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In æde Pauli, déque Pauli oraculis,
Pro concione prævia Synodo sacre,
Varias ab uno Spiritu, Domino, Deo
Distinctiones esse donorum probans,
Ostendis, Halle, quanta spiritualium,
Quàm multiformis dos tibi fluat affatim,
Charismatumque multiplex peculium.
Quæ nempe tractas, per tui specimen doces.

Theologe nate pulpitis, calami potens,
Cui suavitatis conscius semper stilus,
Cui pectus almi condus est sacrarii,
Et lingua promus pectoris, cujus latus
Loquentis ambit auribus rapax cohors,
Humerisque densa ; non sat est semel tua
Hausisse vocis impetu fugacia.
Ni perlegendo te recognosci sinas
Auri invidebit oculus, et Templo Schola.
Nosti, Decane flexanime, quàm te recens
Jam tunc ab ipso ambone redeuntem, manu
Prensum, rogator vellicavi fervidus,
Manare sineres hæc in absentum sinus
Reliquisque nostri fratribus Cleri dari.
Quid mirum? ubi ipsi postmodùm cudi typis
Provinciales postulant Episcopi.

Audin', Josephe ? Nolo jam : te nil peto.
Non est, amicus quod roget. Domini regunt.
Parere justum est : parere te certum est : age.
Quàm facilis isthic obstetricanti labor!
Post tam verenda jussa quid restat mihi,
Nisi ut adprecantis suppeam idiotæ locum,
Amen sacrato succinens Patrum choro ?

LAMBETHÆ, Feb. 21, 1623, sic approbavit Thomas Goadus, S. T. D.




RIGHT HONOURABLB : I MIGHT well perceive by the Author, that this Sermon was never intended to be published in any other language, than that, wherein it was first spoken ; being, in respeet of the matter, in a sort appropriate to that Auditory wherein it was delivered. But, besides the common desire of many, finding the translation attempted by divers, and performed by some in such a manner as did not altogether satisfy ; it pleased my Father herein to improve my leisure : wherein, howsoever I may have somewhat failed of the first elegancy, yet I have not been far short of the sense. I have presumed to dedicate the same to your Lordship, in respect of your many favours and my obligations ; for which, besides this officious though unequal requital, I shall still vow my prayers for your Lordship, and remain,

Your Lordship's
Most humbly devoted,



Quod felix faustumque ac sacræ huic Reipublicæ salutare sit, convenistis huc, Reverendissime Domine Archiepiscope, Episcopi Reverendi, Venerabiles Decani, Archidiaconi, Compresbyteri, jussu auspicatissimi Regis, Sanctam hodie Synodum, cum Deo, habituri.

Salutat vos ore meo B. ille Paulus, cujus titulo superbit hæc antiqua moles ; quasique præsens, presentes compellat simul, et hortatur, Prioris ad Corinthios duodecimo; versu quarto.

Διαιρέσεις δε χαρισμάτων, &c. Sunt autem distinctiones donorum ; sed idem Spiritus : dis

tinctiones ministeriorum sunt ; sed idem Dominus; distinc

tiones operationum; sed idem Deus. Videte pulchram hanc rerum ávalorylav. Convenistis in unum ; et hîc identitas est: convenistis frequentes ab ultimis dissitisque procul amplissimæ provinciæ oris ; et hîc multiplex diversitas : convenistis flos Cleri Anglicani, cultissima Capita; et hîc dona sunt: convenistis ministrorum cum Plebe Principes ; et hîc ministeriorum diversitas : convenistis ad sacra Ecclesiæ negotia peragenda ; et hîc operationes sunt: convenistis spiritu, quod spero ac precor, uno; et hîc idem Spiritus est : convenistis, denique Domino Deo vos, vestraque dona, ministeria, operationes dicaturi; hîc Dominus, hîc Deus est.

Idem verò ille Deus, idem Dominus Jesus Christus, idem Spiritus Sanctus, præsto nobis esse velit hodiè ; sacraque huic cætui, divinis afflatibus, præsit præsideatque; consiliaque nostra ac studia universa dirigat ducatque feliciter ad æterni nominis sui gloriam, animarum nostrarum salutem, certam denique Ecclesiæ suæ ædificationem, per Jesum Christum, &c !

En vobis, Honorandi Præsules vosque Symmistæ Venerandi, fibulam utriusque mundi; mundi, inquam, utriusque Theologici: macrocosmi, Dei; microcosmi, Hominis. Ecquid est, quod æquè nostra scire interest, æque speculari ?


Ye are here met, which I humbly wish may prove every way prosperous and happy to the Church of God, Most Reverend Father in God, Reverend Bishops, Venerable Deans, Archdeacons, Brethren of the Clergy, by the Providence of our good God, and the command of our gracious Sovereign, to hold a Holy Convocation this day.

Blessed Paul, in whose name this ancient pile doth not a little pride itself, salutes you by my unworthy tongue; and, as if he were present, addresses himself to you, and exhorts you,

In his former Epistle to the CORINTHIANS, the xiith

Chapter; verse 4. There are diversities of gifts; but the same Spirit : there are

diversities of ministries; but the same Lord: and there are

diversities of operations; but the same God, Sc. See, I beseech you, the meet correspondence of all things. Ye are met in one; and here is unity : ye are many of you met from the utmost parts of this large province; and here is manifold diversity: ye are met the Hower of our English Clergy, learned and exquisite Divines; and here are diversities of gifts : ye are met, the Lords and Commons of our sacred function; and here are diversities of ministries : ye are met for the holy affairs of the Church; and here are operations: ye are met, as I verily hope and wish, in unity of spirit; and here is one Spirit: ye are, lastly, met, to consecrate yourselves, your gifts, ministries, operations, to the service of our Lord God; and here is that Lord, that God, whom we profess to serve.

Now that same God, that same Lord Jesus Christ, that same Holy Spirit, be present with us all this day; and, by his blessed influences, guide and govern this sacred meeting; and happily direct all our councils and endeavours to the glory of his own great name, the salvation of our souls, and the assured edification of his Church, through Jesus Christ!

See here then, Honoured Prelates and Beloved Brethren, the loop or combination of both worlds; both the worlds of our Divinity: the greater world, God; the lesser world, Man. What is there, that can so much concern us to know, to


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