The Works of Alexander Hamilton, Том 8

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G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1886

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Стр. 16 - ... it was the most affecting scene I ever was witness to. She, for a considerable time, entirely lost herself. The General went up to see her, and she upraided him with being in a plot to murder her child. One moment she raved, another she melted into tears. Sometimes she pressed her infant to her bosom, and lamented its fate, occasioned by the imprudence of its father, in a manner that would have pierced insensibility. itself. All the sweetness of beauty, all the loveliness of innocence, all the...
Стр. 249 - till the last session that I became unequivocally convinced of the following truth — "That Mr. Madison cooperating with Mr. Jefferson is at the head of a faction decidedly hostile to me and my administration, and actuated by views in my judgment subversive of the principles of good government and dangerous to the union, peace and happiness of the Country.
Стр. 625 - He may have supposed himself under a necessity of acting as he has done. I hope the grounds of his proceeding have been such as ought to satisfy his own conscience. I trust, at the same time, that the world will do me the justice to believe that I have not censured him on light grounds, nor from unworthy inducements.
Стр. 614 - I will here express but one sentiment, which is, that DISMEMBERMENT of our EMPIRE will be a clear sacrifice of great positive advantages, without any counterbalancing good ; administering no relief to our real disease, which is DEMOCRACY ; the poison of which, by a subdivision, will only be the more concentred in each part, and consequently the more virulent.
Стр. 625 - Burr appeared to me to assume, in the first instance, a tone unnecessarily peremptory and menacing, and in the second positively offensive. Yet I wished, as far as might be practicable, to leave a door open to accommodation.
Стр. 626 - Burr — however convinced myself that my opinions and declarations have been well founded — as from my general principles and temper in relation to similar affairs, I have resolved, if our interview is conducted in the usual manner, and it pleases God to give me the opportunity, to reserve and throw away my first fire ; and I have thoughts even of reserving my second fire, and thus giving a double opportunity to Colonel Burr to pause and to reflect.
Стр. 516 - It is stated in addition that the opposition party in Virginia, the head-quarters of the faction, have followed up the hostile declarations which are to be found in the resolutions of their General Assembly by an actual preparation of the means of supporting them by force, that they have taken...
Стр. 482 - You ought also to be aware, my dear sir, that in the event of an open rupture with France, the public voice will again call you to command the armies of your country ; and, though all who are attached to you will, from attachment, as well as public considerations, deplore an occasion which should once more tear you from that repose to which you have so good a right — yet it is the opinion of all those with whom I converse, that you will be compelled to make the sacrifice. All your past labor may...

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