Subversion: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema

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Wallflower, 2007 - Всего страниц: 259

Subversion: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema is an indispensable history of underground cinema, an untold story that includes the British independent and French avant-garde cinemas of the 1920s, the counterculture film movements of the 1960s, the microcinema resurgence of the 1990s, and beyond. Dispensing with simplistic "art versus commerce" discourses, Subversion not only discovers the cultural roots of underground filmmaking in bohemian cabarets of nineteenth-century Paris and the fairbooths of medieval London, but situates the underground as a radical and popular subculture separate from mainstream cinema and avant-garde film.

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The Deceptive Typology of Experimental Film and Video
The History of Art the Function of the AvantGarde and the Rise
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Duncan Reekie is a filmmaker, performer, and Underground Cinema activist.

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