Military Explosives

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Headquarters, Department of the Army, 1989

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Стр. 14-11 - ... inches). It must be duly executed in triplicate by the carrier, and by the shipper if he loads the shipments. The original must be filed by the carrier at the forwarding station in a separate file and the other two must be attached to the car, one to each outer side on a fixed placard board or as otherwise provided.
Стр. 14-11 - ... employee of the carrier who shall certify as to its proper condition under this section and shall sign certificate No. 1 prescribed in paragraph (c) (2) and (3) of this section. (c) After a certified car as prescribed in this section has been furnished by the carrier, the shipper or his authorized employe must, before commencing the loading of any such car, Inspect the interior thereof and after loading, certify to the proper condition as specified in paragraph (b) of this section by signing...
Стр. 5-2 - A weighed 1- or 5-g sample of the dried explosive is placed in a glass heating tube, so designed that the ground neck can be sealed with mercury after a calibrated capillary tube with a ground stopper end has been connected to the heating tube, as shown in Fig.
Стр. 8-39 - ... for the manufacture of the paste, all the remaining water called for in the formula (all the water if no CMC is to be added) and the requisite amount of caustic soda solution, with inorganic salts if they are to be used, are run into the vessel. Mixing and cooling is started and the sulphonic acid added at such a rate that the temperature does not rise above 65°C. (If 100 per cent...
Стр. 4-11 - ... approaching the velocity of sound, at which it may continue to move for some time. The shock wave, except for its intensity, has all the characteristics of a sound wave and travels through the surrounding air in the same manner; that is, without the transmitting medium moving with it. The shock wave is bounded by an extremely sharp front called the shock front, in which the pressure rises abruptly from atmospheric to a peak pressure— the positive, or pressure, phase— then declines to atmospheric...
Стр. 5-2 - The tube is removed from the bath and cooled to room temperature, and the level to which the mercury in the capillary tube has fallen is noted. The volume of gas liberated is calculated from the difference between...
Стр. 2-9 - ... nitric and sulphuric acid plants date from this time, many chemists being released from the Army and the scientific staff of some of the works being augmented. Standardized plant used for the manufacture of dyes was converted for the production of explosives with remarkable speed; for instance, at Leverkusen a TNT plant producing 250 tons per month was put into operation in six weeks. The following table shows the amounts produced in the factories visited: High explosives and intermediates —...
Стр. 13-5 - The rate of flow is defined as the ratio of the distance traveled by the compound to the distance traveled by the developing solvent.
Стр. 9-2 - R is the universal gas constant and T is the temperature. The value of the generated emf E of the fuel cell is limited by thermodynamic considerations.
Стр. 14-7 - A crew must not be permitted to work in a position in a magazine which requires passing the work aisle or position of a second crew to reach an exit. The number of crews shall not exceed the number of exits. Two or more doors must be unlocked and open when personnel work in magazines having more than one door. (c) Flammable material, such as excess dunnage and boxes, shall be removed from magazines and igloos.

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