St. Augustine's confessions; or, praises of God, in 10 books. Newly transl. [by R. Challoner].

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Стр. 76 - Some degree of goodness must be previously supposed : this always implies the love of itself, an affection to goodness : the highest, the adequate object of this affection, is perfect goodness; which, therefore, we are to " love with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our strength.
Стр. 43 - ... that sixteenth year of my age I began to live idly at home with my parents, whilst domestic necessities caused a vacation from school, the briers of lust grew over my head, and there was no hand to root them up. Nay, when that father of mine saw me in the Bagnio now growing towards man, and perceived in me the unquiet motions of youth, as if from hence he were big with hopes of grandchildren, he related it to my mother with joy ; intoxicated with the generality of the world, by the fumes of the...
Стр. 301 - ... manna or honey, nor fair limbs alluring to carnal embraces. None of these things do I love, when I love my God. And yet I love a certain light, and a certain voice, and a certain fragrancy, and a certain food, and a certain embrace, when I love my God, the light, the voice, the fragrancy, the food, and the embrace of my inward man ; where that...
Стр. 102 - Blessed whoso loveth Thee, and his friend in Thee, and his enemy for Thee. For he alone loses none dear to him, to whom all are dear in Him who cannot be lost. And who is this but our God, the God that made heaven and earth, and filleth them" because by filling them He created them?
Стр. 45 - ... to her in me, and which she knew to be so infectious for the present and dangerous for the future) within the bounds of conjugal affection, if it could not otherwise be cured : she did not care for this method, for fear my hope should be spoiled by the fetters of a wife ; not that hope of the world to come which my mother had in thee, but the hope of my proficiency in learning, upon which both my parents were too much intent : he because he scarce...
Стр. 6 - Who shall give me to rest in thee ? who shall give me, that thou naayest come into my heart, and inebriate it, that I may forget my own evils, and embrace thee, my only good? What art thou to me ? Pity me, that I may speak. What am I to thee, that thou shouldest command me to love thee, and be angry...
Стр. 223 - God, praise thee in the heights,'' and all thy hosts, sun and moon, all stars and light, the heavens of heavens, and the waters that are above the heavens," 14 praise thy name — seeing this, I say, I no longer desire a better world, because my thought ranged over all, and with a sounder judgment I reflected that the things above were better than those below, yet that all creation together was better than the higher things alone.
Стр. 221 - And it was made clear to me that all things are good even if they are corrupted. They could not be corrupted if they were supremely good; but unless they were good they could not be corrupted. If they were supremely good, they would be incorruptible; if they were not good at all, there would be nothing in them to be corrupted. For corruption harms; but unless it could diminish goodness, it could not harm.
Стр. 45 - Is there any thing but vice that is worthy of reproach? Yet I became more vicious to avoid reproach; and when nothing came in my way, by committing which I might equal the most wicked, I pretended to have done what I had not done, lest I should be esteemed more vile by how much I was more chaste. Behold with what companions I was walking in the streets of Babylon; and I wallowed in the mire thereof, as if it were spices and precious perfumes...
Стр. 192 - I knew it not; nor did anything call me back from a yet deeper gulf of carnal pleasures, but the fear of death, and of Thy judgment to come; which amid all my changes, never departed from my breast.

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