takes from the world its guilt away ; Our sin and curse, reproach and shame,

Are drown'd in thine own crimson sea.

3 Salvation !— tis a welcome sound,

To weary souls, by sin oppress’d; Here, sinners, you may heal your wounds,

And sooth your griefs and fears to rest. 4 While in this dark abode we stay,

Our feeble voices let us raise; Then up to glory wing our way,

And join the eternal song of praise.


S. M. Lord's Supper. Rom. xii. 4, 5. Luke xxiv. 30, 35. 1 OUR heavenly Father calls,

And Christ invites us near;
With both, our friendship shall be sweet,

And our communion dear. 9 God pities all our griefs,

He pardons every day; Almighty to protect our souls,

And wise to guide our way. 3 How large his bounties are !

What various stores of good, Diffus'd from our Redeemer's hand,

And purchas'd with his blood ! 4 Jesus, our living Head,

We bless thy faithful care ; Our Advocate before the throne,

And our Forerunner there.

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