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In the vicinity of the Big Horn mountains and along the Black hills, gold is known to exist in large quantities. Heretofore its development has been retarded by Indian occupancy, but now movements are progressing that will result in opening up this richest gold region yet discovered.

The valleys of Big Horn, Powder and Wind rivers, with their tributaries in western and northern Wyoming, are exceedingly rich in agricultural resources. Every species of territorial game finds a home and a luxurious existence upon these comparatively unknown though grandly fertile vales. The earth yields her increase most abundantly, and fruits and vegetables attain to a wonderful degree of perfection, unaided by the hand of roan.

The climate is extremely salubrious, being neither excessively not in summer nor very cold in winter, except at brief intervals. The air is dry and rarified.

Cheyenne, 516 miles west of Omaha, is 5,931, and Laramie City 7,123 feet above tide water.

The highest railroad pass in the world is in this vicinity. Churches, schools and newspapers are springing up in every direction. The people are law-abiding, enterprising and energetic, and Wyoming starts out as a separate territorial organization with unrivalled prospects.

The great trans-continental railway passes through the territory from east to west, thereby affording unsurpassed facilities for transportation.

Adjacent to this road, and especially in the vicinity of Cheyenne, Laramie and Bear river, farming operations have been attended with flattering success. It is hoped that the policy by which valuable farming and mining lands in northern Wyoming are bestowed on Indians who never cultivate or develope, will be abandoned, and the savages obliged to occupy inore remote and limited hunting grounds ; then and mot till then will the territory be wholly populated, and its inestimable resources developed and added to the national wealth.

E. M. L.

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An act to provide a Territorial and County Revenue,


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